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When many people come to us, looking to resolve a problem through the use of magic, they are under the impression that all we have to do is wave a magical wand and all their problems will go away in a flash. This just isn't always the case even though we do carry a high percentage for the successful resolution of a good many situations through the rapport that we have developed with Divinity through the years. However, it does take alot of hard work, on both the Clients and Our part, to bring these cases to their successful ends. It has always been the case with me that our spells will work out for the Client. However, concerning the time frame of a spells, full manifestation is total speculation on our part, as each case is entirely different.

When we are pressed for a time frame concerning a spells total manifestation, we would have to say anywhere from one month, (which is rare with love spells in particular) to a more typical time of three months. In some rare cases, where a Client has trouble working with the spell, or can't follow the over all criteria of the spell, it can take as long as one year and a day. If a person misrepresents the facts of a situation, or out right lies about their situation, it can take much longer or may not happen for them at all.

We provide a service to the public and this service is what we call prayer casting. Basically, what we're doing when we perform a spell or prayer for a person, is we write and speak out a fancy ancient prayer in a persons behalf, asking for Divinities intervention into the life of that person. We utilize every facet of our magical knowledge, and take great care to perform every aspect of that prayer exactly by the prescribed doctrine, in an effort to insure that the spell has its total or full strength to do the job in a persons life.

Our efforts don't stop at the spell casting, as we also approach the physiological aspects of our Clients situation. We work with the Client and answer any questions that they may have. At the same time, we clear up any misinformation or misconceptions that they may have, about the spell process. We work with them on a one to one basis. We offer them good solid advice that they can implement into their situations, that will in fact, benefit them over all in the end. In short, a Clients problem is our problem, and we won't and don't ever leave our Clients until they are fully satisfied with their circumstances in life.

We will work with people according to their financial situations, as we want to be the cure to their problem, and not a part of the problem itself by adding to their financial burden. We are displaying total trust on our part, as we place folks on the honor system. In other words, if you can afford it, then pay for the service! But, if not, then tell us immediately and we will make arrangements to help you out by placing the service within your reach.

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