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Mental and Verbal Chanting is fine in some cases, as it will in fact call things to you. However, if the chant goes too long or to excess, then it can have the opposite effect to which an individual intended it.

How Does One Pray To Angels?

A wide array of prayers can be found, and are readily available in any of the religious bookstores or Churches. Most of these prayers are excellent prayers and can be used in just about any personal circumstance. However, if a person can find the words to their own prayer, this would be the best, as it's coming directly from that person's heart. Usually when one prays to an Angel, or an entire Angelic Host, they are usually in distress and this distress in itself will call an Angelic Heresy to them.

Basically when a person attempts to speak to Divinity they shouldn't be nervous or on guard about anything as this Host has been with them since before they were born and knows everything about them right off the bat. To give an example of a prayer: Oh Father. Oh Creator. Oh Buddha. Great Goddess & God etc. Please hear and grant the prayers of I your servant [[Name}] as I am in desperate need of your Help, Guidance, and Intervention, into my life. Then, simply address the problem to them and be sincere, as they know your heart and mind.

Remember when a person calls upon Divinity asking for a wish to become reality in their life, they must realize that nothing is for free in Heaven or on Earth. If you are asking for Love, Money. Health, etc. chances are, you will receive exactly what you're asking for. However, you must give something back for the gift, and this is where the criteria comes in that I'm always speaking about.

Case in point... If you want something like love in your life, then you must give up Hate, Jealousy, or Envy. If you want money in your life. you must give up the love for money and things or possessions. If you want to be a spiritual person, then you must give up things of the world. You must be IN the world but not OF it. You must balance all of your human emotions to be one with the Divine.

Client & Practitioners Relationship

Many times when the Client is in the market for a particular spell, they are arriving on a site with the misconception that the Practitioner can force a certain Angel or even Hersies into submission, by whatever hidden magical means the Practitioner may have at his disposal. Of course, if the Client moves on into the spell process while maintaining this misconception, then many problems may occur. It tends to harm the Client in the respect of causing them confusion, depression, and anger, thus making their situation that much harder to deal with . . . magically speaking.

Many times a spell will manifest slowly for a person, if at all, as they are either blind or resistant to the Universal principles that dictate the success of their prayer. In short, the criteria must be explained properly to the Client and they must follow it in the best way possable.

If this misinformation is not corrected at that time by the practitioner, then the Client will tend to enter into state of inaction concerning certain principals that will in fact either benefit their situation to a greater extent, or they will experience a stagnation. Perhaps, even a reversal in their situation, as a result of them not meeting this certain criteria set forth by the Divine Source.

Many times the boundaries of conduct aren't really clear, pertaining to the Practitioners duties or obligations towards the Client. A Practitioner's duties would consist firstly, of being forthright in answering any and all questions that the Client may have concerning the Practitioners personal history, Site, or any aspect to their magical operation. Also, the Practitioner should be completely honest with the Client, as to what they can realistically expect and what is not within the Practitioners scope to accomplish in any given situation. The Practitioner should make certain that the Client understands fully the basic principles and rules of the magical operation, even before commencing any small part of that operation and what will be expected of the Client, and so forth.

The Practitioner must practice compassion, patience, and understanding with the Client, and never be judgmental towards a Client, for any reason. The Practitioner must be willing to extend him or herself, above and beyond the call of duty and to always be there for the Client, as this person has invested their faith and resource into the practitioner. A Practitioner must always understand that they are held ten times more responsible for their actions, any action that the Client may want, or personally choose for themselves to do. Please know that justice flies quickly upon golden wings to him that heeds not the laws of heaven.

Now, we have touched on a few things concerning what the Client can expect from the Caster. But, what should the Caster expect from the Client. Examples: Fact and not fiction when presenting the facts. An honest account of the situation, and not a one sided account of that situation. Dedication to the spell action. To sincerely try to meet the criteria set forth by the negativity releasing prayer. To take into serious consideration what the Caster is asking of them. Loyalty to the site and Caster, at least while the spell work is going on. To not abuse free services such as the phone service and Messenger services.

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