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Performing The Spell & Releasing The Spell

A person must realize that the simple communication between the Divine and ourselves would be considered a miracle in itself as our prayers defy both earthly and Universal boundaries. Thus echoing through the entire Cosmos that ends up being heard by all Angelic presences in existence. Also, a person has to realize the importance of specifying their prayers carefully, as Divinities perception of things are definitely not like our own.

If a person is not specific, or not trained in the speech of spell writing or prayer speech, and they inadvertently leave something out or are unclear concerning something, then Divinity will improvise in a great effort to make something a reality for a Soul, in any way it can if left open to them to do so. After the spell is performed, often times is the rule of thumb in magical practice, that a person must release the spell or prayer after the performing of it, as does the practitioner of that particular spell.

If a person hangs on to a prayer in the way of constantly thinking about it, then what they're doing in essence, is demonstrating a lack of faith in the Divinity in which they are praying to. What most people tend to do, is to try to rationalize an irrational situation, that many times doesn't have a logical conclusion to it. Thus leaving them feeling worn out from mental exhaustion in the end. One other thing I should bring up here, and that is, if a person continually thinks about their situation or the spell casting, then what they are really doing is singing a constant prayer to the Divine as Divinity sees a singular thought as a prayer.

Some would say, "what is so bad about that as some spells even teach you to think about something you want constantly, as this will pull it to you?" In some cases this is true. However, in many other cases, this only causes Divinity to stand around a person waiting for them to finish their request, and thus not going out to bring that persons wish into reality.

Our Faith In Divinity

What Does Divinity Expect Of Us? It's very simple really, as the only thing this Force of Creation expects from us, is a blind childlike faith and the willingness to grow, both in spirit and in wisdom. They wish us to learn faith in something that we can't see, or control, and to trust in them to lead us all through our difficulties in this life. Of course, if we can achieve faith and knowledge, then the sky is the limit concerning our wishes, as they will bring these things to us plus much, much more. You see, in their world there only exists possibilities verses the world we have with all of its impossibilities. In our world we would say that there is no logical way out of a situation. However, they create each and every situation. Thus they are the potters and our lives would be the clay in hand.

Obsessive Behavior

This is a very common thing that occurs with most people when caught up in a negative situation, or crisis in life. Obsession usually takes the form of an unbroken train of mental processes, concerning a situation as a person desperately, and constantly, keeps looking for answers in their situation concerning the best way around it. Moreover, to get away from it. All of this effort, usually ends up just being repetitive actions and thought processes, and thus accomplishing nothing for that person other than to cause them a lot of confusion and mental exhaustion and health problems in the end.

When a person can't break free from this type of behavior, then it starts to really hurt any kind of spell work that's going on at the time in the way that they aren't demonstrating a faith in the very forces that they are asking help from. A thought is basically a prayer. So, when a person keeps thinking of a situation over and over again, then what they are doing in essence, would be to place a mental chant, (of sorts) out into the Universe and not relishing that the Universal Angelic Host are all ready standing next to them. The Host will stand around listening to this chant, and thus not going out to perform the wishes of the Client, nor the Practitioner. Go To Page 4

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