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Learning Magic

If a person doesn't wish to rely on spell casters in the future, and if they would like to save lots of money in the near future, then they should take up the study of magic immediately. Moreover, be ready to dedicate most of their life to it, as it is a living force that will hold a person to it. This Force of Creation won't give up that Soul once the Soul calls this Spirit to its self.

Unfortunately, if a person decides to learn magic for themselves, then they've chosen a long and lonely road for themselves, as Teachers of the Art aren't willing to take on students much any more. For the reason, that most people can't stay with it for long, and It's just way too time consuming of a process that can span over years in some cases.

If one does however, find a teacher, then they can consider themselves very lucky and should hang on to every word that this persons speaks, as these teachings will allow a person to become the masters of their own destiny and will link them closely with Divinity.

Interfering With Lives Via Magic & Karmic Payback

Again, magic or prayer casting, is not for the weak of mind, or the ruthless of heart. A person who engages in the working with Angels, or the Divine as a whole, must be clean of mind and spirit and focused of mind. But moreover, they must be ready to take any consequences for their actions, good or bad. When a person, such as myself, takes on any given case, then what I am doing in essence, is taking on the responsibility not only for my own personal actions, but also for any actions that the Client might take during the spell process as well. This is why I won't take on every case that comes along. I must make a judgment call on the sincerity of a person and the validity of their situation. If I make a bad call on a case, then it will be myself that will pay the price, and not the Client, in most cases.

One way in which a Practitioner can avoid the full retribution of Divinity, in the event of a bad call concerning any case that has been misrepresented to them, is to be sure that they leave the ultimate decision up to Divinity. As they have the full picture of what's going on, more so even than the Practitioner or the Client. If a Practitioner conducts themselves according to this protocol and no attempt has been made on their part to force either a higher or lesser Heresy into performing a certain task for them through threats, racks, packs, contracts or treaties ect., then karmic payback can be avoided, to a great degree.

If a Practitioner leaves the ultimate decision up to the Divine and helps the Client through the spell process as well as the criteria that Divinity has put forth for them to follow, then more then likely the spell will be a total success. This tends to happen, as there was no pressure applied against any part of the Divine, thus leaving them to render the best judgment for that person's life. In the performing of a spell in this way, then both the Practitioner and the Client would avoid any kind of karmic payback. However, the downside to this would be, both the Client and Practitioner must wait to see if the prayer will be either granted or not granted over a span of time.

Charging Money For Spells There is a great debate over this issue going on currently, between the Christian, and Wicca communities, as well as other faiths, such as mine. There's really nothing substantially supporting, or damning the charging of a fee for spell work, in any of the ancient holy text. However, there are certain Authors out there, (currently in T.V. land and in the new age books stores) that are vigorously opposing magical work being done for a fee. I find it amusing though, in the respect, that these certain Authors that appear on T.V. are charging $20 to $30 dollars a pop or much more for their books, that are in effect, teaching basic magical principles to the public. These folks may not be performing spells for people, however they are charging people again for their magical text that are in effect showing people how to perform basic spells and rituals.

From a personal standpoint I can tell you that I to used to be against the selling of spells and stood by this belief righteously, as I believed in the theory, that gifts from Heaven should be free to all. However, Divinity limited me, through a physical condition that left me unable to either find work, or a work that would suit my condition. Thus I had no other means of support, and was forced into something that I didn't believe in at the time. To which was the selling of my services of spell casting for gifts, donations and money. And, might I say, this was something that I wrestled with for a long time before giving into it.

Over time I realized that Divinity did in fact use different people, in special circumstances, to help the greater mass. Let's take my situation for an example: If I were capable of working a physical full time job, then there would be no way that I could sit down and spend the hundreds of hours that I spend with my Clients. Nor would I even have the time to perform these ancient ritualistic spells that take many hours of preparation time in the creation of them etc. I am obligated by the covenant, or my agreement made with Divinity, to perform spell work for the poor, and sick, at no charge, as I often times do throughout the week. I won't ever turn any deserving person away for the sake of money.

Given all of this, I would just say, to those out there that support free spell castings and oppose paid work, please think about what a person is doing when they go out and judge another person openly, or privately, no matter if it's concerning charging for spells or performing of those spells for free. If a person stands in judgment over other people that are doing something that they don't agree with, then aren't they in fact second guessing Divinities purpose or plan? And if this is the case, with one individual towards another, then isn't this foolish practice since no one on this earth has all the answers, and truely doesn't have a grasp of Divinities reality Purpose or mindset. Go To Page 3

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