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This is a reality check guys. Magic is not something that you would want to play around with. It is something you would most certainly would want to educate yourself on, before entering into it. Magic is to be pursued as either, an option to resolve a problem, or to become a student of, as it's much more than Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's stone. Magic is a very viable way to rectify a problem in a person's life. But one would have to maintain realistic goals concerning their situation, plus they would have to understand the Universal laws of magic, moreover, in what relationship these principles would play between the Divine and us.

This page will try to clear up some of the misconceptions of this working relationship between Divinity and ourselves. Misconceptions concerning what is expected of us by Divinity and the basic criteria that is in fact, set forth by the powers that be for us all to follow. It will also define the relationship between the Client and Priest or Priestess or in relation to whom the Client may contract for their magical skills, in the resolving of their personal situations.

What is a Spell?

A spell is nothing more then an ancient ritualistic prayer that is constructed in such a way as to make a specific request clear and strong to a Divine Source in the hopes that this Divinity will hear and grant a specific prayer for one's self or a Client. Many styles of magic are used to achieve this objective all over the world in every culture and faith system, both recognized and not.

A diverse array of magical techniques are used concerning both the use of advanced ritualistic forms of art, right on down to the most basic or lesser forms of magical art, such as lighting a candle in church. Both advanced and lesser forms of art or prayer can be highly effective and beneficial in the right hands, or completely disastrous in the wrong hands. Depending on a person's intent will determine if a spell is considered an evil or righteous request by the powers that be. This judgment is left up to Divinitiy. As I've heard it said, Magic is where you take it or how you use it. This depends a lot, I think, on where a person is concerning their mental and spiritual evolution in life.

Case in point... If a person is caught up in the emotions of Ego, Power, Control, Things of the world, and fleshly things, then no doubt most of their spells will be of a negative nature and will catch up with them quickly without mercy.

Dogma the Unchanging Practice

Many times people tend to be dogmatic, or unchanging, in their belief systems. It makes them feel more comfortable in staying close to the familiar. However, Divinity is made up of perpetual change, I feel, and thus making a dogmatic behavior in faith, an unnatural act, in theory, concerning the spiritual nature of man. Moreover, I feel that it impedes the spiritual growth that must take place in every human soul's existence. Some magic sites on the Internet today strictly adhere to either the Goddess, God or Creator, and refuse to consider that Divinity as a whole, may consist of all three parts, being interlinked. I, for one, believe this to be a grave oversight on their parts, as it takes a Positive, Neutral, and Negative force to create basic energy. Not a lone and ancient energy with conciseness.

We are all seekers in this life, so please consider the words of Jesus Christ for a moment. "For who ever seeks me will find me. And who so ever shall ask me for a blessing in their life in my name will receive it. They that have known me upon the earth shall I know them in the eternal kingdom of Heaven. They who have not known me or have rejected my truth then shall I not know them in my fathers kingdom." Quoted by [Saint Thomas] found in the Apocrypha, the words of Jesus Christ: "The Kingdom of Heaven is not found in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there. Turn a stone and you have found me. For the Kingdom of Heaven is within you and around you."

Now a person can take the word of Jesus Christ, but if not, then consider the teachings of the Buddha. Mohammed, Moses and other ancient teachers, as they have all taught these same basic principles of love, Mental & Spiritual evolution, Peace and unity with all of Divinity down through the millenniums. These great divine teachers also taught us that one should take the knowledge of their father and learn from it. Then add to this wisdom through the span of your lifetime, so that your future generations may know Divinity in their hearts as well and have that same hope for everlasting life.

God & Satan/Good & Evil

The biggest mistake that I've seen most people make, in my opinion, is the differentiating of Divinity into the two distinct parts of good and evil. When in fact, there is no such thing occurring within the make up of this Divine Source, as far as I'm concerned. In essence, their are three parts of the Divine nature... Such as order, Neutral, and the chaos, or the change factor. Divinity will utilize all three components of itself to accomplish a divine goal. Such as the invoking of chaos into a situation for the betterment of that situation. Or, the rewarding of a Souls personal growth, to encourage that positive evolution.

The neutral factor, is just the waiting or watching of a person's life, by this Force of Creation, or the stalling of a person's life, either for a mix of progressive positive, or negative lessons, to occur in one's life. All lessons that take place are precisely timed and that is where the neutral aspect of Divinity comes in.

Should I perform My Own Spells?

It is said, if a person performs their own spells, it has a better chance of being a more successful spell for that persons over all situation. Or verses having a outside person to perform this same spell for a Client... Especially when the Practitioner and Client have never met before. There are many different factors that must be considered here, in my opinion. Such as: Would a person be too close to their situation, or emotionally caught up in it? Is this person thinking clearly? Does the person possess the magical knowledge to create the spell? Can the person obtain the cultural materials needed for the spell? Does the person have a secure place in which to work the rite? Is this place large enough to perform the rite? Could a person perform this rite without interruption? Just to mention a few things.

Of course, if the person is skilled in the magical arts, and if they are able to meet the criteria above, then sure, by all means, that person should cast their own spell. On the grounds that they would have a clearer mental image of their situation, plus they would more then likely have full access in obtaining the right kind of imprints and know what kinds of tools that would be needed for that particular rite etc. Again, if a person is skilled in the tasks, and properly educated in the ways of a particular casting, and are ready and willing to accept the dyer consequences for any blunders, then yes, I would encourage that person to perform their own spells. As that is best.

However, if a person is not skilled in any form of art, then I would whole heartily advise them against experimenting with magic, as it could greatly harm their situation, and maybe even their personal health. Moreover, they may receive the exact opposite of what they're asking for, and have no other option in the end but to let the spell run its course. One thing that most people should realize about magic is that it's a one shot deal! Then, it has to run its course as mentioned above. Thus, if one should blunder their spell, then chances are, they're not going to find help readily available to fix the problem or save them from the repercussions of that spell. GOTO PAGE 2

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