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Reacting To Transgression

Remember that Divinity not only Guides but Teaches us through the actions of others. Whatever you do either positively or negatively will ultimately cycle back to you in time. For instance: My altar was destroyed by persons unknown. I had been instructed by Divinity to build this SPECIAL altar and Dedicate it to Divinity.

I was slow in this task because of finances and health problems through the years but after ten to twelve years it was in fact built and dedicated to the Thrones of Heaven. Out of the jealousy. envy. ignorance and the hatred of others it was demolished in my absence. Could Divinity have stopped its destruction? (Answer Is): Yes they could have. Did They stop it?

(Answer is): No they didn't. Did it bother me?. Yes it did for a time. But then they spoke to me in my darkest hour and said: How many Prophets have we sent and were mattered in our names sake. How many of our temples were destroyed down through the eons of time. How many Teachers and Ambassadors were killed bearing our word of life and peace. How many desecrations and blastfomies have we suffered by the ignorance of man. Your in good Company child.

As I pondered these Divine words I couldn't help but to remember the lies and denials of others and wondered in what way could I react to this evil act of those involved. Divinity spoke once more and said: Why is your spirit grieved against an evil act carried out against us? We saw and felt this evil of hate and ignorance in the midst of the Holy Thrones. We heard the evil and wicked blastfomies through the Halls of Creation. For the hands of many formed and carried out our wish for this special place and the tormented spirit of a few brought it to the ground.

They went on to say concerning the act: For without free will to make choices right or wrong there can be no growth. The Angel of choice was sent to them and offered them the ways of the flesh. And then the ways of Heaven. They chose the ways of death and shall be judged accordingly.

A choice can only be acted out on but the judgment stemming from that choice can not be eluded. They again spoke and said release this dark deed for there is nothing you can do that will match our judgments against them. For they have doomed themselves to darkness by railing against our Holy Request.

At this point I released this Transgression and freed my spirit. In the minds of the transgressors I'm sure they felt righteous in their ill fated deeds. I'm sure they thought Heaven was on their side lol. The line between defending yourself and transgressing against another is a fine line indeed. There is such a thing as righteous defense however and unfortunately many will bluer this line with their own feelings of jealousy. betrail and hatred thus not judging the whole event but rather what the want to acknowledge of a certain situation.

Let's take this into another arena being relationships. When two people come together it's really a three party dance. The man. Divinity and the Woman. The same applies to gay relationships. When one or both parts of the flesh forsake the Holy Presence of Divinity or fails to listen to Heavens Wisdom in any regard then the Trinity has been irreversibly broken in that particular union.

When one has full knowledge of the other and the way they were created yet tries to shape and mold the Zebra into a Hippo by taking away the stripes and moreover tries to paint stripes on the Hippo turning it into a Zebra then that person is rebelling against Heaven and Nature in all its ways.

Furthermore they are creating nothing more then an illusion for themselves in life and creating utter and hellish torment to that loathly creature of God called their other half. When couples come together it is by divine decree and the two should rejoice in their apparent diversities. separateness and or differences. The couple should remain separate entities that complement one and the other. Never should one converge. suffocate and or dominate the other thus causing them to loose their own identity.

It is only proper and right for two persons to make an effort to meet in the middle concerning differences of opinion thus seeing each others point of view regarding the issues at hand to some degree. When Divinity is not present in a relationship and there exist an inability for openness of mind and constructive communication then the relationship dies. Remember nothing dead can live or thrive in this life.

Nothing stagnate can exist in a living universe. That which is dead is not of the spirit of life. That which is eternal is of the spirit and can never die. When Buddha spoke of the middle road he spoke in terms of balance of emotion and obtaining the knowledge regarding the workings of life.

When Jesus spoke about marriage and relationships he was speaking in terms of including the spirit within a relationship while also elaborating on the separateness of the two people involved. Through the individuality of two separate beings coming together in the right way or building their relationship upon a sound foundation only then could the separate beings and their diverse personalities come together to make the union much stronger then the two people could have ever been in their solitary forms.

When Transgression occurs in a marriage or relationship the presence of the Divine has diminished to some great degree and the voice of reason and righteous action is no longer heard by the one or two.

The loud worldly voice of wicked logic and discernment drowns Heaven's wisdoms over likened to an evil flood as either the one or both people in the union choose this into being. The message of the world is one of hate. malice. jealousy. paranoia. distrust. conflict and separation from Divinity not to mention the other spouse. This leads to emotional. Emotional and Spiritual eternal death.

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