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Have you ever wondered why the relationships of our Grandparents endured over a span three to six decades and our relationships only last ten to twenty years?

Some would say that they didn't have to deal with the same things that we as modern people have to deal with however this is all bull shit. Not only did they deal with these same issues but also had to deal with other things such as poverty.

Being in debt up to their ass. illness and so much more. Winters were cold and hard. Work was hard to get and food wasn't always readily available to feed their large families. Infidelity. alcoholism. stress and depression were always nipping at their heals.

They didn't always agree and yes there were knock down drag out fights behind closed doors. Three main things they had that we as the modern people don't possess. Firstly, They actually made a fucking effort to get to know each other before they got married. When things got hard in a relationship they didn't play head games with each other but actually sat down and worked things out.

And sometimes their families would even step in to assist them in some way at the couples request. The biggest thing they had was Divinitie's Law that outlined proper behavior regarding the union. According to these laws of the Bible there had to be a head of household and this was typically the man.

The next in charge was the woman who governed the children and household when the man was out making the living. Now Guys, Before you go on a major ego trip and your dicks get hard please know that Divinity never met this to be interpreted that woman are second class citizens in any way. shape or form. This ranking simply met that the male and female had their own set of priorities that were equally as important.

What the lady of the house had to say was just as important as what the guy was stating however one must lead as two leaders only cause confusion. Remember behind every great man there's a great woman whispering the right thing to do next lol. This is the way our Grandparents managed successful relationships.

Of course this isn't the way couples live their lives today because of the cost of living and both people have to work now. However despite this we should have tried to hang on to this ranking system to some degree. Back in the day if a couple sat down to discuss something in private and the Lady spoke her mind on a issue it was really up to the husband to make the final call as again he was the head of the household. Many times the issue was weighed and agreed upon mutually.

If the Lady wasn't well informed on the issue or the man thought her advice to be not creditable then he would listen and take her advice with a grain of salt and sometimes find out she was right later on down the road while paying the price. Sometimes she was wrong. The point is that things were worked out.

Work matters. Bill matters and living places were in the mans domain and internal home affairs were in the woman's area of interest. But again these areas were blurred at times and authorities were invoked back and forth in day to day living matters. Divinitie's Laws were lived by hand in hand with Societie's laws and this made for a orderly union not to mention the co-existing with others in the neighborhood and so fourth.

Because of our lack of effort in relationships today and or the over all unwillingness to meet each other on middle ground makes for very weak relationship foundations and as a result of this most relationships are short lived compared to the relationships of our Grand Parents. Moreover in modern relationships we don't mind breaking ancient marital laws such as: (1)- Taking our private business to the street.

(2)-We Speak ill about our spouse to others and so fourth. When couples can't come up with a resolution to their problems then outside professional advice is highly recommended. However this doesn't mean talking to the guy down at the local bar or for the Ladies to take up this serious issue with girlfriends.

When taking your situation to a friend your getting in essence half ass advice. Friends tend to side with you and won't give objective advice. If the friend does give objective advice then chances are that they won't stay your friend for long as you will grow specious of them and think that they are siding against you and for your Spouse. Professional treatment means: Psychologist or Marital Counselors period.

These Professionals will look at your situation objectively and point out the positives and negatives on both sides however even professionals Therapist can only do so much for the relationship. The couple must listen to the advice given and be accepting of the criticism given. In other words people have to start being brutally honest with themselves if relationships are to be saved.

Usually by the time infidelity occurs in a typical relationship that union has horribly deteriorated to the point that continual havoc is present in the way of constant augments. bitching. dissatisfaction. depression on both sides and lack of constructive communications and so fourth.

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