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Programmed For Disaster. Are you programmed for Disaster in your life? I didn't think I was until the day came that I was to take my three day Motorcycle training class here in the state of Florida.. I was in great anticipation while waiting to take this class because after all I was tired of riding around here and there illegally.

I entered into this state class very enthusiastic about the whole thing and thinking what a synch it was going to be as I had been riding bikes for quite some time and knew that they weren't going to bring up anything I didn't all ready know. Day one of the class came and went without incident. Day two came and it started to get a little harder..

After a bit of scholastic work the first day we were ready to go out onto the landing strip to where all the training cycles were stored. As it ended up all three days consisted of standing out in the blazing hot sun for five hours while learning the bike controls and ridding techniques. Each of these days was followed up with three hours in the class room watching films and discussing what had taken place on the field that day.

I have to tell you that I was exemplary in the riding technique and style taught the whole time I was there. The last day was the day of actual testing and I was a little on the nervous side to say the least however my performance was above average as I glided through most of the test.

My mindset was firm and positive. I was focused on winning or should I say passing the course and then it happened.. The last part of the test was near and I started to have doubts about taking these last two curves before me. I was thinking as I sat on the bike while revving the engine up and down {{{ WHAT IF }}, What if I wipe out on the last curve. I couldn't stop thinking about it and actually envisioned myself wiping out on that particular turn.

The flag went down and I was off like a bat out of hell rounding the first turn then quickly approaching the second dreaded turn. As I was taking the second turn I happened to look down only to find that I was moving over the white line of the designated route .

I knew that if I went over the white line then I would lose points and thus disqualifying me from that part of the test so I tried to strengthen up the bike and applied the front and rear brake a little to early and hard in the turn. As a result of this the back of the bike came up off the ground slightly and broke traction in the

rear tire thus causing me to spin wildly out of control this way and that way finally sliding 20 or 30 feet through the rest of the turn. Well of course I was disqualified from the test fully as laid the bike down or had a wreck lol. I was really pissed off however not at the Instructors or the course but at myself because I knew what really happened.

Through negative thinking or mindset and or visualization I in fact made a prophecy to myself subcounchessly that had to be fulfilled counchessly and physically. As a result of my washing out on the testing field I grew even more negative by the time I reached the classroom testing part of it and of course wasn't watching the wording of the written testing and washed out with that as well..

Through negative thinking I Flunked With Flying Colors. What makes it all so bad is the fact that the whole thing could have been avoided entirely.. Now. Why have I told the world this little embarrassing story of mine? To answer this question I would say that this same principle applies to spell work when you think about it.

Self-fulfilling Prophecy BABY. If a person goes into a spell action thinking that it's not going to work then they are pretty much programmed for disaster and thus over riding their spell work to no matter how strong it is.

A persons spell action is part of the living Universe. This Living Universe is very connected to a individuals mindset so if a person is sending out a negative message to the universe more then likely the Universe will grant that particular person their negative wish or projected thought back to them and thus fulfilling and or fully manifesting their initial negative visualization into real life. In other words:

You are what you think you are and you'll be taken where you wish to go. As for me I've waisted $2.20.00 on this venture however you can benefit from this little mishap. Even though I've managed to wash out of this program despite my highly tuned riding skills im not going to give up quit yet. I'll be studying my testing once more and hopefully obtaining my special motorcycle license soon so wish me luck.----------------------Jim

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