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Oh Great Divinity please notice I your humble servant (NAME) who is in urgent need of your most holy Devine guidance and intervention in this my darkest hour. Please help me to recognize the things that can be changed in my life and the strength to realize and except the things that can not changed at this time.

Please give me the wisdom and the courage to walk upright with honor and in the light of your most holy ways all the days of my life. May I be selfless in the wake of greed and humble in the midst of pride. May I be the righteous shield of your holy wisdom and might whereby I may overcome all temptation in this sea of wickedness. May I be your torch that lights up the narrow path leading to the your holy word and promise of eternal life without end.

Please help me to understand the actions of others and the power to forgive them for their trespasses against me. May you bestow a sense of bravery within my heart so that I may be your sward of justice while standing in the place of the week. helpless and defenseless.

Please have mercy upon my mortal Soul for the wickedness of my words and the deeds of my hands in the past for I am only human and know not what I do at times. Curse me not for I am only a lost child caught up in the midst of the worlds madness and send not your Angels to slay me for I repent and offer my apologies to Divinity least I have offended you in any way.

Turn not away from me for I have come home to serve you for all of the days of my life. May I be spared from your retribution least I now see the errors of my ways and only earn to live my life in accordance to your holy laws. I pray to you now that you may find mercy and compassion within your heart to raise I (NAME) from the obscurity of my darkness into the grace of your loving light.

Bestow unto me the knowledge of your word so that I may have peace in my heart and the keenness of listening so that I may hear you speaking to me in the stillness of the night. Give me the strength and fortitude to still my unruly thoughts and fears. May I always remember that it was you that knew me first even before my birth and again will be you standing with me at the very ending of all time and memory.

I am now in the world now but not of it. I am the vessel in which you flow. I am the eyes in which you see all things good and bad. I am the ears in which you hear. My hands do only good works as you work through them. My mind and heart now only radiates your love. justice & mercy.

My feet walk the path of enlightenment. My skin is the cover of humanity but my Soul is now the mere extension of Heaven. I am the witness and the bearer of truth. I am the messenger. I am the humble seeker and understand that I within myself I am no one and can do nothing. I have been re-born again today in your glorious wonder. I am now a child of Divinity to which the gates of hell shall never prevail against. -------------Amen

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