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Accepting Responsibility 3. Spells Will Work As Hard As The Client Will Work In Obtaining Them.

(16)- A person addicted to Physic Readings. If your a person addicted to Tarot readings or who likes to work with two or more spell casters at a time then please don't make us one of the dogs on your sled team. We work solo and demand our Clients total and undivided attention. Tarot Junkies engaging in numerous readings every week not only delay the spell process but make more work for everyone concern. Readings aren't all ways accurate and in many instances only cause spiraling distress to the Client. Tarot spells and Physic spell casters are of a lower or lesser discipline magically then us. In other words we don't have very much magically in common with them and our spells far exseed theirs. Please make the choice them or us. If you choose us then great as your on your way to success. If you choose them then good luck to you.

(17)- Clients in which we have a Language Barrier with. Essentially we're a English speaking site that tends to communicate our spell process to the Client using English speech. This is unfortunate in many respects as some individuals over seas will suffer as a result by being turned down for spell work. We simply just can't take a persons case on for the sole reason that they won't be understanding what were asking them or the instructions given them to follow during certain parts of the spell. Even if a potential Client speaks partial English but has a poor comprehension of the English language we still won't handle the case because it's just a disaster in the making. The spell won't manifest for them as a result of their poor to fair understanding of the entire spell process. We are trying to resolve this problem in the way of addressing it via translators however we still have a way to go with this and aren't real sure how it's going to work out. There are times that we will need to speak with the Client directly when emails or messengers become obsolete or not viable tools to use in a particular situation.

(18)- Potential Clients Looking For Guarantees On Spell Work. Spell Castings over all Can Not be guaranteed on any grounds and we can only ask Divinity for a spell to be granted but we can't force them to grant it for the Client or ourselves. A couple of things have to occur here not only on the Clients part but our parts as well. (A)- Spells have to be correctly performed with the specific speech and offerings required for that particular spell casting operation. (B)- The Client must have the right intent and become worthy through the Viking Runes and N.R.P in order for the spell to be granted. (C)- The Client must release the spell by not thinking about the Target or the over all spell casting constantly or obsessively. (D)- The Client must maintain a positive attude and or personal disposition through out the entire spell process.

(E)- The Client must follow our advice specifically and to the letter. Moreover to not sabitaush their existing situation especially in the way of causing adversity. (F) - We can't guarantee spells for two reasons. Firstly, We can't be certain that the Client is going to stay in the spell criteria throughout the process. There are ways to invoke certain parts of Divinity into granting spells should we be willing to subject our Clients and selves to karmic retribution but were just not willing to suffer this pain or place our Clients at risk should their request not be just.

(19)- Spell Reversals - Usually this happens in the unfortunate circumstances of when a Client (A)- Steps out of the spell criteria once or twice this can slow the over all progression of the spell depending on the severity of violation. (B)- When a Client intentionally steps out of the spell criteria for malicious or selfish reasons enough times this can stop the spell work entirely. (C)- Should the Client continue a negative behavior or fail to perform the N.R.P especially this will eventually cause the spell to reverse. (D)- In the event that the Client doesn't hold true to the promises made to the Devine Kingdoms in the way of self betterment then the spell will in fact reverse its self.

(20)- Clients That Throw Money At Us And Think This Spell Process Is Game. Any Client or Potential Client that has this mindset please know that your flirting with the blackest of disasters. You will not achieve your dreams or goals but will in fact be taken down that much further then you all ready are. Divinity will not only take away what you have currently but anything that you might acquire in the near or far future at anytime in the way of love. finance. friends. family and possessions. Divinity is an Eternal Force that is closely connected to each and every one of us. Divinity has a singular goal of encouraging all of us to grow along with it. It will use any means it has to which is utter existence as we know to change or correct anything it deems harmful in our lives for the preservation of the human existence. It doesn't matter if you believe in Divinity or not never the less it's still here and watching you. Does this sound like something that you really want to mess with?

(21)- Closed Minded Persons. Entering into this spell process with a closed mind to any degree will program a perspective Client for failer period. It is of no matter that individual doesn't believe in magick or even Heaven for that fact. It doesn't matter if the person is just at their wits end and has nowhere else to turn and are contacting us as a last resort. It doesn't matter if that person or persons are of a different faith system all together. No matter the case Anyone can obtain success through this process should they maintain a open mind to not only the spell criteria but regarding the over all spell process its self. Before established religion. Before we bestowed names to Heavens Gods. Goddesses or Angels. We had to trust in something nameless and that furthermore defied our physical senses. Before the order of Priest were set in their offices we had to walk alone while trusting in ourselves and our personal relationships with the Divine Force Of Creation.

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