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What is a Curse or a Hex? A lot of folks seem to have an idea on what a curse is these days, but they really can't seem to give you the working mechanics of this sort of spell, as far as what to expect from it or how to watch out for it . Now, the term "Hex" is a term that describes the Universal Planetaries. It is used in the casting of a curse, but is not the curse itself .

A lot of people ask me, "How do I know when I have been cursed," and "what are the tell tail signs of it?" My response to them is: "A "curse" will usually hit a person in the way of their finances, health, love, romance, friends, family and job. What it tries to do is to isolate one from whatever they pull their strength from. By doing this the curse will weaken a person to a point of no return, and destroy their lives as a whole.

Now there is a thing, that we in the magical world call the "evil eye". This is a from a curse that someone . . anyone . . . can cast, with just a ill fated glance. Case in point: lets just say that you are driving down the street and perhaps you unknowingly cut someone off. They really get pissed off at you for doing this and they lean out their window, all the while shaking their fist at you, cursing you with words of anger as you yell back "hey buddy blow it out your ass". Well you think it's all over and done with as you both drive off your separate ways, but is it?

You see everyone has Guardian Angels that move with them anywhere they go. Some of these Angels are stronger than others. Maybe your Angels step back because the Universe has ordered a negative karmic pay back for you, for something that you may have done in the past, leaving you open to receive this curse hit.

Also, you may have the curse cast by a professional black magician for hire. Believe you me this is the absolute worst to be hit with. This type of a spell will hold back all the good things that the universe has in store for you, and releases a flood gate of the negative. Thus, setting a off balance of universal energies as it will totally destroy ones life entirely.

A curse can be reversed however, by one who is skilled in the Arts of High Black Magic such as I am . It's still no easy task . You see, because I would have to estimate where your bad luck is coming from, and what way I could best avert this negativity in your life. In the spell above, this is such a spell for a person that had terrible luck in there life and everything they touched seemed to go bad.

They often suffered with depression, loss in many different areas of their life, and they were just out and out in misery most of the time. However, thanks to the efforts of the Angelic forces that I set into motion with this spell, this person now lives a normal and happy life now.

It was a very good thing that this spell was 100% successful because this person was very close to suicide, I found this out later... Okay, I hope this has shed some light into the dark world of curses .

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