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The Lily Of The Valley Lover Return High Magickal Enchantment"

Is your beloved hiding in the secret places, in the hidden places of the quarry, where you can no longer find them? Do you want to set your eyes upon the countenance of your love --- hidden together in the secret places of the stars, and listen to the song of their voice, for they are lovely?

This love spell is for those of you who are of the old way and want to find their love again, and be wherever they are, and to follow them to the ends of the earth. " Let me hear thy voice, for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is lovely ."

This is more than just a love spell, this is a magical love poem for two lovers who have lost each other and are a far off in distance one from the other, who long to share their love relationships for all time - and who long to hear the voice of their beloved, for in this spell, what will be accomplished for you is that you shall take back that in all of your vineyards which the little foxes have spoiled, that which has departed from you before all the distractions of the worldly ways of the earth caused your beloved to part from you, before all of the corruptions of the flesh and the world overtook your love.
This Old and Ancient Love Spell written under the inspiration of the poem of King Solomon, and will give you back that which the world had taken away from you long, long ago.

Have you been forced to tend the vineyards of others instead of your own? Do you long for and dream to ravish in the still and the dark of the night, the tender grapes and the green figs of a love longs lost that you have only and for a long time dreamed of that you longed to see come true?
For in this spell, until the day breaks and the shadows flee away, shall your bride awaits your calling of them back to you again, and thus this is what this very special advanced white magical spell will give to you. That which was stolen shall be recovered, and that which was once lost, shall now again for you be found.

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