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"The Finite Science Of Divinity"

This page will try to give you an explanation as to what a magical operation consist of. It will also, hopefully, show you how it can be implemented or used very effectively in ones daily life. I will attempt to give this explanation without making this to hard to understand.

After all, if I started speaking Greek to a Latin person, the meaning of the whole conversation would be lost in the translation right? Let's start with your birth. On the time and day that you were born, the planets were fixed in a certain planetary line up within the Heavens. Thus, giving you a certain placement under the constellations.

For instance, if you were born in November, you would be under the constellation of Scorpio, and so forth. Now each planetary such as the Moon, Venus, Mars, Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, ect. has its own kind of electricity or energy. This energy dictates, with a constant emittence of its influences, what happens in your life.

Also, in what way you will behave through out your life. Moreover, where you will start out in this life. Please don't underestimate the forces of these planetary influences. For the sole reason that, it has been scientifically proven, the moon by itself can dictate all the tides of the sea and the menstrual cycles of the Human female. As well as females in the Animal Kingdom.

With this in mind, how much further is it to believe that this planet or another, can affect your mind or body in other ways. Depending on what geographical location of your birth, what time of the day or night you were born in, what week in the month that you were born, what month in the year you were born, and the year itself you were conceived in, will adversely effect or influence you, and the way that you will evolve throughout life mentally and spiritually, from this acquired and unique mix of planetary's.

If you were born under the constellation of Aries with Mars as your predominate influence, then you would tend to be more of an aggressive person and a good business person, depending on your ascendants or decedents of other planetary influences. Now here is the problem with all of the signs in the Zodiac, in conjunction to their planets. Planets have three stations of existence.

The first being, a positive state of charge. The second being a Neutral state of being. Lastly, a negative state of charge. Again, depending on the factors of your birth, would determine, how much of these three fields would be carried over into a lasting influence within your personality. Causing perhaps, an unbalance with the disposition of you emotional make up, if perhaps you received to much of one influence or the other.

Case in point: what planet, was in what cycle of its Positive, Neutral, or Negative charge, and where were all of these planets in conjunction to each other, at the time of your birth? Also, were there rotations clockwise, or counter clockwise? What good or bad traits did you inherit from these energies and so forth?

These energies are likened to electricity. But, are far different in there chemical make ups. Such as their density, flow, influence, gas or material integrity, and so on. But unlike electricity, I conceive, that these astrological energies have a will of there own. There Angelic personalities can direct a course of action either in the Universal Cosmos, or on any other planet, including the Earth itself.

I would make an educated guess, that these are the same energies that make up the Human Soul, Angels, Demons, and Dragons and so forth, since this presence can take any form that it chooses. As they are what I consider the force of creation at its very core. Some men would conceive, that we are Divinity, and can manipulate these forces, or bend them, to our will. But, I personally see this type of statement as an ego trip on their part.

I wouldn't want to be standing any where close to them while they were proclaim themselves as Gods. However, I do see the Human Race as an aspect of creation. We are all made up of the physical finite cells of flesh, bone, blood, water, and air, that can be found in the natural world of nature.

To which, is linked directly to the force of creation itself through nature. The make up of Divinity, as I know it can consist of gas, energy, substance. and can take many other tangible and unchangeable states of being as well, seen and unseen by the naked eye. Now, being closely connected to this ancient and ever changing force of creation, we can, as a small aspect of it, connect up to it and make our wishes known to this mass eternal entity. Now, "Where does magic fit in to all of this?"

You may be asking yourself. I would answer you in this way. "Magic is a communication, between the small physical part of Divinity called the human being, to, the mass spirit of Divinity that encompasses the whole infinite Universal galaxies. To which, we have millions of names, being Creator, God, Goddess, Angel and so forth. Magic, or a "Divine Prayer," is the attempt to appeal ones case, before the whole of Divinity.

To see if the negative traits of a person's personality, can be changed due to the destructive energies, from a certain planetary influence at the time of their birth. And, to see if that harmful influence, can be held back for a while, if not done away with completely. Often times, a person's fondest wish, can be granted by Divinity. Be granted if the person asking, is willing to make an effort to help themselves.

Help themselves by trying to establish a closer relationship between themselves and Divinity. This is primarily done through a person, realizing the negative traits that are being housed within there own personality. Or, those behaviors that are totally excessive, to the point of being totally out of control.

And that, causes harm to, either themselves, or others in there environment. Most spells are weakened, or just simply will not manifest, due to the lack of effort on the persons part asking a thing of Divinity. The lack of the person casting the spell in, failing to explain to the client, how these principles should be implemented in the client's life.

Most people in the art of spell casting today, do not, possess this insight of how magic or prayer works, or are just not willing to spend many untold hours with the client that it will take, walking them through the many steps of the whole transformation that will take place.

But will lead that person, to the full success of there spell casting. Another thing that must be established between the client and the spell caster, is the development of trust between the two. Only then can the work be a success. But on the other hand, you must be careful who you trust. That's why you should ask many questions about your spell before it begins.

Now I have stated that God is perfect in every way, in other papers I have written on this site. But you may be asking yourself, "why has God allowed these imbalances with the planetary energies at the time of my birth, that have caused me so much pain through-out my life?" Well, my view on this would be, that if we didn't have these imbalances of the mind, then our life would serve no purpose, as there would be no mental or spiritual growth.

If we all were Angels at one time, living in a blissful environment in Heaven, how could we know what the life of a living creature was like, unless we experienced it for ourselves? We could be an experimental race fashioned from other beings. Yet we could be given these imbalances, as a result of something we did in a past life. Who knows? But, I do know this for sure.

There is a good reason for it all! No matter to if we understand this reason right now or not. The fact remains, that we are all still here and must deal with life as a result. The plain and simple truth, is that we must grow mentally and spiritually for the good of our kind, We must realize that we can't do it all alone, without this force, that I call Divinity, or each other for that fact. If we try to go under our own power in this day and age, in my opinion, we're lost. This force of our creation, holds the very key to our existence, and our happiness in this life. Not to mention, the life without end, waiting for our eternal souls.

You know, I heard one time, God was dead in the 60's or 70's. Now I am hearing it again in 2002. I even heard that it's not cool to believe in God any more. More over, I have heard men say that Divinity is a myth, for fools to believe in, and that you should just do what ever feels good to you. I hear men discredit the many different religions, and faiths, to which is easy enough to do with any work written by a man.

But, I will say this for all the discrediting that is going on around the world today. That is, for every discredit, there is a hundred times the proof, that Divinity really does in fact exist, and are with us in our every day lives. But, they're not telling you about it. Science is the study of Divinity, in its physical form. As Divinity, yields up its secrets, as only it sees fit, for us to see at an any given point in time. Some times, they give us a loaded gun, to see what we're going to do with it. Like the atom bomb, or an antidote to heal a disease.

The knowledge held by a person in the arts, allows that person to see Divinities perceptions of itself. Thus, causeing them to see through the illusions of mans perceptions of Divinity. As you move closer to this force, then you are able to catch a glimpse of the way that it interacts with the lesser aspects of itself. One such person that sees into this hidden knowledge, is the Wizard or the High Sorceress, that maintain a good working rapor with these forces, and understands the balances that exist therein. I hope this page has helped in your understanding of what exist in our Universe and this Earth that we live on.

Written by James Richard Morgan II

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