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Hello! This page is a look into the world of "Diabolical Habitation!!" Lets start with the movies such as "The Exorcist" ,"The Omen," and here lately, "Touched by an Angel" These movies and the night time shows, portray Demons, or fallen Angels in some kind of Hell verses Heaven sort of war, to where the human soul is used as the play ground for the Devil and God.

I am going to share my view with you all, here on this page, in the hopes that I can clear up the long term misunderstandings about this aspect of our human existence. Hence forth, you will be able to laugh at these programs and know what bullshit they really are . Also, you have shows like "Charmed," and "Teen Witch," and "The Harry Potter" movie, ect. I am here to tell you that these movies and shows, have nothing to do with real Magic, Angels, or Witchcraft, in any way shape or form! They will teach you good morals at best, if you don't all ready have your own concepts of them.

Now don't get me wrong, I love these kinds of shows and movies. But, I just don't care for the fact, that some of you out there really do believe that what you are watching is fact, and not Fantasy. Ok, enough hacking away on these silly shows. Lets talk "Diabolical Habitation!" What is it? Do you know? Sounds like a health condition, doesn't it?

Well, it can be! Because an advanced case of it, will kill you! (hee hee hee) Yes, it does exist! But not the way the TV programs present it to you. It is a very subtle thing that occurs, over a long span of time. And is caused by, the calling down of the darker aspects of Divinity. It is caused by a total state of Negativity in the form of a mindset. An unbalanced array of emotions that border on hurting others, or yourself, constantly. This, in fact, will pull Sickness, Loss, and Death, right to your front door step.

Now, as far as these Angels sitting out there some where and chatting back and forth, and saying: "Geezzz, lets go down and kill so and so, Or lets take over his body and spin his head around in a full circle and make him look like shit warmed over tonight." It Just doesn't happen that way you know. But it can happen in other ways. If you are a highly negative person, and you are always thinking ill thoughts towards others, then you are a very good candidate to fall subject to this state of being.

For the sole reason that you are pushing out the light Heaven daily, and inviting the darker aspects of Chaos to come and take your mind over. If you can not break this, or place this event back into balance with in your life time, then when you die, you will be placed in the chaos part of the heavens. There off being separated from those unlike you in nature. In other words, you will have called them your whole life. Upon your death they will retrieve your soul, as one of there own. You will not be placed around your loved ones that had a more genteel nature about themselves in life. You will stay there for a undetermined amount of time as well.

Drugs, Drinking, and Lude behavior, can open the door to this event. Because it will lower your level of health to the point of opening you up to more ill thought processes. Thus, feeding, or calling in, more of the dark Divinity. This causes you to start doing thing,s that you would have never thought of doing before. You are offered many more choices at this point in time, because the Creator will feel that you need spiritual growth in your life. This is an attempt, on its part, to create a balance in all types of situations, concerning the spiritual evolution of your being .

Why does Our Creator place us in the midst of trouble in the first place? I think, to make or help us grow. Also, I might say at this time, that the more we achieve here on Earth, the closer to death we become. Because there is no longer a reason for us to be here. There is no more in this life time, to learn. So, if a person is not Negative, and is going through the natural progression of learning the lessons given here in this life time, and meets his or her end at 80 to 100 years, then a person that is negative will have ten times as many tests thrown at them than normal.

They will achieve these lessons, of course, but will shorten there lives by years and years. For the sole reason, that they are forced to learn the many lessons of life prematurely, and all at one time, because of the way they are. This often results in an early death, and a terrible lifetime for a person. Why hurry things? Stay balanced in all the things you do. Stay [[ Positive ]] Look at the glass as being half full, instead of half empty . . ."Food For Thought."

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