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I want to thank you Jim for helping make great changes to my life,...when i first talk to you i was very unsure that it was the right thing to have someone do a LOVE SPELL for me... But after such a long time of lonelyness i decided to do it. Well after Jim casting the spell and telling me what to do, within a few weeks i meet the most amazing girl, i could ever meet. She just came out of no-where and we haven't been apart for the past two months... she is the most compatiable pesrson i have ever meet... thanks Jim.
You are an angel... DD

My name is Andy. I am thankful to Jim for giving me this opportunity to share with my gay brothers and sisters my experience in search of my spirituality, or religion if you would prefer to call it that. Many Gays and Lesbians lik myself can attest that contemporary Christian churches do not welcome "our kind," and can be down right cruel to us. Magic is not evil. In our realm, there are polarities, or opposites, i.e., tall/short, thin/fat, rich/poor, etc. Because something bad happens doesn't mean that it is evil, it is just negative energy. It is up to the individual how he or she will deal with that energy. For your typical Christian, he or she be in church after a night of drinking complaining how Satan has taken a hold of their lives. For those of us rejected by the Christian church (good thing they did), we know that our creator gave us the power to save ourselves.

It is not wrong to use the tools to help ourselves get out of bad situations, get a good job, or find someone to love us for he rest of our earthly lives. All these things our creator wants for us and we rightly deserve them so. In summary, it is just a matter how one chooses to use the tools. One can use the tools him or herself to change situations in life. In your magical life, as in your daily life, you seek advise from those with more years of living and experience, for me, that person has been Jim. Jim has been a good friend and a spiritual advisor in my journey of spiritual discovery. I'd be the first to admit that I have many more years to go before I even come close to knowing what I am doing in the magical and spiritual realm. In the mean time, I can always turn to Jim to support me. I hope, my friend, that when you are in need you will turn to Jim too. Your dreams will come true and your journey in life that much easier. Take care, thank you for reading and blessed be! ~Andy~

Ladies and gentlemen, do not underestimate the power of magic. I was a bit of a skeptic. But no more.I had reached a point in my life where I was in crises. I could see no way out of my problems at all. In a last ditch effort I decided to try something that was very unorthodox to me. Thank God I did. I do not need to go into the nature of my problems, being that they were numerous and it would be too lengthy to mention. The point I need to stress in this writing, is that the darn spell started to work two weeks after it was cast and it is still working a day at a time to this day.

I can see the results. I told Jim if he could pull this spell off it would be a miracle. He told me, a miracle is exactly what I would get. Let me tell you folks, miracles are happening to me. I can't believe it, but it's true.I had lost 20 pounds during my period of crises, smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, I was a nervous wreck. Now the feeling of peace I feel is unbelievable. Jim said it was because the Angels were working on my peace of mind. Now let me tell you about the Angels. I started seeing them. I saw them as flickers of light here and there. I had to tell someone about the spell so I told my daughter. She looked at me funny when I told her about the angels because she had been seeing them too. She had not a clue as to why. Now she does. Part of the spell was about her. Today, as I sit here writing this, she was given a job offer.

Wow, unbelievable, Jim. Thank you ANGELS! Thank you JIM. I am so happy with the results of this spell I am having another one done for something entirely different. How's that for confidence? Would I recommend Jim? What do you think? Is he a nice guy? Read all the other testimonials. He's exactly like everyone else says. He's one hell of a nice guy. I have talked his ear off on the phone several times for at least an hour. He listens, he hears, but most of all he delivers. He always gives credit to the Angels. I don't want to forget the angels. Thank GOD for ANGELS. Thank God for Jim and Jan !

Hi there,

My name is Thirza and a few months ago i contacted James for a spell. I needed a Lovespell for me and my friend, and at the same time to back somebody up. We discussed all the things i wanted and what was the best for us to have. James deceided that a Black Lovespell was the best to do so he asked us to send our imprints so that he could't start with the spell...THe minute he started to write the spell it started to and my friend where getting closer everyday and my ex was getting backed up...

Since the spell 4 weeks have pasted and everything is going perfect.. My boyfriend and I are werry happy with eachother and my ex is getting destroyed for what he did to me.. I wanna Thank James and Jan for their help, You where a big help for us..Not only did they helped us with our problem, but we found some new friends in them. James, Jan, Thank you for your help and understanding,

A big thank you for everything you did for us and the advice you gave us. I can only say this, If you are in a need of a spell, contact really works !!! You won't be dissapointed !!!!!! Many thanx........ Thirza

Broken Hearted and in alot of trouble.Back in December I found Jame's website and Thank God I did.I was in a bad situation with my recently ex-boyfriend of two years and there were a lot of angry people involved.I tried for months with other people to get some kind of help and all I ended up doing was spending a whole lot of money feeling even worse because I didn't get any results. I decided to give it one last try. Needless to say the spells Jim did turned my life around for the better....I am and always will be grateful to Divinity and to Jim.

If it would be bad for you in the long run Divinty won't bring him back, but they will send you someone who will treat you as you deserve to be treated." And that's what happen. Just over a month ago I met a guy who has done nothing but love me with all his heart.Even his family treats me like gold. He is already talking about the furture and ! every girl loves to hear that. Jim also did a money spell for me. Ever since my business has doubled and whenever I am finacially strapped somehow money turns up.There are still a few things we are waiting to see but it has only been four months and look at everything else that Divinity has done for me. Saying Thank You will never be enough! E.Y.

I always seemed to find myself in jail at least once a
year. If it wasn't for one thing, it was for another.
Most of the time it was for probation violations. I
finally realized that all of this was getting old and
it was time I grew up and changed my ways. Only now I
was looking at 5 years for a new crime. The police
didn't care if I had changed, they just wanted me to
pay my debt to society for what I've done. During the
course of fighting my new charges, I find out that my
girlfriend is expecting a baby. This will be my first
born child, and I would have done anything to see her
birth. I wouldn't have been able to behind bars and I
would miss the first 5 years of her life. I was torn
apart. I felt there was nothing I could do. Then I
came across the Dragon Spells website. I was a little
skeptical at first. I've tried other spell sites and
none of them seemed to work. It just seemed like a
scam. Unlike the other site, the Dragon Spells site
had more information about spells -- what is used and
how it's done. I emailed Jim and told him my situation
and he cast a spell customized for me. He was friendly
and very helpful. Before my next court hearing, my
attorney called me and said he made a deal with the
prosecutor. They agreed to drop the charges to a
misdemeanor and I serve 90 days in jail and no
probation. My jaw dropped to the floor. I couldn't
believe what I was hearing. I was facing 5 years, and
now they want to give me 3 months and I never have to
report to a probation officer again. I'm now a free
man. I can start my life over with my new family.
Because of those 3 months in jail, I have broken a 15
year cigarette habit. Thanks to Jim. What he's done
for me is more than I could ever repay. ~Jesse

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