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What is Justice

What is Justice? For some, it is revenge for the death of a loved one. For others, it is the calling back of a Lover who has strayed away . Or,even to get rid of that other woman who has broken up a happy home. Perhaps maybe you, yes you, just feel strongly compelled to do what you think is some evil shit, because your feelings were hurt in some way! MMmmmm , So you start calling on the Dark Forces to get even. Well on this page, we will talk a little about Dark Angels, and what can be expected of them, and what is not in their scope to grant to you.

Lets start with, What a Dark Angel IS? The term "Dark Angel," is really misleading. Misleading, because you could be talking to an aspect of Creation. Such as an Angel, considered good. Or, an Angel of light, that has the capability to cause chaos in a situation for the good of the out come. So, you may be thinking that you're speaking to an Angel of darkness, but you're not. As a result of that, you may not get the results that you had counted on. Or, it didn't happen just the way you wanted it to. Because, perhaps your wording wasn't exact enough, or you weren't clear in what you wanted.

Dark Angels, or Chaos Angels, are very different from other Angel beings, and very hard to conjure up. They won't just listen to any one who feels like waking them up on a hair. These are the war, or creation aspects of Creation. At one time, long ago, as I have stated above, they were the Ancient Dark Gods and Goddesses that implemented the forces called "Elementals." To which, are slightly lesser than they them selves.

They used such forces as, Earth, Wind , Fire, and Sea, to form the Earth and Universe, on the command of the Force of Creation itself, whom I call "Jehovah Tetragrammaton!" To which, these God/Goddess beings were the closest part of. As they were the "Spirit of the Universal Whole." Now, I some times call this side, "The Dark Heaven," or, "The Negative Energy Aspect of Heaven" or still yet "The Chaos Heaven."

As far as calling them into a rite, you had better know what you are doing, because this Angelic Host is not friendly in the least!! They don't hate you at all, and they don't want to drag your soul to Hell, as some would have you believe. But, they will rip you a new ass if your not careful with them.

Case in point, you wouldn't stick your finger in a light socket would you? Well this is why you should be well educated on this order of Angels, or that is exactly what you will be doing, if not much worse. You see these are the part or our Creator, that kicks in to cause a wide range of things. Such as death, sickness, mental problems, loss, ect. And, unless they are used with the proper precautions taken by you, you will be opening yourself up to a world of pure agony, to which you, my friend, have no idea!

To work with "Chaos Angels," you must be first clear in mind set. You must also, be able to channel high emotion down a very narrow directed path, or focus toward your mark. Your mind must not be on anything else, but what you are doing! You can not think about something a family member, or friend did, to piss you off the day before. Because then, they become a target for these Angels unbeknownst to you at the time. But, you will soon find out, a day or so after your rite. Also, you must use "

Watcher Angels," to guard you from the Dark Angels, you are calling in at the time. These are mainly, "Light Angels of the Nine Thrones." Now, to the last area of concern you must have. The area of safety in which to work in, such as a circle of salt, at least nine feet around. To invoke these Angels you must obtain their names that they have been known by for thousands of years, and you must be armed with the many names of Jehovah to gain their respect.

Lastly never , AND I MEAN NEVER command, or threaten, this host that you will personally do any shit to. Like, torment them with your meaningless little words, because you may be the one in torment. Remember, you are still talking to your Creator, and the Chaos aspect at that. You will get further how ever, by using what they call, "The Racks of God," to which are a collection of names that have been used to call up the force of creation for thousands of years. The most effective ones I have found, are Hebrew names. You would just ask a thing done in these names through-out your spell. They will feel strongly compelled to do a thing for you because of this .

These are just a few pointers to the working of "Dark Angels." But remember, you are all ways in danger when in the presence of these guys. They are just doing what is natural to them. The things they do, are why they are here! So keep this in mind. It's just like being in the water with big nasty sharks. You never know when they might want a bite. As for using these Angels for revenge, know this. If you are unjust in a request, then it's pay back time for you. But,

if you send a Dark Angel forth for a just cause, then you're on firm ground, as long as you give the right offering!! That is which brings me to my next point [[ BLOOD ]] and lots of it. But not to much, because you will not be able to control them. They will get too wild on you. So you have to find the right amount yourself, for your best results .

I am not talking about animal blood, or some one else's blood either. It has to be yours offered, along with what ever herbs and oils you think they might like. Well I hope this page has helped you a bit. MMmmmm , REMEMBER THIS [ Do as thou wilt is the whole of the law .]

Names : Mephostophilis Beelzebub Rahab Lilith Mastema Mummu Tiamat

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