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Jim has been a source of great inspiration for me. He has taught me to believe in myself and to go after what I want most in my life, with help and guidance from himself. He has given me back my self respect and most inportant, Hope. He is to me my friend. Annie


I have found one of my very best friends in Jim Morgan! He is truly a god sent gift from above. I could go on forever and forever in regards to how much his presence in my life has changed me. Back in September of 2001, I came upon Jim's site. I was in despair and needed help in a bad way regarding several situations in my life at that time. I spoke with Jim, and he guided me in the right direction concerning my siutations and thus, I had several spell casted. Now, though the spells have not yet come to life in a sense, I have seen results in regards to one of them and patiently awaiting the results of the most anticipated one of all! Jim, is absolute a phenominal, he knows work and does it well.

There are millions of sites out there that offer spells (believe me I think I have hit everyone of them), but none of them come even close to what Jim has to offer. The fact that he sticks with you throughout the entire process is a feature that no other site offers. I am pleased thus far with my service from Dragon Spells, I am thankful and happy that even though the sitiuation presented itself in a negitive manner, I have gained one of the best people around. Even when my spell fully manifests itself, I will continue my relationship with Jim . I look forward to the end results and know from the bottom of my heart..... Jim is the best and as always my earth angel!!!

Love Always and Forever, Ness


I have been a repeat customer with Jim and his spells are guaranteed to
bring you whatever you need or want. It's amazing how he can change your life
completely, and summons angels to help you. You are helped and watched
carefully all throughout the spell until you get what you want.
My cases have been difficult and I am not done yet, but everything is
happening as he says it will. When you see things starting to happen in your
life then you know it will all work out as planned! Don't trust any other person who says they can do magical work for you, their
stuff won't work and you'll lose all your money like I did. Jim is the only
person who you can trust to help you with permanent results.



My names isn't important here but what Jim did for my situation is and that's why I feel that I must share my story with you all . I have been married going on thirty years to a loving husband who would do anything for me, but one day my husband decided that he needed someone half his age and just up and left me at the drop of a hat without any warning. I was shocked and devastated to say the least and I never even saw it coming, all of a sudden I was alone with no visible means of support and was totally lost as to the direction that I should move in. I tried to get help from my minister as he just gave me a few verses out of the bible and that was that, I went to my family but they had all the problems they could handle, and well my children just didn't really have the time either, I was without help of any kind you see..

I was raised up in the church and thought anything to do with magic was evil and never even considered using magic for any reason because In my mind at the time it was all from the devil , that was until I accidentally stumbled into dragon spell to which incidentally I wasn't even looking for at the time, but once there I felt drawn to read one line than another ect, the more I read the more since it made to me and my fears about this sort of thing started to dissipate more and more with each page . I thought long and hard before contacting Jim but I am so happy that I did because he is so down to earth and so honest it just blew me away. He didn't pressure me into buying anything and answered every single one of my questions to the best of his knowledge and boy there were a few that I had for him. He spent countless hours with me on the phone giving me strength through his one on one counseling no matter what hour of the day or night it was even though he wasn't obligated to, and kept me sane through the roughest time in my life when I had no one else to lean on.

To make a long story short my husband came back partly because the relationship didn't work out as they were always fighting and that he couldn't seem to quite thinking about me and all the good times we had together as well as how what he was doing was really pissing off god . We have been back together now for four months and are still going strong, mainly because I have kept a sharp eye on the relationship every second of the day and put into practice all the things Jim has taught me as far as how to handle things when they come up,what to say and how to reacted in a problematic situation and I must say it has worked thoroughly for me.

Jim not only worked with the spell casting part of this whole thing but also worked very hard with me, He goes beyond the call duty in my opinion and has a persons best interest at heart, In closing I was dealt with in a discreet,personal and highly professional manner, the spell worked and my life has been restored back to a much happier level . Jim IS the real thing and I would strongly advise anyone who is in need of help to at least speak to Jim to see if he can help you as he has helped me . Sincerely , A happy Soul


My name is ray and this is a BIG THANK YOU to Jim for dropping my enemies like flies. I guess I should tell everyone a little bit about what was going on with me huh. It seemed that all through my life I was the dumping ground or punching bag for anyone that felt the earge to be a asshole, After I had Jim do a protection spell for me it all stopped to my disbelief because it's not that I didn't believe in magic but had never experienced it first hand WORKING FOR ME even though I had other spells of this type done for me in the past by other sites like Cal -- -- and sama -- ect, I was very cynical when i talk to jim but had no other choice other than to pursue magick as a resolution to my problems. I am a true believer now [[[[[[ Again THANKS ANGELS AND JIM ]] my life is worth living now ..


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