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My name is Ralph, and I just wanted to tell my story here. My wife left me 7 months ago and I was lost without her, since she was a bigger part of my life than I realized at the time and I am ashamed to admit this here but as Jim says this is a part of my recovery so I have to tell this to everyone. I beat my wife all the time and I really didn't know why I did it but it always happen when I was stressed out over work and family problems and well she had enough of it I guess after I put her in the hospital with a broken jaw the last time and she left me for good .

So I didn't know what to do and as time passed, I saw no other way out, so I was about to kill myself because I was sooo lonely without her.,,, and just about when I built up the courage to pull the trigger I heard a voice that said stop you can do this later if you want but first why don't you rest for a while and think about if you have everything in order before you leave this world. I thought this was just my own mind putting off what I was planning to do.

So I took the gun out of my mouth and sat there for a while shaking and wanted to get my mind off what I was about to do so I walked over to my computer and turned it on and began playing with it and started looking for magic tricks since I all ways wanted to be a magician earlier in life and a site called Dragon Spells came up on my screen and I remember thinking this isn't what im looking for but my finger jumped and clicked the link and took me there any ways.

my browser wouldn't take me back to the main menu for some reason so I started to read this site and the more I read the deeper I got into it as it was talking about Angels and the like and the after life. So remembering back now and thinking at the time it was all crap because I didn't believe in this God he was talking about but I couldn't stop reading it page after page and when I looked up the sun was coming up as I had been reading all night and didn't even know it.

Some of the stuff I read wouldn't leave me so I went back to this site day after day until I finished reading the whole site and you know the more I read about jims life and what he had to say about things the clearer it all became to me and I started to feel more at peace with myself believe it or not.

Now I had been with my wife for over 30 years and knew that she left me due to my drinking and abuse to her but also knew that I couldn't have her back in this state of mind and couldn't kill myself either now because of some of the things I read on the site so I was stuck and was confused and lost so my only shot was to at least see what Jim had to say about my predicament so I called him from a number on the site and really got in contact with him and not another person or answering Machine which surprised me.

I thought he was going to tell me what I wanted to hear at first just to get some money from me but that wasn't the case at all because the first thing he ask me was what the hell was I doing beating up on someone who love me, and that took me off guard to say the least as he put me in mind of a old sargent I used to have lol. He told me that we could get my love back but I would have to change some things about myself unconditionally and that it was going to take a lot of faith and hard work on both our parts and believe me none of what he was telling me sounded fun but it was better than what I had in mind,

I told him that I didn't believe in god or anything like that and he said that was one of my problems to start with but not to worry because he would make a believer out of me as he did later on. I worked on myself and worked on myself and did everything Jim ask of me even when I didn't agree with everything he was saying as some of it defied my logic but everything Jim said would happen did happen and I even saw something that I never thought existed like an Angel as soon as Jim started working on my case that has never left me and I started seeing everything around me the way it really is instead of the way I wanted to see everything to be.

My wife is now in the process of coming back to me and she now sees that I am changing for the better but I still have a lot of work to do with myself. But my life is coming back together again for me as I have stopped my drinking and my abusive behavior towards myself and others as I also know now that I was never alone and will never be alone again because I have seen first hand this spirit thing that Jim is talking about. So listen to me out there even if you are like I was and don't believe in this sort of thing at least talk to Jim because I personally think he can help you with whatever troubles you have,

as he has become a true friend of mine and really have proven that he care for me by going that extra mile like he state on the site and sticking with me through everything good and bad. Thank you Jim -- I owe you my life and marriage.


To all concerned this is just to thank Jim for helping me through some rough times in my life. I won't give you my name but my occupation is militarily oriented in the United States armed forces that would be engaged in special operations over in the middle eastern parts of the world currently. I have the utmost respect for the work that Jim did for me as I have experienced the results of his work first hand in the field of battle as at one time I had commissioned him to perform a protection spell for me to keep my health un-compromised.

My unit was one of first units to be ordered to engage foreign forces overseas and upon arriving there I was soon caught up in a crossfire that resulted in me being hit a total of seven times through the various extremities of my person. These shots should have been fatal to me as the proximity of the shooters were pointblank range but every shot missed my vital organs by inches in every instances, I attribute this to the protection spell that was performed for me by Jim. I have placed my life laterally in the hands of Divinity and have survived so take this for what its worth people.


Hi my name is Stacey and I just love Jim because he not only took on my very hard case and worked with me on the financial part of his fee but also worked with me through every step of the spells stages, He was always there for me when I would call him even in the middle of the night when I was crying and all down on myself. Jim has answered every one of my calls and emails as I can't recall him ever missing one of them as there were so many lol,

Ok let me tell you about my problem my boyfriend treated me terribly and messed around on me a lot but Jim performed a spell for me that messed him up every time he tried to step out on me by getting him caught constantly and after a while he just gave up and finally committed to me only. And when he would treat me badly the spell would make him feel so guilty that he would really make a effort to change his ways for me. My boyfriend and I are now getting married and are so happy together so if any of you girls out there are having a like problem it might be in your best interest to give Jim a try bye bye.


My story is every mothers worst nightmare... I am the mother of a fifteen year old boy that was killed in a drive by shooting two years ago. The killing of my son went unsolved by homicide detectives in my town for these two years because they didn't have any real leads in my sons case as to who might have done this horrendous thing to my boy, that is until recently. Jim had performed a spell for me to reveal to the police the killer of my son and within a month the police had their first [suspects] that ended up being two of his one time best friends.

I am crying so badly now it's just impossible for me to continue on with the rest of my story that I had planed to tell you, but I can tell you that they did this awful thing to my young son because of the drugs that were involved and that they both are now on their ways to prison. I am eternally grateful to Jim because now my son can rest in peace as justice has been done in my life concerning the death of my son. [ PLEASE PARENTS ] know what your kids are into before it's to late. Martha


Bad Luck used to my name because all I had in my life was bad luck in everything like my relationships all went south and my financial matters were always in the red . My family hated me and I had no friends to speak of and I just couldn't understand any of it for the life of me because I never did anything to anyone you see.. One day I accidentally ran across one of jims web sites and started reading it, I always believed in magic but none of it ever really worked for me so I was a little hesitant about contacting Jim at first but oh boy I'm glad I did as that turned out to be one of the better decisions in life.

First off Jim was very understanding and was very interested in finding out everything that was going on in my life that was causing me a lot of concern and by the way he answered all my questions that I had about magic and spell casting as well as personal information about himself . Jim was very open and honest with me as he went into a lot of detail of what we would be doing to change my bad luck trend that had been plaguing me most of my life.

Jim never tried to do the sales thing like I experienced in the past with other sites and in fact he did the opposite by asking me if I was sure that there wasn't steps that I could take to resolve my own problems without the use of magic which kind of blew me away for a minute. The spell was explained step by step to me and what I could expect from the spell in a certain time frame as he also let me know what he and the spell expected from me etc.

Jim changed my luck and my life turned around completely, the spell was a total success in my case and two weeks was all it took. Now looking back on my life before it's like a bad dream that never really happened as I am on good term with my family now, I have a good job and a new love of my life plus a few friends that really are friends and not someone just looking to get something off me. thank you for everything Jim you are a real decent guy and I won't ever forget you. forever your friend Bill M


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