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Hi JAMES...How are you?
He isn't moving to Georgia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The company pulled him from the move! I can't believe it...well I can...I guess I just wanted to tell you how awsome you are!!!! I can't help but think about something you said to me one of the first times we spoke...that you have seen the angels do some weird things....maybe this whole thing was to help us talk about our feeling for each other...I know that things haven't totally manifested but they are on there way!!!!! Geez I am going to have to try to wrestle up some money to have you do a money spell for me....(very broke after being out of work so long)....but I won't get greedy!!! lol....... I'm sorry I am just a little giddy and happy!!! Thank you soo much James for the recasts the support everything you give your clients.... Thanks as always Joy


Hi Jim,

Anyway, thanks as always. It may be that I *may* be moving soon, but not in the city where I'm at. The Great Ones (that's what I call them) seem to time everything perfect. I asked for a transfer when desired from them and soon may be the time (lots of things occurring at work). That means my house spell will focus on a city called -------------------, probably, rather than ------------. Then again, it's not my call. I have those on the material plane and the Great Ones calling the shots right now. The Great Ones will I trust and leave in their hands. They say go, I go, they say stop, I stop. Fascinating. I envy you! To know these divine beings it must be awe inspiring. How they can make things happen on our material plane is fascinating.



hi Jim
just had time alone now to convey to you what's been going on, well Jim, we both know the spells we did between us and yes I did feel that my efforts were
fruitless with ----------------- coming back into my life, and YES Jim initially its was because I really cared for her but after awhile, with her, yes getting close to me
BUT unable to even kiss me at work like we did so many times or even meet me MY efforts were then NOT to be with her like we were but more towards a one night stand, I guess to have her one last time, the more I stayed the more I resented her for coming into my life as a whirlwind, starting this affair and then walking out, BUT wanting to stay in my life on HER terms, right now I have distanced myself from her and don't talk to her but YOU did the recast spell and
YES Jim you did say that if the spell didn't work in one way then it would bring me another person, and I wasn't even thinking in that's direction Jim, but YES
even though I am married and it was wrong to screw around, yet I have my reasons there is a woman at work I have know for a few years and yes we became friends, that's all, but ever since you did that recast Jim, it seems we have become so close and it came from her, before xmas she told me that she had something to tell me and that she had a huge crush on me.

She's married and YES Jim she is such a doll and unlike ----------------- who always had a puss on her face or left me in a bad mood this woman is so nice and we always laugh, but the last thing on my mind was for us to get close. BUT she has told me that she in not happy in her marriage but won't divorce BUT also she never screwed around before BUT is dying to be with me in all ways and yes things have heated up dramatically Jim, we exchanged gifts for xmas and I thought ----------------- was sexual. Jim this woman wants to do anything and everywhere and even though ----------------- as many lunches we shared etc wouldn't even kiss me at work this woman works in room by herself and all of a sudden she grabbed me and kissed me and was all over me and I stopped her. If she could she wants to make love at work which is impossible BUT she's wants JUST me in the worst way, and is since unlike ----------------- who brags to everyone about her sexuality and is the talk of the plant this woman is very discreet and no one would know anything is going on, she is very pretty and built nice and also LONELY Jim and yes tells me she is in love with me.

Jim, I can ONLY attribute this windfall in my life to YOUR works, I have NO doubts, and YES Jim this woman has made me totally forget -----------------.who I now walk by at work and could care less is I see her or not, and before I was going crazy to see her this new woman wants to do everything ----------------- and I id plus much more, she has totally enveloped my life I never thought another woman could ever replace ----------------- and now I wonder what I saw in -----------------, and Jim that card reader I said I went to. I even asked her if any one would be entering my life anytime soon and she said NOT in the next year did she see anything so that's how much the cards showed so thank YOU Jim, for a job well done. YES to me this is the result of YOUR workings. Jim, thank you for a job well done, and if you wish to rewrite my email for a recommendation in your list of happy clients be my guest, I will keep in touch about what goes on with my new friend again thanks Jim . John Berry


When I first came upon this site I thought "one last try". I had spent so much money on others who said they could do the same thing. The one thing that kept having me return to his site was his belief in the angels. That had me hooked and wanting to believe. When I called him, he was sympathetic, caring and a very good listener. I felt like I could open up to him and not be judged. After this first introduction to him, I realized that he was for real and that I could trust him. After our first phone call I wanted to get everything together as soon as possible so I could get the one thing, I spent all my money on fakes before, back. Going through the prayer and talking to Jim and then also being introduced to Celeste, who has also been kind, gentle and understanding, has not only been an eye opener but it has shown me again that there is someone or someone's that are looking out for you. Whatever your beliefs, please give it a shot with Jim and Jan.

With their caring and the respect they have shown me only makes me more appreciative to them. I don't know how many times I can thank them, but THANK YOU for your time and loving compassion towards others. Sincerely, R



I am writing to express my thanks to Jim at Dragon Spells for helping me resolve a touchy legal issue. Anyone who has gone through the process of a DUI can understand what I'm talking about. If you're currently going through a similar legal issue, or know someone who is, don't hesitate to call on Jim for help. His spells work. I was in a very tough situation where my job was on the line, and through a powerful legal spell that Jim cast, my case was dismissed. I can't tell you how much sleep I lost or how long I felt badly about myself, but after talking with Jim, and immediately doing the negativity releasing prayer, I started to feel better. The toughest part was not thinking about the outcome. Jim is right in stating that you have to release the spell and believe that the angels will work in your favor. My case bounced around for 30 days. In the beginning of the 2nd month, I received a call from my lawyer, saying that the final date was set for the following week. He was confident he could handle it and that I didn't need to show up. Three days later he calls me in the morning to say my case was dismissed. Both Jim and his staff are wonderful people to deal with. Both times I called Jim, he personally answered, and attended all my questions. You don't see this kind of commitment anywhere. I highly recommend his work.

Jay from Florida


Dear Jim

I have never done spellwork before and wasn't sure if it would work to be honest. The first spell wasn't seeming to work at all, and so in desperation I agreed to proceed with the disruption spell. I think in my heart of hearts I didn't really believe in it but was prepared to give it a shot. Well I have been totally blown away by the effect of this spell. I don't think I would ever dare use it again, it has worked too well.

I just wanted him to come back to me as we were. This is happening, but sometimes to hear him so down, does upset me. Thank you again though for performing and believing in the spells, giving your advice and helping me.

sandy foltzes

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