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One day I had a vision. In this vision I saw wars waged like no other wars that had ever been waged for the atrocity was endless and despair had covered the world in blackness and blood.

And this vision was made into my reality for I found myself walking through fields of the chard dead and dieing bodies as every tree was ablaze far above my head roaring in the harsh winds.

The smell of death and war was profound upon my senses and filled my voice with the utterances of prayers. In my vision I called out in terror to my Divinity but they didn't answer me for it was the time of judgment the time of cleansing and I was the witness to this calamity.

And amidst the thundering of weaponries of death and above the screams of those involved did my heart sink to the bottomless depths of sadness for this I knew was our future rendered unto me that day.

In the columns of the smoke and fire and in the ruins of the mangled metal of the war machines did I see the lost orphans and dead children scattered over the fields.

I heard the mournful cries of mothers cursing Heaven for they had lost their faith and were grief stricken as did I also hear the blasphemies of the dogs of war saying I am greater then they on high, I am my own God and shall I rule the world.

The abominations of this time had ended for a long while but wasn't finished over all. I saw bodies piled twenty deep into huge dumpsters and into pits for the purposes of burning away the memory of those that had fallen. And in this new man made world I heard nothing of Heaven,

Creator, Goddess, God nor Angels for it was forbidden to speak their names as the world order had proclaimed themselves gods and total rulers over the human race.

Families were broken and children were raised in the care of the new world government and the old were considered useless and were put to death in a clinical fashion as i saw the men of war lining them up in endless rows for fast and painless exsicution.

And in the midst of my vision i saw four Angels appearing like fiery spears of brilliant light and they spoke to me: Behold the final conflict comes bringing this teariney to a end. I saw thunders and lighting strike deep into the hearts of the warmongers and they were brought down to the dust.

And I saw the seas rise and consume all things as the earth crack open to receive them who had cursed and proclaimed them selves over the thrones of Heaven. Only the pure of heart and the witness to these events were left.

Then another Angel spoke and said look upon the new earth, and I saw legions of Angelic teachers descending from the thrones and beneath the sea of glass to the earth below and my heart was filled with ahh and amazement .

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