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How does Divinity view the non-progressive Soul. Like the Universe or more specifically Divinity we must progressively change in a positive direction that serves both the Devine and Humanity its self in the way of beneficial growth. We as Human Beings are aspects or cells in the physical reality or nature and intern nature is the physical manifestation of the spiritual realm we know as Heaven.

The Spiritual realm is ever vigilant over every component of its self from the transparent spiritual energy right on down to the earthy microbe found at the bottom of the sea. The Human Being unlike the rest of earthly creation is closest to the primordial spiritual essence and thus to much is given much is required. We are the caretakers over the physical realm of earth. Moreover we are in fact our brothers keepers.

In light that we are higher cell forms in the eyes of Creation that they expect to perpetually obtain higher knowledge through trial and error but moreover to assume responsibility over the actions that we initiate in life. When a person is blocked in their life circumstance or can't seem to get past a certain event such as a love. financial or behavior matter then Divinity begins to view this singular life as a stagnate or dead cell that has to be revitalized in some way or be shed.

Often times Divinity will speak to us through various physical events occurring around us in our living environments or perhaps even through our intuitions and or dreams however the problem here is that not all of us are very good at listening to these messages given or were just are to stubborn to follow the advice given to us from that little voice inside our heads. Bad Events in our life and what do they mean?

We can liken this to the sickened physical body that has contracted a virus of some sort. The virus grows and starts to make the body sick and thus the body knows that something has to be done about this takeover quickly if it's going to survive. The body alerts its immune system and thus send out antivirus to combat the intruders. The antibodies confront the virus and offer it a couple of different options being: Convert to something that will benefit the body.

Leave the body. Or die. If a person is caving into bad behavior patterns in life and Divinity starts to consider that person negative. stagnate or just all out disruptive and or harmful to other parts of it's self then it will cause situations to manifest in that persons life that will intern demand individual growth in a positive direction. Divinity demands that a person through their individual actions be beneficial to every other part of its self thus intern strengthening the whole of creation as a ending result.

The pressure in a persons life will continue until the desired result is obtained in the persons life. If the person in question doesn't grow then the incidents will in fact grow in frequency and in intensity depending on what types of activities are being engaged in at the time.

You may read more about this in the article (Karmic Movement) found on or . It's not so much a little Devil running around trying to fuck us all up. It's not so much about a Devine Authority flexing its muscle to keep us in line or moreover it's not about Divinity amusing its self by watching all of us little rats running around in a maze.

It is about Divine preservation. It's about natural preservation. In other words not only does it want to live in the spiritual but through us here in the physical realm of nature. When a person realizes that they are just one player on a team and not the whole team then they are in fact a team player working toward the common goal and not just another hot dog out there trying to steel the show. Jesus said: In myself I can do nothing. In myself I am no one. What did Jesus mean by this? Answer is: When you realize that everything you think. say or do in the world has an effect on something or someone then this intern makes you a part of evolving creation.

This make you a very interactive part of life in which you can either choose to be a positive or negative force depending the path your walking. Life is a complex matter so we must depend on each other for strength and celerity of right actions. Moreover we must also depend on Divinity to give us the wisdom to know the things we can either change in our lives and the things that we have no other choice but to let unfold by themselves and or can not change all.

In short. We as human beings must learn to conquer the raging battles within our minds and hearts with the help of the Devine Nature so that we can clearly see Divinity and life for what they really are. We must understand that Divinity will teach us through the actions of others and through our own self-actions as well. In life when you see a person that is engaging in a negative behavior it is better to pull that person aside while using great quanties of diplomacy and genital persuasion in showing them a better and more positive way in dealing with something.

Don't publicly humiliate or come off judgmental of them especially if its something you've more then likely have been guilty of at some point in your life. It's not about showing everyone how smart you are or how superior you are over the next guy. It's about tolerance. acceptance. forgiveness and education. It's about giving the next follow a hand up instead of a smack in the face.

Remember that Divinity not only resides amidst the Heavenly Thrones but in the hearts and minds of everyone you meet in this life. Know that when you look into the eyes of another person to no matter how lowly you might consider them that just might be Divinity looking back into you. If you are a person engaging in a negative behavior then know that if your not a beneficial part of creation then you're a sick cell that is calling on the attention of the Devine Force Of Creation and thus will be dealt with in a very sudden and justifiable way.

The sin is not found in the fools ignorance as much as it's found in the Wise mans poor judgment to do the right thing. In other words if you know the right and beneficial action to take in the resolving of a problem that is effecting all concerned but choose the way of selfishness then this is sin. If a person refuses to obtain the wisdoms of Heavenly law even though they are amply equipped to do so then this is blatant sin.

(What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You LOL.) (WRONG.) It Can Hurt BAD. When a person is ignorant or not aware that a act is wrong and harmful then this isn't a sin however when the person becomes aware and or knowledgeable of the fact but chooses to carry a negative act out despite this wisdom then this is a blatant sin against humanity and heaven and they will be dealt with.

Which is easier?: Six men pushing a stone up the mountainside or Six men loading the stone into a truck and one man driving the stone up the hill Lol. Except the wisdom found in this page and fly free through time and boundary for the rest of your days. Jesus Said: Blessed are they who entertain Angels unaware. Light & Peace to all of you out there reading this and thank you for your time.

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