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Sometimes it seems like were all Rats in a spiritual maze trapped in a Earthly confine going this way and that with our eye on the prize. Yet the prize we all seek can't really be seen by the naked eye. It doesn't exist outside of our third or center eye but never the less we maintain a strong suspicion in the backs of our minds that this is a tangible truth. Where does the origins of perception. theory and or inclination of perception and theory rest. Where does it all start and end.

Other then spiritual insights through dreams and reading between the lines uttered by the Great Masters themselves all down through the eons we derive our spiritual truths from earthly or physical events as we see the repeated patterns of life persistently unfold that we all either enjoy or suffer through. Let's look at these two instances of life circumstance:

A person indulges in the art of gossip for reasons of making themselves seem better then those around him or her or moreover wanting the impossible such as being liked by everyone they meet. So this person in question goes to and sides with this one then shifts loyalties and goes to the next thus taking on separate identities temporally.

Let's call the gossiping person in question (1) and the other two persons involved (2) and (3). Let's say (2) and (3) have a terrible personality clash going on however their common denominator is number (1) because number one has become a friend and taken into confidence by (2) and (3).

(1) will continue to enjoy the friendships of one and two as long as number one sides with the plight of both. Number one begins to manipulate two and three by yielding misinformation or small pieces of info to the two and as a result heightens the existing conflict between two and three.

Turning up the heat so to speak between the two in order to come off like the ultimate friend to both. Number one thinks themselves very well liked. Very smart. Number one feels a great sense of power over the conflicting adversaries. A great sense of accomplishment not to mention being well liked by the two because after all number one has become a invaluable friend to the warring factions.Then the worst of all things happen and the once Adversaries now have placed their differences aside and moreover have become good friends.

They begin going over certain events while finding serious discrepancies traced back to and originating with number one. Two and Three have now turned against number one and view this person as a Instigator of chaos. Number One has now fallen from grace and now hauls ass into exile wondering what went wrong.

(1) thinks: I'm a good person besides all I wanted was to be liked and accepted by all. I just wanted to feel important and have a little control in my life. (2) and (3) think: What a trouble making ass hole. Spy. Traitor. Manipulating fuck who caused allot of trouble between us. They spread the word and let the cat out of the bag to others concerning number one.

The motivations of Number one could be considered to be positive intention in nature however turned out to be highly negative wrong action with adverse social effects as a result. Looking at it from this standpoint we could just ascertain that this is just the outcome to a generalized situation. Varying outcomes prevail depending on the culture it occurs in. Each culture has its own social response to this particular scenario.

A person could surmise that this is just the way the world would respond to this type of behavior socially speaking while saying this is just bad behavior and that the person had it coming to them etc. Another way a person could view this problem is in the way that Number One set out to be a part of the group and wanted to be admired and over all liked by everyone but went about it the wrong way.

Moreover Number One had good intentions and really didn't mean to harm anyone however the good intention digressed into something destructive. self- serving and or evil in nature. In short wishing and striving for a beneficial circumstance for all concerned but through wrong choice created a very chaotic and embarrassing situation for others and self. Number One was looking for happiness and self worth in others. In all the wrong places. A person can only find and obtain happiness and self-worth through spiritual and physiological growth. What works and what doesn't for them.

Let's evaluate the second life circumstance. (Lying): What is the adverse cause and effect of lying. Why do people lie? Some people start lying for different reasons starting off with little white lies then graduating to more involved and or intricate stories. Motivations for this behavior for example are: I have the need to be excepted. liked or loved. I want to belong to the group. I have trouble saying no. I have a problem standing up for myself.

I am ashamed of my life circumstance. I have a need to keep my life private or just want to make my life more interesting and so fourth. When a person chooses to act out or behave in this way the usual outcome in most prolonged situations would be disaster resulting in the Subjects over all life environment. This behavior is really just the negative or outward manifestation of other more ingrained or deep seeded emotional problems who's origins are based early on in ones life. This behavior possibly even can stem from a persons early childhood etc.

Concerning the ways a person will tend to act out in given situations will intern dictate the direction that Individuals life will take. Moreover a person tends to become trapped on that negative road to destruction simply because they don't understand why they react in the way they do to given events or perhaps even what they might be doing to cause reoccurring negative events in their life etc. When we look at the two examples above in the previous paragraphs we can observe that the Characters involved had good intentions either for the sake of others or self however their good intent was misguided in essence and transmuted into treachery.

It's important that a person practice and maintain Right Thought. Right and Clear Intention. Right Speech and Right Action in order to maintain a healthier more prosperous way of life. Firstly we must examine ourselves to understand why we act out in the way we do in regards to various situation and or events. Are we adhering outmoded ways of responding to given events. In other words if we are insecure to the point that it keeps us from taking advantage of beneficial situations then we must trace this negative block back to its origins and both understand and over come it.

We then need to either balance this emotional trait or completely purge the trait from our minds. Right Thought simply means: Seeing the big picture and what's good for All instead of just the one. Remember Shared Prosperity is better then no prosperity. To see life in a positive but realistic way.

To be a creative positive force in the world that understands that everything one does has a rippling effect that touches everyone around them for miles either in a positive or negative way. Right Intent. This means that one must be sure that they are carrying out things for the right reasons and not for ulterior motives or in the way of self serving hidden agendas etc. In other words stop and think will my action be good for everyone involved or will it just serve me. Will this action harm any factor of my environment. Are my intentions clear and decisive to both myself and others in the external world.

Right Speech. Stop and think about what you say before you say it. Will others misunderstand you. How can you present what your about to say in a more decisive manner. Is your message one of a positive and constructive nature that will help and brighten another's day. Will your speech resolve a problem in a mutual .fair and beneficial way for others and self or will it only add and intensify the problem at hand. Righteous Actions.

Once you've examined your thought. intention. speech then it's time to make sure that the action you undertake not only fits the situation but is beneficial to all concerned. Ask yourself is this action fair and does it serve the all in a beneficially and mutual way or does it just serve me. Will this action harm anyone in your environment.

The first rule to spiritual evolvement states that one must be Beneficial and not be detrimental to the All. A person must become emotionally and spiritually healthy through self-exploration and thus as a result become the healer of all that they touch. When you become a healthy Soul then you become a friend to the Universe and Earth.

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