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Marriage & Divorce. Wisdoms Heard. Wisdoms Gained.

By James R. Morgan ll

Is Marriage the beginning of the end ultimately leading to Divorce?. Perhaps The forerunner to unforeseen catastrophe lurking in the darkness? I wonder.....Strange things start occurring in life when one goes through a Divorce doesn't it? I know as I've been dealing with my divorce for a little over a year now however it will be over soon and very much to my satisfaction thanks to a good legal team and my in-depth knowledge of the advanced black magical arts.

This is not always the case for some of you out there and unfortunately for those of you whom are just beginning this painful process I'm so sorry to say. To better understand what has caused this down spiral in your life I've taken the liberty of theorizing my version of this enigma that can be viewed on :

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thegreatageofseparationanddivorce1.html thegreatageofseparationanddivorce2.html thegreatageofseparationanddivorce3.html

When one goes through a divorce, certain unpalpable things start to happen such rampant untruthful gossip, friends turning against you for no reason or out of jealousy and envy, Your soon to be EX begins to paper the neighborhood and world with their twisted and one sided version of the story that moreover absolves them of any guilt\, friends and family begin picking sides. One tends to find themselves as the object of blame and ridicule etc.

If by chance children are involved to which is the case in most instances, the opposing partner or both starts the process of flooding their young minds with unending propaganda geared to the destruction of the over all relationship with them. The war games never stop and no one is immune from being caught up in them to no matter who it harms in the long run. Even the family pets can and do suffer as a result of these games of madness.

Divorces are agonizing not to mention costly. A divorce will automatically ruin ones credit, social standing, employment, and so on. This is of course on top of the preexisting emotional pain that this life crisis causes in either being left or having to leave your spouse as the last great act of hopelessness or being overwhelmed and consumed with despair.

What about the endless agonizing confusion and loss of hope leading up to the divorce and how it just makes you want to die every day and night? In my case, I watched a beautiful and loving person over a span of 15 years turn into someone I didn't even know. I watched that person turn into the exact opposite of what they had been in which caused me to fall in love with them in the first place.

In my case, I watched the person that was my partner undergo a metamorphoses or sorts that changed her from being a loving and giving Individual into a vindictive and hateful person whom existed only for the love of possessions, money, and power. Furthermore who I had to defend myself against each waking moment regarding the onslaught of her baneful legal and public attacks not only on my good name but the good names of those around me.

This page is about all of us concerning this modern day crisis that most have experienced if not once but several times in life. It's about loss, regrets, and or the upheaval and loneliness that divorce causes. It's about the emptiness, separation, and depression that one undergoes when divorce occurs for whatever reason or circumstance and the breaking down of a family unit. Marital divorce is all about disruption and death of both love unions, and friendships.

In life I've heard it said that everything happens for a reason and that there's always a silver lining behind every cloud; however, when going through a divorce one tends to think these sayings to be total baloney lol. I was only married once and rather late in life because marriage was just wasn't the way to go for me personally at the time plus the fact that just about everyone I knew back then had been involved in a divorce.

In other words, I had witnessed what divorce could do to people early on in my life and just didn't need that sort of thing happening to me at any point to no matter what plus the fact that I thought and still think that the church is about the most corrupt organization on the face of the earth. I don't care much for it's over all policies or practices and thus with this being said we'll let sleeping dogs sleep.

Why did I get married? Hell, I don't know. Maybe it was for love or out of loneliness. Perhaps it was just wanting to take care of someone else and still yet maybe I was just trying to fit into a world that I never really belonged to or didn't fit into like so many of us. Maybe it was for all the wrong reasons. Perhaps your asking what was the reason for this marriage or how did it serve me and moreover where's the silver lining to this cloud?

Please know that I can only surmise my friend while venturing to yield these explanations of why this occurred to me personally. It's pretty simple really when I stopped and thought about it after it was all said and done. I've assisted thousands of people throughout the years either undergoing or close to divorce without really experiencing it for myself firsthand and thus I was on the outside looking in with the advice given as a result of this. How can you effetely assist others when you haven't been where their standing in short?

And there we have it. The silver lining behind this unfortunate happening in my life circumstance. Yes, An Expensive and painful lesson to be had for sure. Another life experience under my belt that Divinity saw fit that I should have apparently. Maybe your asking yourself : Why didn't he perform spells to save his marriage?

Or maybe he didn't want the marriage after a while or became bored with it. To answer these questions, I would say first of all, that I did want a successful lifetime marriage however when one is psychologically and spiritually evolving, and the other person is not, then this can shake the relationship to its very core.

Changing views and ways of doing things drive people apart - especially when one out of the two aren't making an effort to keep up. I did perform numerous spells in a frantic effort to make the marriage work and they were in fact successful to some degree ; but please keep in mind that when your other half isn't working with you or following the Divine laws that they know so well spells only prolong the inevitalbe.

Mental illness and drug use or the failed medical treatment can also be a factor as this will not only effect the marriage to a greater extent but in the way that spells will work or react in the given situation of trying to magically save a certain relationship. One can perform spells to save a relationship and or obtain a long term successful marriage, however one has to realize that they are living in a magically induced or forced union. Yes, A real relationship in the way of tangibility but unreal in the sense that without the spells the relationship will fail to positively progress or unfold under its own power.

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