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Magick And You

Hey Guys and Gales. It is my hope that this finds all of you doing well today. Today's subject is regarding the performing of Magic or Magick and you. I bet you never thought that you could actually perform a spell or spells especially regarding those of you out there that have never picked up or read a magick book in your entire life or attended any magical tanning classes on any real level. Well, The truth of the matter being is that we All can and do perform spells everyday to if we are aware of it or not as magick is not always something that can be taught or learned so much as it is something that must be cultivated from within and felt.

Magick can't be owned anymore then you can own the wind or control the tides of a sweeping ocean. Magick can however be as your best friend always there for you but to be admired and respected for the awesome power that it can bring into ones life. Magick is something to always handle with kid gloves as it's not just a stupid clump of mindless energy as some would speculate but a Force Of Nature to be reckoned with. Understanding that Magick is not something exterior to be controlled but something in which one must walk beside and or grow with and this is the first step in the development of a persons spiritual growth.

Let me just say that Magick as we understand it starts out with an Individuals thoughts and wishes be they spiritually minded or not that are intern looked upon by the rest of creation as a prayer or direct communication to the Natural World being both the the Universal and Earthly Natural realms. These Universal and Elemental Earthly Natures are in tune with a person regardless of the fact that a certain person may believe in magick or not or even if a person is totally oblivious to the fact that the Spiritual Nature exists around them and so on.

There's always been a misconception floating around out there that if you don't believe in a love spell or curse then it can't help or harm you however this couldn't be further from the truth and is absolutely not the case at all. What gives every human being the ability or capacity to perform magick on whatever level be it mentally or physically acting out on it would be in our connection to the Elemental and Universal realms at birth as it is through this that the Spiritual Natural are we are created and allowed to exists. Even though our connection to the over all Divinity or natural realms are primarily through birthright there is still much hard work to do for the average person in the way of understanding both their place in the scheme of things and how Divinity actually works in ones life.

Let me further explain that magick is nothing more then the simple conveyance of wish or prayer to the spiritual realm that intern receives the prayer and causes extraordinary events to occur in normal circumstances or physically manifest in what we consider to be a tangible reality. Again, Even though we all have the intrinsic gift through birthright to convey our wishes and dreams to the Divine Nature one does have to realize that nothing is for free in Heaven and Earth and thus effort is required on our parts in the way of cultivating our spiritual natures always striving for balance.

It is through balance of emotion and tempered acting out toward others do we acquire and maintain emotional balance and spiritual fortitude. In other words when a person leaves the world of unbridled human emotion that typically tends to rule over them in life and thus making their life one big chaotic mess do they become the master of their own destiny to a larger degree. Only when one can control themselves do they start to realize that they can control how others respond to them and through this how any given situation will resolve its self in their favor. In order to become spiritually strong you must first become strong and in control of how you think and act out towards others. To become a beneficial and positive force to be around.

When a person becomes a Positive. Balanced and Beneficial Entity over all in life then that person is considered spiritually strong via the Divine Forces and this intern causes them to look at that person and their wish in a more serious and positive way. This is a good thing really as it means that your Wish. Prayer or Spell has a greater chance of becoming reality. Cooperation in the betterment of all goes allot further then being a chaotic and destructive force in a nut shell. Or as the old saying goes: You can catch more flies with honey then with vinegar lol.

These are some simple keys to success in obtaining your fondest desires in life without having to hire anyone for spell work however spell work can and does have its advantages with the right ones casting as mentioned on other pages in this site by guiding you through what specific actions that need to be carried out on the Clients part etc. What this page is stating over all is the fact that no matter what circumstance you find yourselves in life that your not alone or without power to change your life to the positive.

It's taken me years to obtain this knowledge through trial and error. Through doing things the hard way lol. It is my hope and most profound wish that you can obtain and hold this knowledge and spare yourselves the pain and misery that I put myself through in years past. Please enjoy the rest of the site and if you have any questions please send your emails to . Jim Morgan

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