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Accepting Responsibility 4. Spells Will Work As Hard As The Client Will Work In Obtaining Them.

I would say that there are some excellent magick sites owned by very proficient and knowledgeable spell casters on the internet that have legitimate spell criteria's but you must be sure to listen and follow their spell criteria to the letter should you employee them for spell work. There are also just as many if not more fly by night wanna be scam sites out there who will. And have no problem in misleading you down the road to nowhere and failer. You have to be careful by educating yourself and using common sense to make a distinction between the two.

The following Criteria below is what was given to me during a Near Death Experience nine years ago that lasted for a little over two hours as a result of a heart attack. This Criteria has in fact saved my life from destruction many time over sense then. I am now offering this spell criteria to you freely to use in the onward positive progression of your life. Even if you choose not to engage in any type of spell work with us this criteria will still help you immensely throughout your entire life with numerous pragmatic areas such as love. money. protection. curse removal and so on.

Only when you make Divinity number one in your life above all others and goals not to mention making a great effort in becoming closer to them simply by evolving mentally and Spiritually every day only then will you be blessed in your life. Only when you become a benefit to the whole of creation by being a positive influence or force in the darkest of places will they bestow unending understanding and happiness in your life. When you can come to terms with your inner demons not to mention being true to yourslf. Only then will you understand the mysteries of your soul and through this new wisdom you will know your place in the ranks of Earth and Divinity.

Through your new knowledge and understanding of recognizing Divinity as the primary source of life you must better yourself every day in a postive way from the inside out as mentioned above. You must also speak your wish to the winds of change then release it. Overcome your fears while maintaining a hope and faith in Divinity to bring your fondest wish into reality for you. Remember, Your life is nothing more then an illusion as what you think you see isn't always as it appears. Divinity is the true Author of or realities be it good or bad and thus should we be worthy and ask them for anything they will grant it unto us.

The statements and warnings above are not in the context or met to be offensive or treating in any way. shape or form however these statements and warnings are the out side stipulations in preparing for the actual spell criteria following below. This spell criteria was freely given to me of Divinity and now I freely bestow it to you for all time. I would like to convey my most heart felt wishes to All in your individual lives for love. peace. happiness and prosperity. May you have the wisdom to Hear. Understand and Except this message of light. love and life.


(1)- Providing legitimate case information and imprint samples for all concerned if available. This is Hugely Important for the obvious reasons and I really don't need to go into this as It's just common sense. However if you would like to read a bit more about the spells criteria please go to page gettingrealampacceptingresponsibility.html.

(2)- Performing the Viking Runes. This is a necessary form of divination that determines what a person will need to address or incorporate into the N.R.P its self in the way of negative traits within a given personality. Please go to Page thevikingrunes.html. for more information on the Viking Runes.

(3)- Performing the Negativity Releasing Prayer in a prompt and correct manner. The N.R.P is a vehicle in which a person can use to both cleanse the spirit while achieving emotional balance in ones life. For more Information on the N.R.P Please go to (A)- negtivityreleaseingprayer.html. (B)- 2nrp.html. (C)- 3nrp.html. (D)- newnrp.html. (E)-5nrp.html.

(4)- Providing current or updated case reports via phone or email at the prescribed times. By doing this we can track your spell work much easier and thus keeping your over all spell on track. Sense we can't be there to see what's going on in your situation personally we need your reports to see how your situation is progressing or digressing whatever the case may be.

(5)- Avoiding conflicts at all cost with a Target if your case is anything to do with a love related spell casting or disruption spell. This is important as additional chaotic events only cause the existing spell work to work that much harder in not only reversing the harm all ready done but in reversing the new conflictual situation. This will equate into longer waits for full spell manifestation. If new conflict occur on a frequent basis this could place a spell in jeopardy of working.

(6)- Avoidance of Excessive Obsessing or Stressing Out. The proper performance of the Viking Runes and the N.R.P will greatly reduce this for a Client early on in the spell process. If this type of behavior is not placed in check it will only Slow. Stop or Reverse your spell work and so it's extremely important that we get a handle on this as quickly as possible. Again, Please be sure to read about the Viking Runes and the N.R.P concerning this issue and how these tools can be invaluable to you. (A)- 2nrp.html (B)- yourwebpage13.html.

(7)- Releasing the Spell. Releasing the spell is critical. You would simply achieve this through mental discipline and through directing your thoughts to more productive and positive things going on in your life. The quicker you can release the spell the faster it will fully manifest for you in life. The more you hang on to the issue the more things will drag out spell and situational wise. For more helpful advice on this subject please view these three pages of : (A)- releasingthespell.html. (B)- whyshouldireleasemyspell.html. and (C)- receivetheblessing.html.

(8)- Making yourself accessible to the spells influence. If your in the process of any kind of a spell casting then you must make yourself accessible to the spells influence. Please see these pages for more on spell accessibility. (A)-What You Can Expect Form Your Spell: whatcaniexpectfrommyspell.html . (B)- Accepting Responsibility For Your Spells Success: gettingrealampacceptingresponsibility.html?lc=1033 .

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