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"Spell Process And Spell Criteria"

Hello, My name is Jim Morgan and thank you all for taking the time to read this page. I'd like to speak on the subjects of (Spell process and Criteria). Other aspects of these two subjects can also be found clearly posted on not only this site but the Blood Love And Lust Spells site as well. Let me first start off by saying that this spell process isn't a joke. It isn't theatrical or in place for those of you who wish to be amused.

The spell criteria is dephonetly not a joke and shouldn't be played with unless you have a great desire to screw up your own life. When a person or persons inquire within about spell work with us they should know that this site is unlike any other site that they've ever been to. We are so different from most other magick sites it's not even funny. For starters we address Clients entire situation both Spiritually and physiologically while maintaining a close working relationship with the Client pertaining to our additional services such as the Spiritual Counseling.

Crisis Hot Line and Free Booster. Recast etc. You can read more on the site about the spell castings and the other additional free services that come along with them. Today, I just want to offer everyone a warning concerning what a Client can expect regarding spell work and what is expected of the Client from Divinity and ourselves. Once you begin to read the site you will see that we offer a host of services not only to guide and educate the Client but to maintain 24/7 contact support.

It is crucial for anyone considering magical work with us to understand how this all works so here goes. We are Spell Casters. We are your best friends. We are Guides and Teachers that will stay with you throughout the entire spell process yielding Good and Solid advice. We will do our part but you must do yours in turn.

Unlike other magical systems and or sites we won't be sending you any locket. talismans. amulets or anything else however we will be giving you the keys to spell success. Unlike most sites we are not self-proclaimed Gods and won't guarantee you anything other then the fact that we will perform your spell to the best of our ability while utilizing every facet of our magical capabilities toward your case.

You must realize that even though we are gifted Individuals or magically endowed we are still human beings and have certain restrictions concerning the manifestation of any spell. In fact we are subjugated to the same universal laws that you are. More so with us as we are held ten times more responsible and or held accountable then you as a result of our higher knowledge of right and wrong not to mention Universal principles etc.

Here's the deal. We educate the Client in the areas of Spell Criteria. Viking Runes and N.R.P. We write up your spell up in the way of telling Divinity that you are the best thing since white bread. We make you look very righteous in their eyes. We not only write a spell up in this way but also word it in the most aggressive way that we can geared for speed and result. Then we perform the spell with great skill and effort. We then advise you of this fact.

Our job is to walk your through this entire process while educating you before. along the way and after the work is done. Again, there is allot to this spell process that you can read under the spell section posted on Dragon Spells and Blood Love And Lust Spells at: and You may also look at the spell previews on School Of The Advanced Magical Arts at:

Now, with all this being said above please allow me to explain exactly what is needed from you the Client. At the beginning of the process and after we have read your situational history along with the letter of instruction. After we have negotiated the spell or spell package.

And lastly after you have sent your package into us and we have received it along with payment we then set up a phone call date to perform a Viking Rune inturptation that will eventually be incorporated into the Negativity Releasing Prayer and or meditation that you intern will be performing.

The Viking Runes and N.R.P are tools in which we use to invoke longevity. quickness and strength of your spell work thus it must be PERFORMED to the letter in order to have any hopes of spell success. Remember that we walk you through this whole process making it very Client friendly so don't become overwhelmed and start thinking that you are going to have trouble with this aspect of process and or that you are incapable of doing it.

These tools make a Hugh difference in a Clients spell work for these following reasons: Thus process builds a working repore between Divinity and the Client. It Spiritually and physiologically grounds the Client. It allows the Client to look within to change the Negatives about their personality that have been solely responsible for closing the doors of love and financial success to them for years.

Over all this aspect of process makes you worthy for spell granting by making you into a better person. You will be changing old and negative ways of acting out on any given situation and diverting those negative energies into positive actions that will be beneficial to all.

There are other far reaching benefits to performing this area of spell process. Should you come in for your spell work with us I will explain more in depth regarding this area of interest. After these processes are completed above Divinity will leave us as we have no more to tell or ask of them. The next spell movement is in the way that Divinity moves toward the Client watching to see if that Client is making good on the promises made during the Rune and Negative Releasing meditation.

The N.R.P and the Viking Runes are all about self change to the positive and is similar to making a set of new year resolutions etc. If the Client doesn't think it important to perform the N.R.P or the Viking Runes then the spell won't work. If the Client mis uses these spell tools to check in on the Target then the spell will not work or will work very slowly. If I catch a person engaging in this activity their spell case will be terminated immediately without refund simply because these tools (WERE NOT) met to be used in this way. It causes great harm to the Client's case.

Following Instructions. As I mentioned above: (This Isn't A Game) in which you can do anything you want. This isn't something that you mess with and expect no adverse effects to come back latter on down the road. If you don't perform the Viking Runes or the N.R.P then your spell won't work. If you go against our advice your spell could in fact reverse on you. If you break your promises to Divinity then what was given (WILL BE TAKEN BACK) from you as quickly as it came.

If you intentionally cause harm or chaos in your situation or obsess continually and excessively against our advice your spell will be very slow in manifesting or will not manifest for a very long time over all. If you miss-represent your case and or lie about any part of it Divinity will know the truth and you will pay the price. So in essence once Divinity leaves us after doing our part Divinity is with you . It's not between you and us any longer concerning spell success.

However we will stay with and do everything that we can for you. We'll continue to teach and guide you however we can't force you to stay within the Divine guidelines. This is something that is on you solely. This is your responsibility that will determine to if your spell is a success or not.

This magical process is about creating miracles in a person's life however we must give Divinity what they want and or expect from us as nothing is free in Heaven or Earth. If your intentions are for love. better finances or even health matters then be prepared to make sacrifices of the spirit. In other words be prepared to give up things that harm you and receive Heavenly gifts in return. I hope this has helped everyone understand this magical system a little better.

You can never again invest time and money into anything else in life that would be more worthy then this. This is something if performed correctly can take you throughout the rest of your life while making it a more prosperous and fulfilling journey. If you have any questions about this page. site or ourselves please inquire within.

Sincerely,Jim Morgan

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