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For those of you who are planning to purchase a spell or have all ready purchased a spell action PLEASE read this page carefully. I have spent thousands of hours and put much effort into the writing of my sites while trying to make them very easy for the Novas to read and understand. Knowledge is power after all. However despite all my efforts SOME of you out are not taking advantage of the spell information provided within the pages of Dragon Spells LLC. School Of The High Magical Arts and Spells And Magic Casting Services. By not utilizing this information one is consequently and purposely placing ones self in the dark concerning their spell work and thus decreasing their chances of spell success and this isn't any good for anyone on either end. Spells by nature are prayers from Humanity to the Divine that ask this Divine Nature for favors and or Miracles if you will. Of course we as Wizards and Enchantresses can only ask something for a Client however we can't force this prayer into the reality for a Client nor ourselves.

(1)-The limit of our magical skill is through Divine Communication and mental and physical spell work. (2)- We stay with the Client while guiding that person through the spells criteria and or keeping them within the spells guidelines to which can be found in the Negativity Releasing Prayer. (3)- We try to assist the Client in the way of suggesting positive things to say and do in a effort to better their over all situation in life no matter what the current problem might be. We cast spells in a very ancient and complex way. We really bend over backwards and go far above and beyond the call of duty in a effort to help the Client in any way we can. This is what we do in life. This is our part in the spell process no more and no less. For the most part Clients are pretty good about following instructions but again on the other hand there are a few out there that don't listen to instructions- then when their spells work slowly or not at all. These are just a few out of thousands of happy and satisfied Clients however they always tend to point a finger at us or any other person or practitioner when they don't get their way. These are the very ones that don't take the time to read the sites or listen to the instructions of their personally assigned Counselors.

What am I trying to say here you might be asking yourselves. Answer is: (READ THE SITE). BE INFORMED. ACQUIRE KNOWLEDGE. DON'T BE LOST. We offer the best magical and support services in the world verses any other magic site on the net today. I've been on the air for five years now and haven't seen any other sites that offer what I offer to the general public at large. I probably never will. Were a Honest. Trust Worthy and Respectable site that really enjoys helping out those in need however it would be much easier for us to continue on if everyone would take the time to read the sites thus making less work for us. We don't mind answering your questions as long as your not repeddive. We don't like answering questions all ready posted on the sites over and over again. Think about this for a second: What if you had to answer the same questions over and over again for five years especially when you have vested thousands of hours in the posting these same questions and answers clearly on your sites.

Once we perform a certain spell then it is up to the Client to know the guidelines and to follow them. It's not up to us to force a Client into working together with their spell action. We are here to perform spell work and not here to force a person into acting correctly or to offer them guarantees. How can we grantee what a person might do or how they are going to react during the spell process to any given situation.

Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows Blood Love And Lust Spells Business E-Mail Address: Business Contact Telephone # 208-714-4348

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