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Oh gracious and Holy Ones I (NAME) your Servant stands here in the midst of Heavens light while knowing that the eyes of Angels are focused on my plight and that the darkness that exist in the darkest reaches of my lonely nights overwhelms me. My heart is filled with draining sorrows and regrets without end.

My vision is blurred from the many tears that have fallen upon deafened ears to my cause. I am lost and feel betrayed and know not where to turn. My love is gone forever yet I know that I am not alone for Heavens grace is around and within me. I pray to Thee Glorious Angels sitting upon Heavenly thrones please see and know the pain of loss that i now feel and that this is more then i can handle or can deal with.

Hear my heart breaking and see my Soul slowly dieing away for (NAME) is my life and the reason for my happiness in this life yet they have been taken from me because of my sinful ways. Forsake me not Holy and Nameless Ones for i am only a simple Creature of creation who is in need of your Devine mercy and protection. Please recognize that I am now asking you to pass this bitter experience from my life thus restoring it back to the more blissful times of my youth.

Let not the Angels of Torment reside within my dwelling place or heart for i am dieing of mind and body day by day. My nights are filled with fleeting dreams of better times but then I awake to the harsh reaility of unbearable loss and deprivation of the Spirit when I realize that my Love is now gone from me.

My shame and tormented existence runs deep in these days of late. My mind is all consumed with the passing of happier times while looking at the empty space beside me and feeling the coolness of a loveless enviorment. I only see ghostly glimpses of (NAME) in my mind now and miss their warm touch.

I am left with the mournful reflections of songs, plays and movies we once shared. I yearn to relive these moments once more in my life a second chance I ask of thee now. My life is empty without rhyme or reason for the one I love is gone from me to parts i do not know and in places I can not go for i am bound and tied to this fate and can not flee from it without your help.

See and know I (NAME) and feel compassion for me. Bestow your mercy back to my life I beg Thee. Yield your forgiveness unto me for I am only a child in a strange and wicket world who only seeks the ways of light and the righteousness of your teachings. For I am likened to a small Sparrow lost in the raging storm without direction or safe haven.

I am the Wonderer walking down a endless road contemplating will I ever find happiness again or is it lost to me for all time. Fill the heart of this lonely Creature with your peace and love and send me your blessings for who do I have now but you. Restore my life in your Devine ways and let not the ways of a evil world prevail against me for i have seen the errors of my ways.

I am now a changed person inside and out forever more for who can witness the face and the touch of God and be untouched by it. I vow to serve you all the days of my life and promise to go wherever you shall lead me unto the day of my death Amen.

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