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Most people will surmise, that to become a Wizard of the arts, all they would have to do is acquire a text or two and perhaps invest a couple of months of their lives into this endeavor, as so many others do these days, to become a "Master of the Arts" or a wanna be Wizard of sorts. However, this journey isn't easy, as it's not even remotely close to being like the movie," Harry Potter and the Sorceress stone." This path is quite serious in nature, and full of trials by fire, pain and loss, as one tends to find this out, as time goes on, if they resist the soundings of Divinity.

An individual will also find out, that this road is a lonely and hard road to walk. Because it will separate you from all that you hold dear in this life, such as family, friends, and lovers ect. You will, in the end, stand in the midst of ten thousand strong and still be alone. For no one will understand the places in which you travel or speak of, thus, they will fear you. If a person should decide to take this road of enlightenment, despite this warning above, then so be it. This is what a person can expect. Firstly, a person would have to be called by Divinity to this level of existence. This will happen for any dedicated and disciplined person true of heart, that stays the course of prayer and self growth.

Then a person is called on by the powers that be, to confront the beast that dwell within the very recesses of their soul. One must then, rid themselves of these deadly things. "For no dark thing can survive in the light of righteousness." Then comes the years of researching. Researching of the many faiths and religious systems. A person, in the end, must place all this together, and know Heavens true nature, not the human beings blinded conception or perceptions of Heaven.

Often times I hear people asking me if I'd consider teaching them the magical arts. I really don't know what to say to these curious souls. I feel in a way, that their not completely aware of what their asking me to do for them, or what's involved with a journey of this nature. Most people have a hard time dedicating themselves to anything over the weekend, let alone to devote their entire life to this path. Then, rebuke all that is of the fleshly world, in the interests of a spiritual pursuit, of knowledge and growth such as this.

A person must also understand, a certain criteria must be met first before continuing on into this path. If not, events in life will become very chaotic for them, and may even cause death for the weak of heart. Let me explain it to you in this way. There isn't anything free in Heaven nor Earth as the Seekers of this world must pay as they go. Sometimes we pay very little. Other times we pay out everything that we have, as this is a all encompassing endeavor, that can either lead to our total salvation and eternal life or to our uttermost destruction and eternal death.

Therefore, stoop not down into dark and splendid places. Dwell not therein with evil things of the unseen places, least you be lost forevermore beyond heavens grace. In my life, I suffered poverty, illness, strife, chaos and the loss of many things due to the lack of understanding. All that I held true, ment nothing to me after awhile, and things I held in low esteem, meant everything to me in the end, after I began to see things as they really were. My views of everything were changed radically, as was the way in which I reacted to certain situations. My own perception of myself changed, as I was no longer permitted to display such negative emotions as greed, lust, ego, or self righteousness, and so fourth. I was truly born again! In the sense that, I understood that in this new life, I am accountable for my actions or deeds ten fold to the Divine force around me. More so then the average man.

In short, if a person wishes to walk this path, then shall they live and become a part of the divine order, serving it and not themselves. Again, if a person strives to become a "Master of the Arts," then that person should prepare themselves to fall away from the world. For there exist no room for petty humanistic pursuits. Only prayer and devotion to they in which you would serve. Your faith will be required, and your strength will be given, as the unseen world begins to manifest itself unto you. If you serve Heaven well, then shall they serve you well. As bolts of lighting will protect you and the rotations of the great planets shall lull you to sleep.

Angels shall teach you the essence of life, and Souls shall converse secrets of creation and places. Dragons shall guard you in your sleep, and walk with you in your long journeys. At the same time shall they lead you to untold wealth and love. If you, the inspiring Wizard or High Sorceress, strive to improve yourselves in the ways of light, knowledge, and truth, then yours is the kingdom of Divinity. No man shall put you under as Angels raise you, in the end, over and through this vale of tears.


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