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Let The Winds Of Heaven Dance Between The Two

When a relationship becomes very sick and unstable professional help is suggested along with the willingness to change on both sides as mentioned above however other necessary actions are required as well. Infidelity occurs as a result of the relationship breaking down in the ways of constructive communication.

selfishness. one sided views. stubbornness and as a result of listening to half baked advice given by very unqualified persons who don't have a clue as to what is really going on in your life other then what you tell them. It's also not so much the other woman or man coming onto the scene as much as it is the trouble unfolding in the relationship year after year.

Arriving Suitors would be just the by-product of the disintegrating relationship as either one or both parties in the union have given up on the marriage and or union thus starting the detaching process and becoming more and more receptive to approaching suitors. In other words they have tried everything to save the union with no success in sight.

One or both in the existing but diminishing relationship have become so dismayed and depressed over the relationship that they would rather be dead then to have to endure one more day of torment. People aren't programmed for misery but to seek happiness and joy in their lives.

Other things that sabotage a relationship are jealousy. ego. possessiveness. domineering attudes and self righteousness. It's ok to love someone but not to the point of controlling them or making them miserable for the sake of ego and for moreover what other people think of them. It's ok to have good morals and values but it is not valid behavior to push and enforce your beliefs on others including your spouse.

It's ok to love someone but not to subject them to domineering attudes and or self righteousness behaviors. And lastly, It is better to give one a little privacy and freedom to breath rather then to cadge them. Jealousy is the big killer of relationships. A person stays with you because they want to and not because they have to. When a person feels that they aren't in the relationship by choice and exist there only by force then this invokes the flight response.

On the other hand when a relationship has balance to it or is built on sufficient and solid grounds then this union is one of longevity. Again, Relationships need the accentual ingredient of Divinity and its holy laws to be successful. Most folks can obtain this by simply going to church but again Divinity has many halls in both Heaven and Earth.

Divinity will speak to you anytime or anywhere. Secondly unions need to maintain mutual respect and trust. A willingness to work on the union daily and to not become complacent or bored with one another in day to day living.

To work things out and to unite against the world and its chaotic ways. It is accentual that both persons become interactive in this process and to maintain a close working relationship with the Divine while under taking this life journey. For one to try and one to fly only means that relationship will surely die.

It's a group effort. Remember it is a three party dance that is being scrutinized by both Heaven and Earth. If your in a good solid relationship a word of warning. Don't take it for granted and be ever watchful to ensure that your love for each other stays strong and that your ever growing relationship stays healthy.

Remembers this: If your union becomes ill to the point of rotting then know that Predators are on the prowl waiting to clean up the mess.

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