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As I sit here leaning up against a shady oak tree in a field of green by the river running clean and slow do I ponder the years of a life gone by as the Angel of death looms ever so closely over head in a beautiful arrayed light.

As I envision all my regrets and achievements alike and the early tormented experiences of my Soul do I wonder to what avail did my life serve in this vast wide Universe now that it so quickly draws to its final end.

Iv sat with Kings and slept with Beggars yet still more questions prevail upon me then answers as the hunger for knowledge still engulfs and consumes me eternally even now in my last moments. Though I see clearly back to the beginning and know the origins of most things am I still shaken at the evil of my race and the coldness of our existence.

To what purpose did the evil of my heart serve in those early years of my youth I ask myself. Moreover can my sins and transgressions be forgiven against past foes even with the passing of millenniums.

Can the rest of my short existence atone for my vicious acts against the human race and will I be forgiven for my blasphemies against the whole of creation. Will my penance be accepted by the most high or shall I be looked upon as unsavable and treacherous while the gates of Hell yearn, await and open wide to consume my weary spirit upon the immediate departure from this world.

Will my good deeds count and prevail against the judgment that awaits me with its scales? or shall judgments wrath rage against my lost and eternal Soul?. For many lives I have saved in good standing with me yet many more enemies have fallen subject to my wrathful sword.

Time waits not for me any longer and life's choices and options now flee from me and thus even though I have many friends and live in a modern time of technology none can save me now. Not even my own holy conjurations are heard past my dieing breath as all in Heaven have turned a deaf ear to my beckoning's for five minutes more.

Twelve breaths from Deaths poison drop from the tip of a dagger am I left with. I have nothing now but the hope in Divinities mercy for my retched soul and the faith in them for salvation may be dealt to me so that I may take my place amongst the Angels in Heaven and not sleep forever more in wormy earth until my essence is not even the substance of dust.

As I fade out into blackness with the knowledge that iv done the best that I could with what I was given in life am I pulled from the darkness into the light of Gods love by his holy Angels who have come to guide me to the better place and away from all earthly pain and desire. For my heart in the end was singing love and tolerance and had forgotten the melody to hate.

James Richard Morgan II

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