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Choosing Your Divinity

No matter If you choose to practice as a solitary right off the bat or are perhaps coming out of a group then this is something that you should take a great care doing as Divinity over all will be with you for life and eternity. Usually, The Practitioner doesn't pick out the Divinity so much as the Divinity chooses the Practitioner; however, it helps the process to move along much faster when a practicing person actively moves through the text attempting to choose certain parts of Divinity that will seemingly or eventually jump off the page at them after reading over their name or names.

It's extremely important here to listen to that little voice inside you as it will lead you to the proper spiritual guides and teachers. Sometimes it's best to walk through a forest or quiet grave yard while pondering certain Divine Names as these are spiritually charged areas that can assist you in your process of attuning yourself with Divinity. Dreams are good vehicles in which Divinity will yield given needed information.

Here's where it gets a little tricky depending on who you are and where you've been. Some will choose a God and others will solely choose the Goddess influence yet others will include both aspects of Divine presence. Others will choose the Creator or Force Of Creation aspect that encompasses the God and Goddess influence thus forming the Trinity in conclusion.

The solitary witch like a person coming out of a given Coven may wish to keep using the Divine structure composed by others as again this is a personal chose etc. If you were engaged in a Coven that typically practiced Ritualistic Magic, then this will be the method of choice most of the time however not always. As I've stated before in the above paragraphs that many will be drawn to the darker aspects of Divinity and that this isn't necessarily a good thing for the following reasons below.

It doesn't matter what you call your Divinity be it God, Goddess, Angel, Demon, and or Dragon; as Divinity is for the most part endless energy with directive and consciousness and thus being pure energy they are subjugated to planetary influences and rotations much like the entire earth and to all those that dwell within. When people practice dark magick then what they are in essence doing would be calling of certain planetary influences in their negative cycles to which isn't beneficial to most living creatures such as ourselves.

For instance, if the seasoned Practitioner calls on the planet named after the Goddess Venus in her positive cycle to invoke love or the reinstating of love in a relationship then the positive flow of energies will in fact produce the influences of love in a given circumstance. Moreover, if that same Practitioner calls on her again in the negative cycle then this loving influence turns away from beneficial to detrimental and will break a union up. When a Practitioner continually invokes the dark side of a planetary influences while at the same time disregarding its positive flow then this usually results in karmic trouble big time.

In fact the Negative Practitioner will find that over time that not only are the spells Not working on their intended targets, but are furthermore bouncing back on them in life especially if the offerings are lacking or found wanting of Divinity. To place this into clear perspective for you the viewer, I will compare this to a person that fills up a boat with water but fails in turning on the water pump that removes the incoming flow of water. The boat sinks as a result and this is why most Negative Practitioners remain physically sick from a life filled with misfortune and disaster. This in turn, causes early demise in most cases if not all cases.

The dark side of Divinity and its planets if used in their natural and correct course or flow will actually tend to positively create beneficial circumstance out of the very destruction of its chaos or dark cycle. However, Like anything else humanity chooses to abuse this universal law of creation and ultimately pays the price for doing so in the end. In short, don't be a damned fool by playing with things in which you know nothing about. Don't try to show everyone how evil or diabolical you are by misusing magick as you will loose in the end and They won't even remember you name.

In regards to Divinity and you, be a responsible Practitioner of the Arts, and use your knowledge of balance in all that you do as Divinity and others will thank you in the end. Magick is nothing to be played with and moreover isn't about parlor tricks or something in which one uses to impress others for the sole purpose of self-glorification. It's not a tool to get others to except or like you more so then it is a tool in which you can be a closer part to Divinity and the Master of your life circumstances. Be sure that your in magical practice for the right reasons because if not it could be disastrous.

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