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Choosing A Magical Group

Choosing a certain order of Divinity to work with can be extremely tedious and difficult for the novice or beginner and thus I strongly recommend that a person try getting into a structured group or ritualistic discipline to start off with just to make this transition a little easier. PLEASE be very careful in who your joining as many occult orders out there tend to have ulterior motives that furthermore have absolutely nothing to do with magick or Divinity so, BE SMART. Be Alert and choose carefully to save yourself a lot or time and grief.

A special note or tip: To any magical Order practicing harmful magick to bring down one or the entire human race, I would suggest just stay away or steer clear from any group like this as their negative spell castings and ideology are cutting off their nose despite their faces, as all things really do come back to you. For some reason most folks are fascinated to no end with the darker aspects of unlawful magick however they fail to understand that there are real and harsh consequences to this.

Be sure not to stoop down into darkly splendid places, as you may come face to face with your worst nightmares to which you shall not wake. Be warned and proceed with caution here. After you have found a reputable group with a legitimate ideology to study under it's a good idea to stay with this group for at least a couple of years and learn all that you can learn from them. Unfortunately, some of these groups have individuals that are on power trips or think that they know everything there is to know about the art whom moreover like to engage in gossip and brow beating.

Any order that's into or places a lot of enfaces on sexual or drug activity, stay away from these fools, as there is no place in the art or spiritual pursuit for ego, pride, or perverse sexual practices, and drugs. Please know that this type of activity profoundly offends Divinity to no end. Simple Rule: If it makes you feel uncomfortable, then leave. Don't let anyone make you do anything that makes you feel uneasy. I've found out over the years that very little can be learned from those who make a lot of noise or try to be something larger than life.

Seek out the quiet ones that seem to have a perpetual smile on their faces, and who slide in and out of the activities without even being noticed, lol. For these are the ones who have a story to tell not the one who proclaims to have a direct line to Heaven. Choosing the right group for study is very important concerning what one might want to obtain out of magical practice.

For instance, If you're into healing, then a good earth coven would be more suited to you. Earth covens typically will work with things of the Earth such as stones, herbs, oils, plants, animal magick, Totem Guides, and so fourth. Earth covens are absolutely the masters at working with the four Elemental Watchtowers and Earth Spirits. Most earth orders are peaceful loving healers who devoutly respect and love the earth in which we live. When joining a group, please be civil and respect the ranking order and laws of the group lest you make enemies and a hard way to go for yourself. Remember, your there to learn and you do this by listening and not talking.

I've personally had bad experiences in the past when I decided to look for and take on an apprentice or two to carry on with my work. Usually, what typically happened was that they would learn a few tricks of the trade that more or less quickly went to their heads, and in turn caused them fall victim to ego as a result. I can't tell you how many times a student actually approached me while stating to my face that they were so magically capable that it would be a small matter for them to over take even I with their awesome magical powers, LOL. They didn't listen to a damn thing I said or tried to teach them.

Of course I took this with a grain of salt, and practiced mercy despite their ego and the stupidity that it spawned; however they were terminated as students. Please don't do this to your Teacher least they smack you up side your head and place you in the fools corner, lol. Out of fourteen students that I actually took on for study and countless other request to learn magick from people off the net over the years I only found two people that were actually serious about learning the art. These people are still with me five and ten years later, still learning along with myself, I'm happy to report.

There are many benefits to joining a good Coven as they will introduce to to the proper times in which to invoke the Planetary's and Elementals. They can demonstrate how and when to obtain or make the magical tools that you'll need in your rites. A new Practitioner can also benefit in the fellowship factor should they reach a impasse in their studies or perhaps get stuck in the middle of a rite etc. If you choose the right group, this can be a very enlightening not to mention joyful experience full of fun and excitement.

Again, With any magical group, if something goes against your grain or doesn't seem right, then politely express this to the group Priest or Priestess then decline to do whatever it is. The Art is about growing however a person has to be somewhat at ease in doing so. Some people just aren't ready to do certain things at a given point in time.

I belonged to a group at one point time that liked to run around naked much of the time playing cowboys and Indians, however this just wasn't my thing so without passing judgment I stayed in the Coven however chose not to take part in particular activities to which wasn't a big deal to them. It was fun to watch, lol. A good Coven will understand a individuals hesitation in doing a given thing and will moreover respect that persons choice not to take part in a activity.

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