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Magical Tools Of The Art

There's been a lot of emphasis placed on magical tools such as the sword, dagger, chalice, wand, staff, pentacles, bells, iron rod, and not to mention magical clothing and jewelry however the use of all these things will often times depend on what your doing and who you are etc. In other words, it really comes down to a personal choice and what a person needs in a given rite. May I suggest that you obtain these things as you need them verses running out to the store or shopping on the IInternet and purchasing $500 to $600 or more worth of stuff that you may not even use or need especially if your a Solitary Witch.

The items listed above are in fact a few basic items that a person should have in either case of being in a Coven or in the instance solitary practice however they don't have to cost a small fortune. For instance, if a person were to walk slowly through the forest on a pleasant summers day and listened to the voices of the woodland then that Individual just might receive the gifts of a very potent staff or wand for their trouble. Bells can be found in thrift stores at next to nothing. You may craft your hexes and pentacles out of vine or sticks.

Iron rods can be something as simple a piece of rebar cut to length and swords and daggers can be replicates since you don't really need anything battle ready. Battle ready weapons can cost as little as $ 500 to $ 800 for a sword and $150 to $ 300 for battle ready knives and daggers verses the replica daggers and swords that can be bought for as little as $ 10 to $ 30 dollars. Chalices and bowls can be found in thrift stores and shopping centers in some cases at a very affordable price.

Magical clothing can be nothing more then a black or white sheet of material that you pin around yourself. Hats can be purchased at Wall Mart or K-Mart around Halloween LOL. In other words, it's not so much in what you where or use it, so much as it is what you feel inside and moreover what your connection is to the Divine Nature.

You can find a lot of cool jewelry on the net however, you can cut your cost here by simply buying pewter pieces instead of gold or silver. Some like to go all out on this stuff however in my opinion it's just a waste of time and resource. If your really crafty like me you'll end up making a lot of the stuff you use in your magical practice.

Making your own items can be more cost effective and magically potent then anything you could buy from a store. At the same anything that you can directly obtain out of nature its self has more power to it then anything manufactured etc. As mentioned above, once you either receive these magical tools or finish making them for yourself then decorate them with not only Angelic,God, and or Goddess signatures but consecrate them according to your chosen discipline. It's a good idea to keep these tools charged as well by whatever planet. This is done by simply wrapping them in a clean white cloth of some sort and storing them out of the sight and touch of others. Good books to read for entry level magick : Raymond Buckland's Complete Book Of Witchcraft ,and Silver Broomsticks by Silver Raven Wolf.

Consecrating Of Magical Tools & Garments

Once you've gathered all the magical tools needed for spell casting, you will need to consecrate these items in order to make them Ritual worthy. There are a few basic prescribed methods for both the consecrating and charging of these items, hhowever the consecration and charging of a given magical tool is primarily left up to the Practitioner to a largest extent. The consecration of magical tools basically consist of the anointing them with oil in the name or names of the Divinity your working with, along with the carving or painting of their Angelic Signatures into the side of the tool itself.

Depending on if a person is walking the right or left path would dictate in which hand a individual would use for the actual consecrating of the object in question. If your on the healing path the right hand is required and left hand if your into protection magick etc. When consecrating an object such as a wand, staff, dagger, sword, and or chalice, then virgin olive oil should be used. One shall place their Index finger center on the tool after dipping into the oil then without breaking contact move their finger upward in the northern direction of the tool in question while saying :

I consecrate Thee in the Most Holy Names, Letters, Powers, and Offices of the Most Glorious "NAME", and "NAME". Then place your same finger center on the tool after dipping it in the oil once more while moving it in a downward South direction. Say : "I consecrate Thee in the Most Holy Names, Letters, Powers, and Offices of the Most Glorious "NAME" and "NAME". I would say the best times to perform the consecration of any magical tool would be on Monday night around 10: 00 PM as this is the night of the Moon.

Concerning the Charging Of Power. Many items after being consecrated correctly, one should be magically charge their implements according to the planet and use or purpose of the tool itself. Here's where it gets a little tricky especially if your not familiar with the planets and their particular attributes or cycles. For instance if your going to charge your Crystal Ball for viewing future and past events then you would be charging it under the moon or Luna influences.

If your charging a sword or dagger for protection rites, then this should be done under the day and times of Saturn or Mars influences. If your charging a Lotus Wand then this should be on Sunday or the day of Sol and or Sun. Basically any attribute of the tool should be matched with the planetary influence in order to draw a certain universal energy etc. For instance, Moon - Healing- Water. Passion- Venus- Mars - Fire. Mercury - Resolution- Air. Earth- Material objects- Finding Lost items, and so on.

Remember also to engrave or paint the planetary signatures on the sides of these tools to further define purpose of function and will. Once you have consecrated, charged, and established the over all purpose of the tool, you should then wrap it in clean white linen and store it away in a darkened space for safe keeping. Don't let anyone handle these tools least they remove your influence and charge from the tool its self. Regarding magical clothing: Your clothing in ritual should be typically pure white or black as these are neutral colors for general spell rites. Cloaks are good for performing spells in open places during winter but can be quite hot in the summer.

Some "witchy" attire looks really good to others and for the camera however aren't practical to where in a actual spell casting because of the long flowing features of the outfit itself. Believe me when I say that there's nothing worse then trying to perform a spell and catching yourself on fire as I've seen happen in the past. Long sleeves and hoods that slip down over your entire face can cause a lot of problems when your working around numerous lit candles. Your clothing, circle, and magical tools should reflect what your doing spell wise in most cases. Let's look at working with Mars in this particular instance and what your clothing should look like. Black cloak outlined in red trim with Red Pentacle, with the signature of Mars within the red pentacle. This should be embroidered both on the front and the back of the robe.

Again, You must reflect the planet in which your working with and thus a little research is called for here. Since were putting together a outfit and or ritualistic clothing for Mars it's only right that we begin our construction of the robe or costume in the day and time of Mars. If your buying your ritualistic clothing already made, then it should be bought at the time of Mars and on the day of Mars which is Tuesday etc. If your making your own robe then it should be started at the day and time of Mars however if you start running and or entering another planetary time then your work on the clothing should stop until the Mars cycle rolls back around as you only wish for the planetary influences of Mars to be in this clothing and nothing else. If you can't or don't have the time to make seven different robes for each planetary night not to worry as we have other options.

(Velcro) LOL. Space exploration was good for something after all. Instead of embroidering the Angelic and Planetary signs and signatures on the robe permanently one could just start off with the basic black or white robe then move on to making individual patches of the angels and planets that you'd be working with. Sow a piece of velcro to the back of the patches then stick on to the robe its self. Each patch would have to be created and consecrated under the planetary influence in order to charge them. Again, do the research in finding out when each planet is in their light and dark planetary course or cycle then act accordingly in the preparation of your ritual clothing. The same goes for the creating of your magical tools. Take your time and be sure in what your doing least you find out that all your work was for nothing. This clothing along with your other magical items will be with you for a long time so construct them properly.

Should you not want a lot of magical items laying about such as ritualistic clothing or tools, then you could just make the patches to go on any type of white or black clothing and so on. Magical clothing and tools don't always have to look like ritualistic items. Stick is the wand as pole is the staff in hand. Circle in common rug powers do I band. Anything can be used for ritualistic tools and clothing with just a little imagination and creativity on your part to keep one's magical doings from the prying world however a person still would have to observe the laws of planetary influence and consecration.

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