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Book Of Shadows

Many would surmise that the book of Shadows is in some way a mystical pre-cursor to a more magical and ancient knowledge or moreover a pre-written hand book of magical spells that would initially allow One to get started in the field of magical study or practice by yielding basic or advanced ritualistic procedures etc. In reality all this book would be is nothing more then a personal diary of sorts that one uses to keep track of a given magical experiment or experiments as their tanning in magick and or mystical experiences unfold throughout time.

The book of Shadows is a tool or journal in which the practitioner keeps track of both the occurring and re-occurring paranormal events not to mention their magical progressions regarding efforts, trial, and errors. This is a textual work that only becomes as great as the author of its pages and thus this book is considered powerless in its self however should the book and the author be combined then Universal power at its peak.

It's said that the actual author of the text places energy within the empty pages of this journal by the conveyances of emotional output that is moreover transcribed into actual words written on the pages and so on. The relevance and value of the book its self depends on the Individuals comprehension of its pages and or the material found within the pages of a given journal.

In other words I could publish my entire 900 page volume or version of Shadows on the Internet and feel confident in doing so without compromising any magical secrets that may be found within the book itself. Why? Because my entire Book Of Shadows is written or transcribed in a backward and erratic code devised by myself plus the fact that I have purposely changed around the sequential sections or orders of magical format concerning subject issues etc. In other words even if someone were proficient in the magical practice of the arts it would take them years if not centuries to decipher what I was actually saying or trying to accomplish in this text.

Only I know where to find a certain something in the book. Only I can decipher the magical language that it at times may be in mixed alphabets. There isn't anything evil or diabolical regarding the jumbling up of this material however it is a method of security in keeping magical secrets safe and from falling into the wrong hands or the hands of the opposition and ritually inexperienced.

Concerning the actual magical or ritualistic compliment of information found in a given Book Of Shadows relating to magical study and or method of spell casting, I would say that even though there are basic formats to spell casting there's really not a wrong or right way to start this text off other then the development of your magical name. Sequence of Elemental Watchtowers and prayer layout.

It would in my opinion aid one greatly in starting off in a particular magical discipline such as Wicca as this will devise some sort of structured environment to follow for the first couple of years any way. However when you have learned all that a group can teach you then it's time to strike out on your own to avoid being suffocated by dogmatic behavior or teachings.

Many will find that as they move along throughout their magical studies and or tanning that Divine assistance is not far off in the way that the Ancient ones steaming from the Source Of Creation its self are ready and willing to offer and teach bits and pieces of magical information as One becomes more receptive to and open to a greater understanding of Universal secrets.

Actually you will find yourself doing certain things without even knowing why in the way you carry out a spell only to find out years latter that this same action was a prescribed way of spell casting found in some of the more advanced magical text unbeknownst to you at the time and so fourth. Diaries. Journals and or what is generally known as a Book Of Shadows in magick circles have been used sense the dawning of time to help or assisted the Wizard or Witch in their pursuits of magick and practice and thus it is a very old concept or practice to have one laying about especially when engaged in the arts of spell casting.

One also has to realize that the magical journey is not one to be shared as it causes various metamorphoses to occur in a persons life depending on where a individual started off and so on. Remember this is a personal diary in which you are placing into words your most profound secrets magical techniques and otherwise. One should be extremely careful in who they permit to either touch or look within this journal as today's friend might be tomorrows Enemy.

In short. One has to accept the harsh fact or reality that allot of jealousy and envy exist within the arts and moreover there's always a power play going on much of the time in most covens. Their will be many that try to approach and or get close to you only to obtain the secrets of your journal so that they may use your hard work against you and others. You should never reveal your magical name to Anyone be they great or small as they shall obtain and conjure against you with it to your demise.

This is the secret name that you devise and moreover that only Divinity knows you by and receives your spells through should be kept in the utmost secrecy as this is the most potent thing that others will also use to conjure harm against you with. If you freely give this name away then this is likened to giving the world the keys to your front door or moreover the door to your very essence of Spirit.

Remember even the best of us have been corrupted by power and greed and thus even the Saints have fallen under evil the influence at times so keep you secrets Safe. Guarded and Hidden away. Guard it with your life if need be least your destruction loom over you from others who only seek your destruction for whatever reason.

The text found in this book of shadows can become so potent that one may even wish to order its destruction upon Ones death least it fall into the wrong hands and the many use it to control your very Soul for so long as they possess it. You can have a lot of fun with your book of shadows in the way of adding pictures, diagrams, altar set ups, and prayer lay outs.

You can become proficient in numerous and or various ancient alphabets even to the point of designing your own magical alphabet or alphabets in which to log down your experiences as I've done in the past. The book of shadows doesn't have to be a hum drum journal by any means as one can use it as a doorway to express endless ideas of creativity and or self-expression.

The more personalized it becomes the more connected it becomes to you the Author and creator of this one of a kind book of adventurous journey. As you read about other styles of art or what others have to say about various practices you will over time develop your own system of art that works best for you. Of course your going to screw up in spell castings and suffer the adverse effects as we have all done in the beginning but keep going and don't give up. Just expect things like this to happen as this is they way we all learn, lol.

You live and learn and know that this is just part of the adventure. I myself researched magical practice for two to three years before I even considered casting a spell for myself or others just so I wouldn't mess anything up however I did on many occasions lol. Paid the price for it too, but like I said, you live and learn. This is the main purpose of the book of shadows so you can log this stuff down to ensure you remember what works and what doesn't.

The practice of keeping a active book of shadows also aids one in their working relationship with Divinity as it act as a vehicle in which they do tend to communicate with you on a personal level. A person doesn't have to limit their book of shadows to magical theory or practice as you can also expand into other areas of occult study and practice such as the areas of Tarot, alchemy,and doll craft.

Star craft, and numerous other cool areas of research to mention here. The sky is the limit really. Incidentally, your book of shadows doesn't have to be a particular type of book found in a occult shop as it can be any thing ranging from a note pad from Wall Mart to a rather large office type journal found in a office supply store however I would recommend that you get something large enough to last you for a life time of notes lol.

Most people usually found out over time that they will need to constantly revise their belief system or methods of magical practice as the longer your casting spells the more advanced and or proficient you will become. You will find that you are continually out growing your previous beliefs and or ways of practicing you particular form of art however not to worry, as this is perfectly natural.

Your growing, in short. Often times is the case that when one looks back on their original concepts and belief system or practices they become a little embarrassed at the out out-datedness of it all, hee hee hee. Happens to me all the time damn it, lol. Perfectly natural process so again don't worry as your growing mentally and spiritually. If your weren't undergoing this changing of view and practice then you would have cause to freak out as this would be saying that you haven't learned anything past the point of your starting date.

It's also a good idea to decorate the outside of your shadow book with some form of Deity signatures and furthermore to consecrate this book in Their most holy names as this should and will protect the book its self from prying eyes and falling into the wrong hands. There's not much more to say regarding the subject of Shadows other then have lots of fun in your magical pursuit and be sure to keep a record of everything that you theorize on and try.

Keep records of your dreams especially, as Divinity will tend to speak to you through this medium. You may even wish to take up the study of dream interpretation this will turn out to be a invaluable tool in which you can use in your over all studies throughout the years.

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