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Altar Setups

Creating Altars and Altar Setups, Altars can be as large as 20 foot around or as small as something that will fit on your dining room table. They can be stationary or portable according to ones lifestyle. Altars are as individual as the people using them. Altars constitutes many or numerous setups or layouts depending on what a person is doing magically. Altars rarely have just one specific purpose and are used for many different things such as acting in the capacity of a common table for lunch to something in which performs huge ritualistic spell castings. The Altar can be a simple piece of cloth.

A wood or cement structure built in the forest or a persons backyard. Altars for the most part are a place that One goes to establish a point of communication between Divinity and themselves. A Holy place in which one can obtain spiritual refuge and answers to spiritual questions. A place in which one can assist self and others through the casting of spells or prayers by changing the wrongs of the world into right. The Altar can exist in your heart of hearts that intern eludes the physical and or tangible world. Your Altar is the link between you and the rest of creation.

Now that we've established what the altar is, we can move on in the basic setup of the altar. If you believe in the duality of the Goddess and God then two purple candles should be placed at the front of your altar a bit higher then any of the other candles you have on your altar. These candles should have the Names and signatures of the God and Goddess written into them with a sharp implement of some kind.

Upon doing this the practitioner should consecrate these particular candles with virgin olive oil in the holy names and signatures written therein. If you believe in the Trinity concept then a Purple "Creation" candle needs to be placed slightly higher over the Goddess and God candles with the appropriate signature and name or names written into it.

The placement of the Elemental candles will depend on the particular discipline that the Practitioner is observing or following. The Elemental candles should all be equal in height and placed slightly lower then the Higher purple Divinity Duality or Trinity candles for ranking and respect purposes. Each Elemental candle must be marked with the Angelic and Elemental Signature. Names. Then consecrated accordingly. To make this a lot easier for you and or a lot less complicated I'm going to explain to you how I personally set up my altar on occasion.

Let's start off with the candle colors and station first: (1)- Purple: Spirit or Spiritus: North. (2)- Dark Green: Earth or Nanta: East. (3)- Light Blue: Air or Exarp: Southeast. (4)- Red: Fire or Bitom: Southwest. (5)- Dark Blue: Water or Hcoma: West. Ok, Lets move to the corresponding Angelic Host for the Elemental candle stations. (1)-Spiritus: Jehovah Tetragrammaton. Goddess Diana. God Pan Lucifer. (2)- Nanta: Mettatron. Sandalphon. Orifiel. Meechalel. (3)-Exarp: Gahbrayalel and Dobbiel. (4)- Bitom: Uriel and Tartarus. (5)- Hcoma: Rahfayalel. Manakel. Ariel. When at Each of these stations the proper invoking should be executed.

Concerning the censers and day candles. Place your day candles one right and one left of the altar. These candles are simply to read by and don't really have any symbolic meaning to them. The censer should be placed center of the altar set up. The beginning of the rite invoking of the Elementals are always clockwise and the banishing or releasing of the Elementals are always released counter-clockwise.

In other magical disciplines the Elemental line up is a bit different such as wind being in the west and water in the east however most will generally follow this particular setup. Another altar setup for instance would be in the way that you place Spirit Center. Earth in the North. Wind in the East. Fire in the South and Water in the West. This resembles not the crucifix but the four cardinal pointed Elemental cross with spirit center drawing the remaining four Watchtowers to it. Read on this subject. Experiment, learn, and place into practice the knowledge obtained.

Casting A Circle

What are Circles for? How should one be laid out? Let me first say that Circles are good things LOL. A needed thing. A crucial thing especially when it comes to casting spells for self or others. The Circle is the area of not only protection but a dedicated and holy place or ground around your altar in which you may work safely.

The Universe is a big place consisting of every spiritual being under the moon and stars and thus it only stands to reason that someone out there may not like you or the fact you have awakened them from a really long astral nap, lol. The properly laid circle can and will protect you from their magical mischief and or little white lies as they won't be permitted to enter therein or to touch you in any way.

The magical circle is by far one of the most magically important tool that you'll ever have as to enter into a rite without one is likened to entering into battle without a weapon or shield and thus the circle is your magical sword and shield against those who would folly against you.

Magical circles are cast with chalk and salt clockwise with a double lined band between each wide band. The wide bands are typically three times in number around with the names of certain Gods. Goddesses and Angels in a ascending manner. You may consecrate the circle with oil, incense, salt, and water or a combination of all four.

Again, The magical circle can be as large as 30 to 90 foot around or a small as nine feet in radius depending on the Practitioner and what their trying to accomplish in whatever area etc. The Circle of Art is also a good perimeter or boundary to the Practitioner in the way that they can view these boundaries throughout the rite to ensure that they stay within the safe zone via gauging their position against the white chalk laid lines etc.

This is extremely helpful at night believe me. At the end or completion of a rite likened to the releasing of the Watchtowers the Circle of art should also be released in a counter clockwise manner. Do yourself a favor a read up on this. Learn, memorize, and place into practice the knowledge obtained and you will that yourself for this over and over as time goes on.

Invoking The Watchtowers & Ritual Conduct

When invoking or conjuring the the higher Thrones of Divinity and their Elemental Watchtowers, please practice pleasant callings and the highest degree of Respect least you offend someone that you later wished you hadn't. These are real Presences who really see and hear everything you do in the midst of a rite that moreover can be offended with a off word or action so mind what you are doing within the process of a spell casting or you'll live to regret it.

It's a good idea not to fool around with others or swear in the circle of art. Don't run in and out of the circle because you keep forgetting something and last but not least Don't turn your back to Divinity any more then is absolutely needed. Act like your in the presence of the Highest King and Queen in the Universe because You Are. Don't do anything that you wouldn't do in front of the King or Queen of England or any other world Leader.

Another helpful tip that will assist you greatly and that is in saying, Be prepared for your rite by studying, rehearsing, and memorizing everything that your going to be doing before hand in your ritual so there won't be any surprises or confusion while performing your spell. Make a check list to be sure you have everything your going to be needing before entering into the circle for the last time and before your casting begins so you won't have to leave during the ritual at anytime.

Think about what your asking for, and in the way you going to ask for it. Remember that everything that you think and say is being heard so keep your thoughts on the task at hand and your words meaningful and pure. Disaster is permitting yourself to enter into any kind of ritualistic rite while having your mind on other no so important things.

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