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Before the Practitioner enters therein to the circle of art many things need to occur in the areas of Mind. Body and Spirit to avoid spiritual attack or demonic intrusion. The mind must be focused and directed with a clarity of purpose towards the impending action. The Body must be healthy or fit enough to endure the freak happenings of spiritual influences during a given rite. The Spirit must be strong with clarity of purpose and conviction for the way is shut to the weak of heart. To enter a magical rite without these things would be utter madness to say the least because instead of being a force to be reckoned with the ill prepared Magician would be looked at as the lowest thing on the food chain and thus consumed entirely.

if the Wizard or Enchantress enters into the circle of art Confused. Angry. Scared or Depressed then this is only inviting disaster as all manner of Specter. Ghost. Ghoul and Demon stand at the gate East of the Circle wishing to take advantage of the weakened mind and soul of the Practitioner. When One Conjures to the world of the unseen All shall be drawn likened to a moth to flame and this is why it's so important to recognize and observe the 5 steps to spell casting. (1)-Salt Bathing thus purifying the flesh. (2)- Meditation Of Purpose and will. (3)-Cleansing of Mind and Spirit absolving Ones self of sin. (4)-Taking Great care in Preparing your Spell. Altar and Circle setups or lay outs. (5)-Taking care not to offend any in the spiritual realm.

Divinity not to mention the rest of Creation will know the Magicians heart no matter how hard a person tries to conceal it. If a person steps into the sacred place with an evil heart not to mention dire ill intention toward others without justification then that person will suffer Divine wrath as they have proclaimed to the Heavens that they are a agent of unjustified harm and destruction to the whole of Creation. On the darker side should a person enter into a rite with emotions such as Anger. Depression and Confusion and moreover failing to take the time in laying the circle of protection then all manner of negative spirit will be drawn to the Magician becoming stronger to eventually break the weakened space of safety. This will intern allow and enable them to reach across time and space to touch Ones Soul.

To have such undesirables within this space would be likened to running through a brambled forest at night Blind. Bloody in pain and Confused. It is not in the spiritual nature of things to hate or love however they do have sense of directed goal and purpose. Certain Entities were created for destruction only upon the earth however through their destructive chaos comes positive and constructive change such as you would experience with a rain storm. Without the storm the green things of the Earth would fail to survive. To permit destructive Forces into the circle would be the destructive side of the Storm without its benefit of the rain. Destruction would occur without ever having leaving a pathway for growth. In short not only with the casting not work but could Adversely effect the Prosperity. Health and over all life of the Practitioner in a negative way.

Presuming that everything is set up and laid out correctly for spell casting the Practitioner or Magician would do well to observe the Astrological Days and Times of casting concerning the positive and negative planetary spins or cycles as this will determine spell failure or success. For Instance: Should the Magician be performing a spell for love while calling on the influences of Venus with a side order of health from the Angel Rahfayalel and for some reason they confused the days of calling by performing the spell on Tuesday the day of Mars instead of on Friday the day of Venus. Not only would the love spell turn into a spell to break someone up but would be looked upon by Divinity as Baneful or harmful magick and thus opening the Magician up to Karmic Retribution.

It doesn't stop there as the Healing Angel of Rahfayalel would also be in his dark cycle thus instead of bringing health to whomever he would bring illness instead. Thus It is beneficial to the Magician to know his or her planetary Days. Times for spell ritual. Ok, Let's speak on Offerings for a bit. When we think of offerings were thinking gifts to Divinity right? This is true in a way however it really goes much deeper then this in all actuality as these gifts of stone and herb when combined are pretty much composing a chemical makeup especially when burnt together in a spell fire that intern cause them to become a vaporous release into the environment.

What were really talking about here is higher and or lesser forms of Alchemy that have the capacity to draw planetary influence to us in rite. This is like magnetism in a way as were creating a mixture of viperous energy that coincides with the energy that perhaps a given planet is putting out at the time or that a certain planet needs or is drawn to for whatever reason. I'm sure you've heard the term Drawing down the Moon etc. Another point that I'd like to reiterate at this time and that has been mentioned on other pages: Your clothing and magical tools if charged and marked correctly would be a form of alchemy that can greatly assist the Magician in drawing a certain influence from a particular planet and the Angelic Host therein.

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