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Determining Lawful From Unlawful Magick

Your Intentions and in the way you actually carry out or perform a spell will determine what is lawful, or unlawful in a ritualistic rite. The first rule of casting a spell would be in the way that you the caster must be clean of mind and spirit before entering in to the circle of art. Entering into a rite with a clouded mind is definitely not a good thing and can be detrimental to not only the physical well being of the Caster but to the over all casting its self. A Practitioner must be right in the requesting of anything be it for health, finances, love relationships, or affairs of Justice. In other words, enter into your circle with a justified cause in hand and with the best intentions in your heart but not in thinking that your go into a spell to pull something over on Divinity.

When in a rite or during a spell casting a person should realize that they are in the midst of Absolute Heavenly Authority and thus it's not advantages for one to be pointing a sword in any given direction or further making demands or trying to command a Spirit under the threat of eternal damnation and so on. You may get away with this once and or maybe several times however the first time you fail to seal your circle correctly or mis-word a given invoking please know that Those in which you previously used sword or harsh invoking against will be there to both breach your circle and moreover to repay the favor of torment eternal back to you.

I know pointing a sword at someone or something really makes allot of folks out there feel very much in control however if the truth be known, no human is really in control of anything of a Heavenly Nature. EGO will only serve to destroy the magician in the end, so be sure you leave this false courage outside of your circle next to your shoes as there's no place for it in the magical world. A good way to separate good magical practice from unlawful magick would be in the way that whatever you do or say should be for the good of all concerned and not just for the one.

In cases of magical defense, a person should temper their request for justice with mercy as this is viewed by Divinity to be the true mark of the seasoned Wizard or Enchantress. Anyone can learn a protection spell then use it to wreak havoc in another's life just to satisfy their anger, but only the magically evolved will use the power of spells to correct or protect a certain situation or person in dose. In other words, it's ok to defend yourself in the case of magical combat or even against another non-magical person who has caused you trouble without end, however, it's not ok to be vindictive or malicious just because you can.

Remember that you are nothing in yourself and that Divinity is always working through us thus everything not only goes through Them, but is granted by Them in our lives. Another thing you might remember: Divinity lives within all of us including the person or persons we are casting for or against. Be Justified. Be Merciful. Be ethical and correct in your request and actions, and avoid the brambled path awaiting those who violate these principles. Avoid parlor tricks least you invoke Divinities anger for magick is nothing to folly with. In short, don't call upon the Forces Of Heaven and Under World least you have great need of Them as They will come to you seeking reward in blood.

Know the times of calling and planet rotations least you make a mistake in calling for love but inviting destruction upon yourself or another. Ignorance is no excuse when practicing magick as it has real and long reaching repercussions to the unaware. Again, know who it is that your calling and moreover call the Spirits by name so that another doesn't come in Their place reeking chaos and destruction. Know Who your calling and be observant of Their light and dark cycles because to do otherwise is purely not being responsible nor a true Practitioner of the art. This is like playing Russian roulette with adverse effect eminently lurking for you behind each starry lit corner.

A fine line exists between good and bad or lawful and unlawful magick regarding intent or purpose on the part of the Practitioner in which a particular spell is being cast, and not so much found in any generalized faith system of Deity worship. This is of course, unless one enters into a fundamentally corrupt system or purposely and well knowing of the fact that every magical purpose within this system construed by the Magician is going to yield a certain request offered up under false pretence to the over all Divinity or a specific part of that Divinity. It's not so much in the way you construct your Hexagram or the having your Pentagrams in the upright or reversed position more so then it is the personal goal and relationship that the Practitioner has with Divinity.

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