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Karmic Movement & Destiny

There exist two forms of Karmic movement the first of which being Karmic pay back and or Retribution and the other being Karmic Teaching and Learning. Many people become confused with the fine line between the two and tend to inter twine these two divisions of universal movement however the incorporating of the two would be incorrect even though both forms of universal influence occur through the physical manifestation of the Tangible Elementals of Nature to which can be experienced here in the physical realm of daily life to various strengths and degrees.

Both Universal actions are subsequently are constructed and directed specifically toward not only spiritual growth but mental evolution as well thus physical well being through this. Let's take the second example previously mentioned above first being Karmic Teaching and Learning: In a effort for the Divine Force Of Creation to begin to teach any Soul they must first place that Human Spirit in a fertile environment enriched with numerous situations or circumstances that can either be detrimental or beneficial to a person well being depending on the road or course of action they decide to take regarding that particular set of life factors.

This is where Free Will comes into play and the birth right to make choices at will concerning any given situation be it negative or positive in nature. The persons choice will determine the out come of the situation will be beneficial or detrimental to them. For instance: If a man chooses to steal an item verses working to obtain that same item then he has made the wrong choice as Divinity will take back the worth of that item from him many times fold.

In this instance the man has effected others in a negative way by causing them loss. If the man chooses to work for and obtain this same item then he has chosen the right action that is in fact beneficial to all. He has contributed to his living environment in a positive way by allowing others to financially gain and thus he will be rewarded according to his deed many times over. It's all about the right choice that enables not only the one to benefit but all concerned in this particular set of circumstances.

Let's now consider Karmic Retribution or Pay Back. If the man repetively chooses the path of least resistance and or the harmful path that effects others and self. Divinity will simply turn up the heat so to speak in the way of making the repercussions for this negative action of theft. Turning up the heat: Instead of the man loosing many times over what he has stolen in his life he will now loose his job or be incarcerated for his past illegal actions. Perhaps he will be stricken down with illness in a effort to get him to both stop. listen and to learn the lesson or lessons at hand.

Still yet. If the man is just totally oblivious to what is going around him spiritually and physically then there's a very good possibility that the man could end up in a lifetime of advert poverty or that his life could be cut short as a result of his refusal to listen and learn what the Universe is trying to teach him. In short he will never be allowed to gain in life as everything he tries to acquire will be taken from him by another. This includes every aspect of his life such as the areas of love, finance, health, and friendships etc.

The example of Karmic Retribution above is just one of many instances and can play out differently according to one's sin or degree of wrongful act against another. As I list the negatives here in this paragraph one can correlate and drive the positive actions to take. One can assern the positive right act out of the demonstrated negative action listed by looking at the apparent opposite of each action in question. Gossiping. Lying. Stealing. Vandalizing. Manipulating Others. Arrogance. Pride. Deceit. Being Vain or Jealousy.

Any wrong act of conciousness, spirit or flesh will be addressed and played back to the offender with induced slight repercussions at first but then responded to with more harsh judgments as time goes on given the person doesn't correct the negative action or stays in repetition of the harmful act. However one is not doomed to Karmic Retribution and or Divine Chastisement as all one has to do is to acknowledge the wrongful act.

Repent of the wrongful act then change their chosen course to one that benefits the all instead of just the one. Moreover to never backslide into negative and obsolete ways of behaving. If any person will take this knowledge and apply it to their daily lives then they can avoid Divinitie's Trials and Tribulations of the soul in a great many instances. On the other hand any soul that is lacking in growing pains through change is not growing and becomes a dead seed. Any Soul that does not change or grow can not be a part of the Living Creation as it to is constantly changing and growing along with us.

Let us touch on the subject of Destiny. For most people Destiny doesn't exist even though many people think otherwise. So many times I hear someone say: Well, I guess I'm just destined to be alone or to never have anything in life. (Not True). This is an excuse. A cop out. What their really saying is that I just do think I can do better in life so I'll convince myself that I am happy exactly where I'm at even though I'm not.

Then they tend blame it all on God and destiny while saying: Well, there's just nothing I can do about my situation in life so why even try. Who am I to chance my life. The problem is bigger then both of us etc. The truth of the matter is stated above regarding the Karmic Movement issues and is not anything to do with being pre-destined in life to travel a certain unhealthy course.

On the flip coin I will say that Destiny does exist and effects only a very small percentage of Humanity however it is not enforced over the majority. Example: If everyone was subjugated to total Destiny their would be no need for mental or spiritual evolution. Destiny is primarily reserved for Earthly Teachers or certain people that are met to change the course of Humanities direction in this way or that. Their would be no followers and or students in the world and we would all be robots. All Human Beings would possess enlightened Souls. There would be no need for Again, Physiological or Spiritual growth through free will and no choices to be made as all would know the correct path from the start. We would all be perfect in every way.

The only way that destiny can affect the Majority of the human species would be through Divinitie's implantation of Divine criteria regarding our mental and spiritual growth. In other words we are only destined to evolve mentally and spiritually and thus through this will we know Heaven's ways. Through Divine knowledge gained humanity will lead much happier and productive lives by knowing what works and what doesn't here in this earthly existence. Regarding the small percentage of the human population that is in fact Destined to carry out certain task be it of a Divine nature or to lead humanity into a mass human positive or negative experience. Would you really want to be one of these Individuals?

These are people of a different stripe who have minimal if no free will at all. These are folks that have all most no or little say as to what they can do not to mention where they can go in life. They are pre-ordained for one purpose and one purpose only chained to destinie's ass with no escape other then to play out its course for the betterment or the destruction of Humanity. Their lives are not their own and moreover are subjugated to Heavens will even if it leads them to death its self before their time. No family ties. No friends. No earthly ambitions. Feelings very nominal or in fact no human emotion at all. Attracting everything in sight be it animal. plant. male or female. Dreams and visions haunting their nightly rest and disrupting their waking existence.

Their mind tapping into a spiritual realm moving so fast that it causes them to walk the very fringes of insanity. The things they see and hear days. weeks. months and hundreds if not thousands of years in advanced pertaining to historical events that they will never live to see. They wake up in dead and numbed out bodies with their brains on fire unable to move or focus for hours . Only thinking about the unspeakable and unbelievable things they've seen and heard. Looking into the eyes of others that they care about and knowing when their lives will be snuffed out like a candle in the wind. Destiny, count yourself a very lucky person indeed shall you be the one exempt from destiny.

Count yourself blessed above all manner of living creature if you have the option to change your life through your birthright of free will to make choices. To mentally and spiritually grow and evolve. You are not destined for anything other then to learn the wisdoms of heaven and be happy in your life. Other then this Destiny does not exist for you. Only the future full of Divinities wisdom that brings love and well being into your life.

Consider that life is merely nothing more then a rather large class room in which lessons are being taught continually. And that we are all Students in this class room that are being used to teach one another the diverse lessons in life that we all must undertake and master. However unlike any other class or school the grades we make and the task we accomplish can mean the difference between marriage and divorce. Relationship and break up. financial success and advert poverty. Living or dieing an early death.

When one realizes that the word Devil is just another name describing our own inner darkness and evil then heavens light begins to flood our hearts with goodness. When we realize that our own ignorance is the Enemy that we must overtake and conquer only then do we start to obtain healing and the divine wisdom that comes along with that. When we hear the name Divinity. God. Goddess and Angel we have to affirm that this is the good and righteous parts of ourselves that guide. lead and raise us up from the negative obscurity that we were born into and suffer. Divine wisdom spoken from the mouth of Jesus: Whatever you shall do unto the least of us shall you do unto me.

Divinity exist even in the most loathly of humanity. Divinity dwells in all things living and dead. Divinity understands the darkness of the human heart but is also the torch that can lead that tormented Spirit back into the light. Righteous thought. speech and action means do not perform evil or harmful deeds against others or yourself. In other words if you are harming others or yourself in any way. shape or form then you are acting in a evil and unrighteous way and will be judged accordingly. If you are performing positive thought. speech and act then you are a benefit to the whole of creation and will be rewarded accordingly.

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