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In a land far to the East, some said the Son of a God walked the Earth. But others say, he was a God in the flesh of a man, born into the world as any other man, who was destine to save us from our evil ways and the sins of our fathers. Some would have it, that they were the chosen ones, and some to this day see him as a foe.

And still, yet, there are those, that after two thousand years, say that he never was. And I hear tell from a man, that he even might have been a child of the stars, likened to so many Angels before him. . . mmm. Some have called him King ,Prince, Angel, The son of a lowly carpenter. But who is he? Do you know? And why was he put unto the Spikes and nailed to a Cross, in the midst of skull mountain, in that ancient time? Why was he put to death in this way by the Roman guards? A man of Divinity or perhaps Divinity themselves.

Do you think that Divinity loved us so much, that they sent us one who would show us the evilness of our ways? All the while, knowing we would kill our own savior. I heard a high priest in the church tell me once upon a time, that Jesus was born to die as the sacrificial lamb, to bring us out of the old testament and into the new agreement with Divinity or God. You see, at that time, we as the human race offered up our best, and our children to our Gods and Goddess. Even unto the living God, it was demanded for our sins against each other and against Heaven.

Then came the dawning of the new agreement, or covenant, that said: "Let the flesh of we the Heavenly Host manifest into to the lamb that is to die for the sake of the human race." It was said, "this shall end all sacrifices and spare the blood of the innocence." But did it? I think so! In that respect, but not in other aspects of life. Such killing, one and the other in the name of peace and love.

In the name of the Christ, have we and do we, still shed the blood of our brothers and sisters, in this day and age. You know, some people in this world, fear Heaven because they don't know enough about it. But then, there are those who fear it because they know too much.

I know the Christ is real . I know he is here with us as the "Prince of Peace" today, But tomorrow, he will be the wrathful justice against those who mock and shun the return of Divinity. There of, make your peace today, and grow in a spiritual way, or be left behind forever more.

Is Jesus Christ A God, The Son of man? I don't know any more than you. Really, because I wasn't there so long ago. But what I do know, is that an Angels life is having one wing over you in mercy, and having at the same time, his other wing soaked in blood. For an Angels will, is the will of the force of creation. I know Jesus Christ to be an Angelic part of the spirit that makes up the Universe.

Hell is not lakes of fire or chains of ice. It's not full of Demons poking you with forks. But, it is being out of the light of creation. Out of the sight of those love ones that have past unlike you. Hell is being cut off in the darkest of places, and you are always alone.,,,,,,,,,Think About It, and pray like you have never prayed in your life before, that you never see this place of darkness.

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