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Heavens Lost Angels Dedicated To Divinities Fallen Ones

Oh once cherished and loved, Your lies and evil deeds are exposed in the brightest lights of Heavens courts and you've lost the war fought with your evil Treacheries. The time is now to slither and retreat back into your fifthly holes of deception for you have been found as Corrupt by all that look upon you. Blind and Ignorant are you the lowly and deceptive Ones for who can stand against the wrath of Divinity? You attempted to destroy the lives and property of the Innocent but failed to a great extent for all that you do is lacking.

You destroyed Divinities Holy Altar place as it was deemed by yourselves at the time to be a useless structure but Divinity has now deemed your lives as useless structures and likened to the Holy Place that you destroyed your lives will come tumbling down all around you into ruble. You were elevated to high places as Divinities trusted Priest and Priestess but you were overtaken by own perceived power and greed thus you have no more power nor is there anything to be greedy over any longer for nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

You were in a place of truth but turned that truth into false lies and prophecies. You deceived the Mass in the Holy names of the Divine and brought bold truth into conflict by swearing lies as truth on all that you held scared. Oh Evil Ones, How you tried to tarnish the Word and thus impede the holy work at hand however you failed miserably as how can one stand against the flood of Devine retribution?

Tell me, Has your blindness lifted yet in light of all that you see going on around you or does it still persist even now that doom is upon all of you? Why did you feel it necessary to storm that which was next to Heavenly gates? You were given every opportunity to walk in the light and moreover to abide under Divinities grace yet tossed your blessings into the sour and wet soil of abominations and treachery.

Oh Prideful Ones how you descended into Arrogance and maliciousness over mere wood. stone and paper. You were given so many chances to either do right or to simply walk away freeing yourselves of a never ending torment. Yet you stayed and fought your unholy fight against all of creation and their children. The last great act of defiance is still the last act once the lethal strike has been yielded. Lights out for the Mouse and a new meal well gained for the Eagle until he sees another mouse lol.

You sought the bounty of the earth and unleashed your fleshly desires in your vain quest yet all you have found is advert poverty and disease all around you. You sought happiness and a unrestrained life yet all you have found here is death and the grave oh foolish ones. How can One escape the judgment of they whom created Thee?

In the end nothing mattered but the material things of this world and acclaim for minor knowledge and deeds. Moreover that of your Tin God and yet all these things weren't enough and did forsake you in the time of your greatest need. You sought control and dominance over things and others around thee yet you now find yourselves as the slaves to the very things you quested after through forsaking the Devine knowledge once taught and held.

How foolish is it to know that the flame burns to a crisps and then to place your hand into the open and hungry fire? Hell isn't lakes of fire or chains of ice however it is the emptiness of spirit and being forever from the sight of Divinities love and grace and thus through your broken promises. actions and words this is the wide and smooth path you have chosen for yourselves.

In the past I've wondered how your lives will turn out but then Divinity shows me your bitter portions earned and dealt that in turn makes my blood run cold and fills me with pity or dread for thee. And still yet I know that you have brought this on to yourselves every step of the way through your Cowardliness. Manipulation. Deceitfulness. Greediness and Treacherous actions and hence I feel much better about your fates lol. You Have Lost the War and are the Lost.

Divinity has Triumphed over Evil once more in this world and the light of the Word endures another day over wickedness. You are the forgotten voice in a world of chaos and madness casting murmured unheard evil Witcheries against the innocent that will in the end are consumed along with the Casters by the very fires in which they were invoked. Then the ashes of all shall be blown away into damnations unholy infinity never to be named or remembered again .

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