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(((Let me give you my definitions of Sin, Repentance and Faith.)))

(Sin)is either the negative mental process or the negative acting out of something that you know to be harmful to yourself, 0thers, or your environment, but still well knowing this you decide to continue this behavior because it suits your goals or is the path of least resistance and a failure to change to a positive way of thinking or acting.

[ No spiritual nor mental growth ] [ Stagnation ]. (Repentance) Is the self reconnection of a harmful act either against ones self, others or the environment . A person then vows to change this way of behavior with a firm resolve to reverse any damage that they might have done in their environment. The person in essence turns over a new leaf by being very careful not to repeat their past mistakes or behavior patterns as they now discover new and positive ways of doing things that will in fact be beneficial to themselves, everyone and everything around them in the environment.

(Faith)--Is the total recognition that even though you can't see your way clear of a bad situation and you've done all that you can humanly do to resolve a problem but still your efforts have all come to nod yet {{ you still believe }} And this is faith . You still hold true that there is a higher power much larger then yourself that you can call upon and it will come to aid you in your darkness hour.

Even though we can't see this presence all the time nor can we hear it still we know its there with us. We don't truly know what it looks like nor what its true name is yet we know it is there. We never really call to it unless we are in real trouble and yet it has never left us. We normally will only dedicate a hour or two it on Sundays perhaps yet we never really feel it leave our sides as it is eternal and that which is eternal can not die nor fade away form our lives.

When a person engages in this type of a prayer, what they are in essence accomplishing really are such things as: The recognition of obsolete actions and thought patterns. Through this they are mentally evolving and learning new and highly beneficial ways for living a better life in the ways of good communication skills, Tolerance, Patience, Perseverance, selflessness and discipline.

This prayer allows a person to reconnect with the Divine and realize that the Divine has always been a part of them as they will always be a part of the Divine. This prayer will cause a total manifestation of Divinity into every facet of a persons life therefore changing that person for the better and allowing that person to be happy in life with the knowledge that they never have to be alone again. All a person has to do is reach out and call there names and they will come . ("Seek and you will find me"). (" Be still and Listen you will hear me").


What's in the picture

Please notice the White Taper Candle below that measures 8 to 10 inches in length with the nine black thin bands of ribbon tied around it. Each one of these bands are tied off with three knots around the shaft of this candle. Notice that they are spaced evenly apart and moving in a downward motion on the shaft of the candle. Please notice the cup of (olive) oil sitting at the base of the candle over to the right and the incense burner over to the left of the candle. There is a box of matches sitting in the front of the candle.

This is the way your prayer set up should look. The candle serves two functions here really; the first being a tool for visualization and the second being a vehicle to pull any negativity out of a persons Spirit. It will soak it into the candle much like a sponge. However, please know that the Angelic orders aren't in the candle it self as they are standing around a person.

This is a simple exercise to perform even though it looks very involved here, It is not hard though once you see how it's done. This is a highly effective tool used in magical practice and must be looked at as such so take your time and memorize all the steps on this page fully. One must make a most sincere effort in the preparation and the performing of this prayer, as the successful outcome of your over all spell that I will be performing for you may depend on the effort that you place into this exercise.

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