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The Infernal Magical Casting below is by far the deadliest spell casting operation known to the civilized world . The highest forms of black Alchemy. Star Craft and Doll Craft were used during this Magical Rite.

At the same time some of the most dreaded Chaos Throne Angels feared by the entire Human Species all down through time were being conjured from the darkest recesses of Hell through its Malevolent and aggressive ritualistic speech and or conjurations.

Most of the Angelic Host used in the construction and conjuration of this Operation are so ancient that most of the magical community either has very little knowledge of their existence or are lacking courage to chance invoking these ancient Dark Gods and Goddesses for the sole reasoning that these Deities are formidable in nature.

The Anarchy that these very warlike Entities inflect upon their Victim would be likened to a all out unending plague of utter disaster. I wouldn't print these pictures off or use them for any computer backgrounds etc in light of their hostile nature.

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