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We urge everyone to read this over carefully, because it contains valuable information and proven facts about spells, exactly how they work, and why they do not work.

We are the ONLY spell casters on the Internet that provide this type of services that combine Old World Ancient Magic with New Age Energy Work that gives our clientele timely, positive, assured success with their spell work, hands down.

This is James R. Morgan ll here to announce that my esteemed colleague and close friend Jan Windglows of Blood Love And Lust Spells has 30 years of expertise as an Enchantress of The Art. Wizard and Enchantress are the highest ranking in magical practice- this means that we only practice very intensive Advanced High Magic. Miss Windglows and I have been in magical practice for many years----thus now she and I have joined as a powerful spell casting team with 57 combined years of experience in our Art, and are very well known to every spell caster on the Internet.

Allow me to explain a little bit what we mean by intensive Advanced High Black Magic.

In our spells, we incorporate our own blood offerings, (yes we actually stick ourselves not a finger stick , but actually in the vein and give a substantial amount of blood in our rituals because blood is the actual Life Force that Angelic Host deem necessary as not only part of some of the offerings we put into our actual castings which when offered properly with our knowledge and expertise in working with these thousands of Angelic Host that are many different ones depending on what the nature of the spell is. How many other spell casters do you know of that offer their own blood in their rituals? You will find them very few if any.

We utilize High Alchemy- imported herbs and precious metals and stones, precious oils and incenses, write all of our spells in Ancient Alphabets on imported Virgin Parchment Paper, and work with thousands of Angelic Host that are very powerful. We also cast all of our client's spells together (Jan & I together) which adds substantial power to all of our castings.

Our spell services are un presidented all over the globe and we are the most highly sough after spell site on the Internet. We are also a licensed business, and registered with the Better Business Bureau. If you check the Internet, you may have difficulty finding spell casters that back their service with these types of credentials that are a licensed business and registered with The Better Business Bureau. So as you can see here, Jan and I take what we do very seriously.

Jan and I also implement other new things right into the actual advanced black magical spellcastings, that is so new and innovative---which is that we have implemented what is called "Reiki" and " Karuna Reiki" "Chakra & Meridian Clearing & Cleansing", "Past, Present, and Future Karma Cleansing/Clearing", and we combine all of these with the client using "The Negativity Releasing Prayer", and "The Viking Runes."

We have recieved Divine instruction to do our spells while implementing these other things into that Jan has had 30 years of expertise working with these types of energies along with spellwork, and with the combination of Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Chakra & Meridian etc. clearing and cleansing along with utilizing the Negativity Releasing Prayer and The Viking Runes, Jan and I , along with our many years of professional magical expertise have the newest cutting edge in the world of Advanced Black Magic Spellcasting that is un precidented all over the globe today. Allow me to now explain how this process works:

Hello, this is Jan. Before every spell casting that James and I perform, I FIRST perform a ritual to cleanse any past, present or future Karmic issues that my client may have. Doing this in the beginning frees up all Karma as well as many various different types of Negative Energies that may cause blockages not only concerning the client obtaining their spell results and wishes fully and cleanses the aura of the client thus causing them to be free to receive and absorb all of the energies from the spell once it is cast.

and are browsing this site to check us out---The precise reasons why spells do not work overall is because of any present or past life Karmic Issues the client may have, spell energies being blocked by negative energies that block the Life Force from the spell energies.

Most people who are seeking to have a spell cast usually find a spell caster that will go ahead and cast the spell BUT---what good is the spell going to do if there are BLOCKAGES of many different types---preventing the spell energies from working the way they should? Thus casting a spell without FIRST clearing the client of any negative Karma or Blockages of Negative Energies PRIOR to a spell casting 99% of the time is a wasted effort on the part of the caster. Then the client wonders WHY they paid lots of money for a spell that did not work. Well, this is precisely why that happens. It makes perfect sense, doesn't it. When clients come to a spell caster, they usually are troubled, depressed, some are in crisis, and all of these different types of conflicting negative energies BLOCK THE ENERGIES OF SPELLWORK.

Please read the important information below so that you may understand why our castings work quickly and very effectively for our clientele.

In addendum now that you the potential client know these facts, why not come to spell casters that will take the time and trouble to make the proper preparation prior to a spell being cast so the spell will work for you quickly and according to what you have wished for? Following our elite protocol for spell casting is something brand new and we guarantee we are the only web site that offers this type of service on the Internet today.

Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows Blood Love And Lust Spells Business E-Mail Address: Business Contact Telephone # 208-714-4348
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