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Welcome to Dragon Spells and its Ninth year Anniversary of being on the internet. Through our nine year history we've assisted hundreds of thousands if not millions of Souls out there who have come through the site seeking assistance and in the hopes of correcting many areas in their lives such as Having Better Business. Health. Finance.

To acquire Curse Removal and Protection spells. To save a Relationship or Marriage through our Love Retrieval spells and so on. These Outstanding Clients have gone on to lead very happy and productive lives as a result of the spells cast for them I'm so happy to announce here today.

The Former Dragon Spells LLC as you may or may not know has closed its doors as a business to the public for over a year now however remains open as a Free magical Information site that in its self holds the keys to a successful life as long as a person makes the effort in following its spell criteria within its pages etc.

This is a Guaranteed Time Tested and Proven High magical System that really works no matter who you are or what kind of a lifestyle you lead. It doesn't matter where you might live or what the Culture you were either born into or have chosen to follow in your life as this magical system does in fact WORK for ALL.

No Other site exist on the internet either past or present that can offer or yield as much magical information hands down as Dragon Spells within exception to the site of Blood Love And Lust Spells found at that is owned by a wonderful lady by the name of High Enchantress Jan Windglows.

Upon Retiring I have given the Dragon Spells site over to Jan and her site of Blood Love And Lust Spells as a gift and to use as her free information site . This just didn't happen over night as I knew retirement was coming for me one day so I began looking long and hard several years before In a effort to find my Successor that could not only meet my high standers of Customer Service and Quality of Spell Casting but someone who had ACQUIRED as much if not more magical Knowledge and Experience then I had throughout the years. I have found this person in Jan Windglows.

I had taken on many Students through these passing years numbering 14 in all who excelled in some areas but not in others and yet other students failed miserably academically. Some students looked very promising as the years went on but were caught up in ego and greed in the end to my great discussed and disappointment. Two of whom now run second rate sites on the net that I wouldn't recommend to anyone in my opinion. Even though I've retired you can still find me here in the shadows so to speak not only acting in a advisory capacity magically to Jan Windglows but also casting spells along side her at times.

As a result of our Jan and my combined magical knowledge and skill of 56 years not to mention our newly modified Client tools such as the Negativity Releasing Meditation. Viking Runes spells and Client Counseling the spells that used to take two or three months to manifest now fully unfold in two to three weeks to my amazement. Of course this greatly depends on how well the Client can listen and follow the spell instructions given them by Jan or myself.

The over all spell success rate has jumped dramatically from 95 to 100 % in years gone by to presently 98 to 100 percent since Jan and I started working together. I'm elated to inform you that through our combination of Talents. Skills and Magical Knowledge we have seemingly found the right magical recipe for fast and or the fastest spell results for just about any Clients set of circumstances.

The once Advanced spell casting Techniques and magical tools were once used during the Dragon Spells LLC operation have become off the charts concerning magic or magick and yet magical potency. Our usage of the extreme and highly advanced forms of Numerology and High Alchemy have been vastly improved upon throughout the years and through our combined magical disciplines that have without a doubt exceled the spell casting results to their maximum speed.

Other areas of our spell casting have improved as well such as in the instances of our spell charts and wax doll craft. The spells are written up in the strongest langue using the most ancient alphabets that can be used to invoke the fastest spell results possible as we feel that the Client shouldn't have to wait any longer then they have to for happiness in their life.

Enchantress Windglows has a new service coming soon that I'm sure will excite many of you out there in internet land. I am excited myself in being the first one allowed to let the cat out of the bag by telling you about this really cool service. As it stands now we currently move around the states of Wyoming and Idaho casting spells for the public mostly in the Mountainous regions.

We tend to pick out the most spiritually charged areas found in really remote areas and this has worked out great for Jan's Clients in the past. However their are better and or more spiritually charged areas that can be used for other things or request such as Disruption spells and Death spells etc.

These particular spells would be cast in the Mojave Desert or Death Valley for instance as this is a place of death. Spells for better fiancé would be cast along the Atlantic or Pacific costal lines. Protection and Curse Removal spells would be cast in places like the smoke Mountain range.

We also have planes of making house calls depending on where a Client would be living at the time and concerning what that person would be needing from the particular type of spell work however we won't be venturing into large cities like LA. New Your etc but the Client will have the option to come meet us on the outskirts of town.

So, In closing I would say enjoy the site and go check out Jan's site if you are looking for fast spell casting results cast by the best Casters in the world and if you have any questions or concerns please let us know by writing into Jan Windglows at:

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