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A time will come when the hearts of men will be weaken and faiths are shaken to the core. Warrior shields will be splintered upon the rival sward and all matter of tempered weaponry will be dashed and broken upon the rocks of mans destiny chosen for himself. A time will come when the loyalties of man will change as the winds blow. Compassion and good sense will leave them and be replaced with the foolishness that will cause their very destruction.

A darker time approaches from all directions when mercy flees the land of the living only to have its set taken with war and more war and the scourge of death upon the killing fields of flesh. All prospects of future will grow deem and bleak for the believer as even the gates of Hell swing wide open and over the burnt corpses of the unfaithful.

All manner of the wise will be silenced and the wicket foolish will be put to death with Divine wrath for their evil deeds and speech against the Holy. Prophets will speak no more prophecies as the Oracles will be binded and blinded in this great time of judgment. The prayers of the Holy Wizards and Enchantresses will fall upon the deaf ears of Heaven as the time of message giving to Humanity is over and done with. All manner of Gods.Goddess.

Angels and Dragons will forsake man in the end as they will hang their heads low in despair and weep for the whole of Humanity. For they are now the destroyers to all matter of man. woman and child as the mortal has chose not to hear their message in times of plenty. The time is here and the day of reckoning is at hand as the Seas roll back and forward in their place and the Storm rages on over head continually.

The Earth will shake wildly unlike no man has ever seen before as it yields up all of it's ancient poisons and all manner of creepy crawling thing amongst the living. The time of power and the kingdom of man is over and his doom loom's ever closer for his evils of greed and treachery against himself and Heaven.

The Mountains will fall down and crumble atop those that flee as the fires of the Volcanoes takes back what once belong to them in the first place. A time is coming when unholy diseases will cover the earth like a sickened rain as all the planets in this time will be confounded in their heavenly courses above.

The winds will blow wildly but will not take away the searing heat from the brow nor the ever present stench of rotten flesh from the battle fields. A time will come when all will cry out for death yet death will flee from them and their prayers will go unheard as the judgment must be fulfilled. The evil from all times will be washed away and another new beginning for a ancient planet begins.

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