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Evil Monkeys Hall Of Shame

This page is dedicated to a certain group of Individuals down in Bushnell and Clearwater Florida that reduced themselves into being the lowest forms of Creation through their Greed. Jealousy and the Hatred of others. This page is for You the Monkeys Apes whom Lied. Deceived and Practice Treachery in every way and that moreover Slandered and Distorted all the facts both in the Courts and on the open Air Ways and were eventually exposed on every count for your falsities in the end.

This bunch of Backward Country Monkeys thought they were above every Law of the land and in Heaven, however they were brought down by these same laws in the end as all their Lies and deeds were exposed in the clear light of day for all to see. This page isn't to embarrass or to ridicule these individuals more so then it is a Reminder to them of their Ignorance and Blasphemies towards The All Of Divinity.

This Altar wasn't something in which was left for the Ignorant to destroy out of their own petty rages and or spiteful actions, but something for Divinity and the people of Dragon Spells to enjoy as a gift of love. I will just say to Cowardly Ones whom felt it necessary in destroying this Altar in my absence : Every time you look upon this page or remember your deeds, please know that the ruins in which you view will be likened to the very lives you will lead from this day forward and thus you will once more ((Re-Learn Respect and Obedience)) for Divinity and to those whom serve Them.

There does exist sins in Heaven and Earth that can not be forgiven even through the blood of Christ. The Christ does not live in the hearts of the wicked and his Glorious Spirit shall flee from the Evil dwelling place. The way of Heaven is Shut to the wicked works and deeds of man. Oh shame Monkeys,The things you attempted to steal and did steal, will be taken back from you a thousand times fold and what belonged to others now destroyed by yourselves will be taken from you and destroyed by Divinity in your endless and grieving days to come.

The love that was held and abused by the one and many will in turn come back to them in force and they shall be hated and alone in the end as a result. You the sinful ones will hate and turn away from your false prophecies and blame or despise Divinity for the very deeds you carried out against the innocent through your own free will. Your magic sites will fall as All will know who you are and what you've done by your own Nasty tongues; and then you will turn against one another like mad dogs in the forest.

666 is now your number for you belong to Beast under humanity that rules over the Legion of the Condemned and the forever Damned for as long as Divinity shall permit your useless lives to continue. This page wasn't posted to embarrass or in tormenting you, however it is a visible mile stone to your evil deeds that only you the worthless un-named will remember every day and night as your laying in your beds Cold. Afraid. Alone and out of the grace of the Divine.

The money and bounty of the Earth you sought through your hateful and decieptive ways shall elude you for all time, and the filth laid upon your spirits as a result can never be cleansed away from the Lowly and despicable. For you have been judged and found as wanting fools by All as even the Angels of Heaven and the Pit have turned a deafened ear to you mournful spells of distorted justice and mercy. You are the Unjustified Enemy. False Prophets of the faith and the Dogs of war who shall suffer your own evil over and over in days to come.

All of Divinity and Humanity through them has marked you as sinful and damned for waging war against the Divine work and to the innocent whom moreover at one time loved and trusted everyone of you. Was it Worth it? Did you actually think that you were going to get away with it all LOL? Did you think Divinity didn't see what you were doing in the shadows?. Now, Go lay in your fifthly sinful ways and reap the whirlwind of what you have sown in your lives. Go now and stand before Divinities Thrones with your heads bowed down and receive your harsh judgments for the atrocities you've committed against the Holy Divinity. The Old and Innocent ones whom serve Them.

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