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Hello and welcome to Dragon Spells LLC. Id like to speak with you today concerning the matter of Destiny. Does Destiny really exist you may be asking yourself? My answer to this question would be yes of course it does however to a existent I would surmise as it must also coexist with a persons free will to make choices in life.

I believe that Destiny must exist on many different levels in the physical reality of ones lifetime as it is a direct result or product of Divinities wish and or plan for each one of us here in life. Let's look at one example in particular.. Let's speculate that we know a man by the name of Joe.

Let's go on to say that Joe is a thief because he believes that it is much easier to steel something from someone else rather then to go out and actually work for what he wants in life, Joe at this point has made himself a prime target for karmic retribution or Divine intersession in the way that Divinity must now teach Joe's Soul how it feels to have something taken from him

and this becomes his temporary Destiny until he has learned this lesson in life. Of course after Joe realizes that crime doesn't pay then he is automatically kicked back to the free in order to make other choices in his life good or bad.

Ok, let's look at the second form of what we know to be Destiny. This is where a person is born into the world for a certain purpose for either orderly or chaotic reasons such as in the case of Mother Theresa in comparison to Adof Hitler. Adof Hitler taught the world that man could be caught up in the vices of greed and power so much so that it could cloud ones sanity as it did his.

The world was made a involuntary witness to the atrocities of a singular mans war against any one who was different then he in any respect and unfortunately this pretty much made whole of humanity subject to his hate not to mention putting a good many on his enemy listing. This was a grim and very expensive lesson for the World yielded to us via Divinity for our prideful and vengeful ways. Opposite this madness we have Mother Theresa who many considered to be Saintly in many respects as she taught the World selflessness. self-respect.

dedication and above all mercy just to name a few things. This was also Divinities messenger to the Earth. These two persons in question had a destine purpose in life via circumstances made for them via Divinity.

Many people confuse long and short term destiny for the most part I think. However taking a educated guess here on this subject I would say that were given choices in this life in order to exercise our free will and thus allowing us to both grow mentally and spiritually for the most part. Through the choices we make in our lives would in fact determine what were made to sufferer through concerning the temporary effect of destiny's penalties and or rewards for us via Divinity judgment.

I have stated on previous pages that we can be the masters of our destiny and this is true enough to a point as through personal or spiritual evolvement we start to understand not only how we work inside but how the world works around us in regards to our daily actions.

Through this we begine to recognize what beneficial situations in life to delve into and what kinds of situations would be detrimental to us in life thus giving us a road map of sorts that allows us to have a smoother and happier ride through life verses hitting everything in our way.

Ok, Let's recap with a summery here of my personal theory. [[[ (1)-Short term Destiny ]]] can be construed as negative or positive Karmic pay back or reward event depending on ones personal interactions to either ones self or another in daily life. Short term Destiny is in fact the whole of Divinity either rectifying or rewarding a Human Souls deeds or misdeeds through Devine Intervention and thus upon completion of intervening releases one back into the realm of free will.

[[[ (2)-- Long Term Destiny ]] is Divinity assigning a Souls task in life before life has even manifested and moreover where free will and choice for the most part doesn't exists. This Souls every movement is planed and structured to its Devine purpose or plan in that Souls physical existence. Pre-Circumstances are set and or fixed for the Soul beforehand as a given Soul walks this path upon arrival without waver to fulfill its purpose or Divinely inspired destiny.

There are many perfect examples to be given here such as Jesus Christ. Buddha. Mohammad, Moses. Hitler. Judas and so fourth. Through destiny one experiences their fate either temporally or permitly.

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