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Children And The Language Of Miracles.

In times past miracles were more frequent in regards to such events taking place such as unexplainable healings that could not have occurred otherwise medically in very ill people and miraculous survivals from what would have normally been certain death for certain persons.

I for one still think that Miracles still occur just as frequently today as ever, however I don't believe we're hearing about them so much these days as science has become the voice of reason more so then God or Divinity speaking to us through our hearts and minds and so forth. For miracles to be extinct as some would have us believe then Divinity would have to be dead as well and I just don't think this is the case at all. In fact I know it personally not to be the case.

Really when you think about it what is a Miracle? I guess by the text book definitions of this word it would be something like this: An unexplainable and miraculous occurrence where one is healed or saved by forces unseen be they environmentally, spiritually or by pure luck. The intervention of abnormal environmental conditions either external or internal.

By Direct Divine Intervention; Situations changing to the benefit of one; The Defying negative laws; profiling of situations and/or the physics of a natural world; To beat the odds; To over come a negative and eminent situation; To escape a negative situation via means unknown; The unexplainable; The Unknown force; Something that defies all logic; Something that wouldn't have normally happened; Out of the norm or Unexpected phenomenon.

To no matter how hard you try to define this word, occurrence, event or otherwise the fact still remains that there's really no adequate explanation for it as it again defies all human reasoning, scientific logic and natural law. I personally believe that one may still obtain Miracles in life, however a person must become very fluent in both the understanding and language of miracles or have a dire need for said intervention first. Let's assume that miracles originate from the Universal conchesness,Divinity, nature or as Edgar Casey referred to it as the "Source of all things".

Now what is the natural Force Of Creation or The Source? Well I believe it really consist of many things on numerous different levels of existence such as the Unknown, spiritual and Physical realms. What is the Unknown? The Unknown is the primordial level of creation to which no human explanation, logic, theory or name can apply or moreover that we as human beings can even come close to describing, not to mention personally experience in any way, shape or form.

To touch this level of existence would be likened to reaching inside of your body right now and touching one of the cells that your body is made up of, then to understand and instruct that particular cell in its daily function. Also, to touch this level of creation would be likened to plucking a thought or wish out of your mind and then to physically hold it in your hand while making it manifest into physical reality.

This unknowable level of creation would be the place to where all Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Demons, Dragons and Souls are born and then return back to upon their expiration. This is a place to where a thought of existence manifest into being either of a spiritual or physical nature. This is the Kingdom of essence, life, death and rebirth. The Innermost sanctity of the Divine heart. This is what is called the I AM the beginning and the end presence.

The circle of creation spirals center here. The Alpha and Omega reigns supreme in this place eternal. What then is the Spiritual Realm you ask? The Spiritual Realm or Heaven and all stops there after would be the next stage after the Unknowable. This is a place where all things of the spirit come together and take Heavenly form in the ranking of Angelic orders.

Jobs and/or tasks are assigned in this place of formed creation amongst the various and unknown levels or societies of Divinity. Of course now we're left with the physical realm called the Cosmos and Earth to which we as humans call home. Ok, how does this all fit together you may be asking yourself and what in the hell does this have to do with us concerning our daily lives and miracles? lol.

Firstly, one must realize that we are not a separate entity from the whole of creation and that Divinity hears sees and experiences everything we do. Even though the two realms of Unknown and spiritual defy the senses of the natural reality this doesn't mean that their void or not present in playing the master roll in the physical world.

What is the Language of Miracles? Here it is guys simply put...Hope in a better tomorrow, Faith in the spiritual realms to bring your fondest wish into your physical reality, to make a wish and to send it out upon the winds of change. Release your heartfelt wish or prayer so it can be received by Divinity and sent back to you. When a person exhibits hope, then this is a positive outlook in the midst of despairing circumstance.

When a person exhibits faith in the face of adversity then this is the highest act of bravery and love for Divinity, Hope and faith is easier said then done as a person has to totally trust in something that really has no physical definition to it and can not be seen, heard or felt for the most part. One must have Child like faith. When Jesus said that no one may enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless they were childlike in nature then I think what he was speaking about here was the child like faith that a child has for his parents to keep him safe and warm. To guide and teach...

If you stop and think about it for a minute children really don't care about what's going on around them as long as they can hide behind Mom or Dad right? This is because they trust in the wisdom of their parents. A child has the hope in that Mom or Dad will provide for them what is needed and sometimes not always what they want, if its going to be harmful to them. When Mom says "no" to the child of course the child isn't happy at first and will cry, kick and scream; but deep down that child knows that mom knows best and will perhaps give them something much better later on if they behave.

The child knows that the parents will in fact cater to their every need and will keep them secure from anything that will harm them. A child rewards this inward prenatal wisdom with unconditional love transforming the parent in to a God or Goddess in their lives to no matter how good or bad that parent may be to the child. Have you ever heard that Children are closest to the Kingdom of Heaven? This is because they have true love and faith in the parent.

If a child can be so close and receptive to their earthy parents then just think how close the Soul of that child is to the Force of Creation or Divinity? We as adults must learn from the child and become childlike in our selves to reastablish a link to the Divine. We must operate with the childlike carefree and abandonment concerning our problems in the world and trust in the Parental judgment of Divinity to solve our problems for us. Yes we do have to make some effort much like the child learning to walk however we must have the faith to know that our Heavenly Parents will catch us should we fall.

Like the child we all cry, kick, throw tantrums and scream at first for things that make us scared and uncomfortable, however like the child we must also realize that if we listen and behave for a bit then perhaps something much better then what we wanted in the first place will be given us down the road at some point by Divinity. If a person ever hopes to see or be the recipient of a miracle then that person again has to meet the criteria of the miracle.

(1)- Have and maintain a positive open mind and heart. (2)-- View Divinity as your Heavenly Parents and speak with them nightly. (3)--Make your wish and send it out upon the winds of change so that your Heavenly Parents can send it back to you bigger and better then you what could ever have imagined it to be. (4)-Be brave. Step out in faith via reckless childlike abandonment and disregard the negative things concerning what man has told you for it is the big lie designed for your destruction. Trust only in Divinity and not the ways of the world for Divinity is truth, light and eternal life.

(5)- Jesus said... "How can the blind lead the blind least they both fail into the weigh side together"? (6)-- Be quiet and listen more then you speak for Divinities wisdom comes quickly and once in the stillness of the night. (7)- When you find yourself in the midst of spiraling despair and insurmountable odds and your at the eleventh hour of your destruction please know that all is not lost as your divine parents will not let you fall and won't give you any more then you can handle in life. Divinity like your earthly parents only wishes to teach and guide you. They don't want to kill you and they definitely don't get their jollies by causing you strife in life.

The quicker one learns the wisdoms and language of miracles the faster that person is raised from fleshly want and desire. Also, the language of miracles is all about presenting your case before Heaven's Throne. Be honest, truthful, modest or humble for the meek shall inherit the whole of the earth. Be not afraid when you speak, never the less still maintain a respectful tone to this ancient Divine Force. Do not be manipulative. Do not be false of heart.

Do not lie. Know your place. Do not be unjust or with evil intent for Divinity knows your heart and these things will only bring death to your doorstep. If a person is modest and has a heartfelt sincerity in their request and if a person makes a honest effort to develop a closer relationship with the Divine, then along with these other things mentioned above one has learned the language of miracles. The truth will set you free.-------------------James R.Morgan II Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows Blood Love And Lust Spells Business E-Mail Address: Business Contact Telephone # 208-714-4348Spells protection spells

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