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When internet travelers stop by and visit the site often times they start to notice very quickly on that Dragon Spells LLC has a very unconventional outlook concerning the state of affairs in Heaven and Hell.

Actually the site consists of numerous other spiritual draws from both ancient and new belief systems alike however the names used from time to time are based on the Old and New Testaments names sense these names are for the most part identified most readily by the viewing public.

The Satanist seem to like the site solely for the fact that one of our main characters in this belief system is named Pan/Lucifer however the name Pan is out of Greek mythology to which was a ancient God of the woodlands. partying. music and fertility.

The name Lucifer would be out of Babylonian mythology and means light bearer or the one of lighting and knowledge. The God Pan was actually one of the first masculine names for Divinity in the beginning however latter on the God Lucifer was derived from the original Pan and from that point was looked at as being one and the same.

The God or Gods Lucifer and Pan were closely accosted with Satan much later on when Christianity came along but I must inform you that this affiliation is incorrect as Satan was used as a slang name by the Jewish people in Jesus time for the Roman Tax Collectors.

The name Satan meant adversary. Accuser or enemy of the people. When Christianity was established the term or name of Satan was basically turned into a Demon order of Angels called Satanicha to which consisted of all the ancient Gods and Goddesses all over the world that the Church fathers didn't find favor with or just didn't know where to place them in the new doctrine at the time.

The Bible speaks of Lucifer as a fallen Babylonian King named Nebuchadrezzar however through grose mistranslation or mere wishful thinking on the Churches part the Babylonian King that took the name of the God Lucifer for himself had in some way became a great Angel and found his way into Heaven some how only to be cast back down to earth with the sole intentions of destroy humanity entirely because God loved man more then Angels etc. Make sense of that I dare you LOL...

I don't recognize any part of Heaven or the Divinity that dwells therein including Satan or the order of Satanicha as being my enemy or enemies in any way,shape, or form. I just don't buy the war in heaven thing as there's no substantial proof to back any of this story up however I do believe in Angels and or Gods and Goddesses of choice. I believe that Divinity as a whole is continually testing us in a effort to cause us spiritual growth and will use chaotic Angels to perform this from time to time.

Concerning the Buddhist.Wicca Native American and main stream Christian faith systems. I think the this site appeals two these four wonderful faith systems as well. Dragon spells LLC teaches not only mental and spiritual evolvement but also recognizes the masculine and feminine sides or influences to the over all force of creation.

The middle eastern faiths seem to like the site as the faith structure encompasses all of Divinity into one consorted collection of mass spiritual energy and or many other diverse aspects of spiritual energy both positive and negative within the whole with a united conciousness and directed purpose.

Mainstream Christianity is receptive to the site as the teachings of Jesus Christ are very apparent within its pages and the Native American faiths find it similar to their own faith system in the way that we respect not only Nature as a living breathing life force but also remember and communicate with the Souls of our ancestors.

In closing, Dragon Spells LLC is really not governed by any one faith system but is a part of all beliefs and faiths in the world. However when I'm asked the question what denomination do you really belong to. I answer in this way. I belong to the Force of Creation as I am a child of Divinity only..

I am in this world but not of it. Like you dear reader I am only a visitor in a strange land trying to make sense of a world gone mad. To no matter what Denomination. Coven. Lodge or walk in life that you belong to Reader please know that you are always welcome here.

And if you walk the dark path of Atheasium my Friend then come on in and permit me to show you a glorious world full of wondrous things that will raise you from obscurity. I hope this has given my readers a better understanding of what and who Dragon Spells LLC really is and what it consist of. Thank You so much for taking the time to read this Ladies and Gentlemen.

Written by James R. Morgan II

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